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Creator Tips and Tricks #2 : Margins and Trims for Comics and Manga

By AhkwardKatCommunity • Nov 16, 2021 1

What ARE Trims, Margins and Bleeds?

Simply put, the trim is the line where the comic or manga paper will be cut. The Margin is the area inside of the trim line that will remain and the bleed is the area outside of the trim, specifically the area that gets cut off.

Working digitally do we even need to worry about these margins anymore?

It depends on what your final purpose is and if you want to prepare for all possible future possibilities. Whether you are printing or not, you should know these areas and it is in your best interest to use them should you ever decide to print your digital comic or manga. Traditional artists can use these as well! A lot of Blue Line Paper made...

Creator Tips and Tricks #1 : Clip Studio Story Feature

By AhkwardKatCommunity • Nov 2, 2021 0

Welcome to our new Community Series: Creator Tips and Tricks!!

AhkwardKat here! I've got a great new series for you!

In this series we'll provide you with advice on how to grow, level up, and get new skills as a creator. These tips and tricks don't just apply to GlobalComix, these are the nitty gritty, the real work, the meat of what we do. We create and any way that we can improve that process is going to be a game changer!

Think you can't improve? You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great!

In our first installment of the Creator Tips series, we are going to cover the Story feature in Clip Studio. I have spent time...

Cloudscape Case Study Part 3: Breaking Through Barriers

By gamalhennessyCommunity • Jun 3, 2021 0


Marketing a comic is not just spamming your audience with constant variations of “BUY MY COMIC!” It’s about connecting with the right people and communicating with them in a way that makes them receptive to your message. It is not a demand for compliance. It is a display of value. 


But comic book marketing in the United States is also unique because there are additional hurdles that prevent a publisher from attracting prospective readers and transforming them into long-term fans. This post will use the GlobalComix exclusive comic Welcome to Mina’s from Cloudscape Comics to explore both the challenges facing modern comics and offer some...

Crowdfunding Deep Dive with Rylend Grant

By KevinCommunity • May 19, 2021 0



Earlier this year, GlobalComix had a chance to sit down with Rylend Grant to discuss crowdfunding. Rylend invites you behind the curtains of his upcoming campaign for THE JUMP 1-2. He walks you through and show you how he built his campaign, and explain in depth why he made the variety of choices that went into it. He follows up the demo with an extended Q&A.


Cloudscape Case Study Part 1: Market Research

By gamalhennessyCommunity • May 13, 2021 0

Marketing comics is not a one size fits all process. Because each comic tells a unique story, and that story has a unique audience, then the relationship between the publisher and the reader needs to be tailored to give the book the best chance of success in the marketplace. Unique stories require unique marketing.

This case study is designed to walk you through the marketing analysis and execution for a single comic. Hopefully, you can take some of the insights and ideas presented here and apply them to your own comic. As always, if you have questions, please leave a comment and let us know.

Welcome to Mina’s Marketing Analysis

Story Abstract

Because the story is the...

Learn How to Market Your Comic This Spring!

By gamalhennessyCommunity • Apr 27, 2021 0

One of the things that sets GlobalComix apart from the competition is our commitment to creator development. We strive to educate, inform and support comic book creators at every level through our educational blogs, webinars, and consultation sessions. We plan to continue this service to our community this spring with a special in-depth marketing analysis.

Last fall, we introduced the general concepts of digital comic book marketing theory with two comprehensive webinars (Click here to see the video). Now, we plan to apply those ideas to a specific comic and walk you through each step of the process.

This will help you apply sound marketing principles to your own comics and...

Crowdfunding Your Comic: Before, During, and After the Campaign

By KevinCommunity • Apr 9, 2021 0

In this panel, star creators and industry pros discuss the ins and outs of crowdfunding a comic.

● Adam Lawson is the writer of The Kill Journal and The Eighth from Failed Superheroes Club. He is also the creator of the TT RPG Asunder, and writer/director of Escape the Night, Sagas of Sundry, & Spell Slingers.

● Honor Vincent is the multitalented writer and creator of Andraste, and writes for a variety of platforms as well.

● Rylend Grant is the Ringo Award-winning creator of comics like Aberrant, Banjax, The Jump, and The Peacekeepers. He’s worked for 15+ years in Hollywood, developing film and television projects - mostly big, poppy action movies -...

How to Finance Your Comic Webinar

By KevinCommunity • Apr 9, 2021 0

Money. In one way or another, you need it to make your comic. And we're here to open up that discussion in more detail with you.

We'll go over the economic realities facing comic makers right now, how to understand the tools and options at your disposal, how you can get others to invest money into your comic, and what the tradeoffs are.

How to Digitally Market Your Comic Webinar #2

By KevinCommunity • Apr 9, 2021 0

GlobalComix presents a Digital Marketing Webinar Part 2, comprehensively covering the basics of what it takes to bring your work to market, specifically geared towards comic and graphic novel creators.

Are you a creator or a publisher? Create your free account on in seconds, and have your uploads ready for your fans in minutes.

Are you a comic enthusiast and reader? Create your free account on to start reading instantly!

Unanswered Questions on Comic Book Crowdfunding

By gamalhennessyCommunity • Mar 16, 2021 0

Our recent comic book crowdfunding webinar offered a lot of information, insight, and inspiration. The only downside to the evening was the little time we had to cover all of the insightful questions you asked. I’ve collected ten of the most relevant questions here and answered them as a resource for you. We had 99% of attendees request a follow-up, so we will be announcing one shortly so be on the lookout. In the meantime, happy crowdfunding, and wishing you success. Thanks to all the participants who asked questions.

Before we get into it, next Tuesday, March 23rd @ 8pm, panelist Rylend Grant will be taking you behind the curtain of his newest campaign for THE JUMP 1-2. And...

How Do You Manage Your Comics Crowdfunding Campaign?

By gamalhennessyCommunity • Feb 24, 2021 0

Last week, we talked about the elements of a campaign and how you can put your book in a position for a successful Kickstarter in preparation for our upcoming crowdfunding webinar. This week, we’re going to wrap up our discussion of comics crowdfunding by walking through the management of the campaign.

Your ultimate goal is to combine your talent and your story with your marketing and advertising to inspire your target market to support your campaign before the end date.

How Do You Create Engagement During the Campaign?

Just before the campaign begins and on the launch date, try to draw as much attention to the campaign as possible. Treat this like an event, similar to a movie...

How Do You Prepare For A Crowdfunding Campaign?

By gamalhennessyCommunity • Feb 16, 2021 0

Last week, we talked about the reasons you should consider a crowdfunding campaign for your comic. This week, I’d like to explore the elements of a campaign and how you can put your book in a position for a successful Kickstarter.

There are resources you’ll need to manage and decisions you’ll have to make before you start your crowdfunding campaign. This checklist will walk you through some of the major things to consider.

Talent Management: Determine who from your comic book team will be able to assist in the campaign. Figure out what their schedule is going to be during the time you plan to crowdfund, and how you are going to compensate them for their work.


What Are the Elements of a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign?

By gamalhennessyCommunity • Feb 10, 2021 0

By Gamal Hennessy

Last week, we talked about the reasons you should consider a crowdfunding campaign for your comic. This week, I’d like to explore the elements of a campaign and how you can put your book in a position for a successful Kickstarter.

What Can You Use to Reach Your Crowdfunding Goal?

There are five common components you’ll need to create a compelling campaign. 

1) The story in your book: You need to be able to explain how your comic will benefit your readers. Take a good long look at your characters and your genre so you can give details on why this story is unique enough for them to support.

2) The story of your team: The narrative of how your book came...

Why Should You Consider Crowdfunding Your Comic?

By gamalhennessyCommunity • Feb 3, 2021 0

While an enterprising comic book creator can use monetization or direct sales to make money from their comic, crowdfunding has gained popularity at all levels of the industry. Kickstarter alone has generated over $127,000,000 for over 10,000 comics. This post is an introduction to our month-long exploration of crowdfunding and how it can help your comic be successful as a lead up to our crowdfunding webinar on March 4th, 2021.

What is the Secret to Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is the process of raising money from a large group of people online in what is often referred to as a campaign. As an independent comic book publisher, the secret to a successful crowdfunding campaign is hidden in the...

What is the Right Price for Your Comic?

By gamalhennessyCommunity • Jan 27, 2021 0

By Gamal Hennessy

When a potential reader is interested in your comic, one of their first logical questions will be “how much does this cost?” Your answer to that question involves a delicate balance of conditions that is more art than science. While you could sell your comic for any price you want, some prices may prove more beneficial than others depending on your situation.

How Are Prices Determined?

Price theory is an economic concept that states the optimal market price, or equilibrium, is the point at which the total number of products available for sale can be reasonably consumed by potential customers. As an independent comic book publisher, your equilibrium price is the...

What is the Sales Funnel for Your Comic?

By gamalhennessyCommunity • Jan 19, 2021 0

by Gamal Hennessy

There are several ways to turn your comic into revenue. As we saw last week, you can use indirect monetization in the form of advertising or affiliate marketing. Next month, we’ll start to look at the crowdfunding phenomenon in comics. Today, we’ll look at the basic concept of trading your comic for cash. Specifically, I want to discuss how sales funnels allow you to take advantage of your marketing and maximize the financial potential of your book.

What is a Sales Funnel?

A sales funnel is a theoretical, multi-step process that transforms prospective browsers into long-term buyers. As a comic publisher, your sales funnel can transform ideal readers into true...

How Can You Make Money from Your Comic Without Selling It?

By gamalhennessyCommunity • Jan 12, 2021 0

It might seem counterintuitive to try making money from your comic by giving it away. If you spent a lot of time and investment dollars to bring your book to market, why would you offer it for free? The answer is monetization, or turning a non-revenue generating asset into cash.

Traditional broadcast television in America makes money from selling the eyeballs of their viewers to advertisers. People don’t have to pay money to watch networks like NBC, but they do have to deal with commercials, one way or another. One of YouTube’s business models is similar, where short ads are placed in front of or inside videos to generate revenue. Many mobile apps use the same monetization...

How Do You Know When Your Comic Is Making a Profit?

By gamalhennessyCommunity • Jan 7, 2021 0

Most comic creators want to sell as many copies as possible of their work, but they might not know when or if their book is profitable or not.

To answer this important business question, it helps to understand the financial condition of your book before and after it goes on sale.

The three basic economic questions you need to answer for each of your comics are:

1. How many copies do you need to sell to make back the money you put into it?
2. How do you know if your comic is profitable?
3. How can you keep track of your comic’s financial performance?

Answering each of these questions involves understanding a few basic definitions and formulas that I’ll try to walk you through...

Announcing GlobalComix Crowdfinder Tools

By ChristopherHeadquarters • Dec 2, 2020 0

Update July 2021: Here's a video how to set up Crowdfinder for your comic


Looking back on 2020, there’s one thing that is inarguably clear - the comics community is immensely resilient. We have not spoken to one creator, publisher, or contributor of any kind that hasn’t upped their game against immeasurable challenges, both personal and worldwide. The stories of these folks shine as brightly as the stories they tell through art, and that shows particularly clear in the evolving relationship between them and their fans:

Crowdfunding has bridged the gap for so many up and coming storytellers and the fans who want to take an active role in supporting the...

Announcing GlobalComix Gold and SuperFan - new ways to monetize your comics

By ChristopherHeadquarters • Nov 18, 2020 3

This season has been full of announcements for GlobalComix, and all of them have had one central theme - supporting the creators and publishers of comics, graphic novels, and manga with as much digital firepower as we can. Diversity not only shines through in the stories and personalities of our creators, but also in the way that they run their business. We proudly announce a new combination to complete the suite of monetization models for every type of creator and publisher: Gold and The SuperFan Program.

GlobalComix Gold

GlobalComix Gold is our answer to the demand for subscriptions, marrying together full access for readers and the empowerment of creators by facilitating direct financial...