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BounD favorited Broken Gargoyles 2 months ago
Broken Gargoyles

Comic - Sci-Fi

In this Dieselpunk post-WWI mini-series, two men come home from the war scarred and forgotten. One man is looking for redemption as the other looks for revenge. Both are on a collision course toward each other and nothing can stop them.

BounD started a discussion in Bug Reporting 2 months ago
Pages Not Loading or Low Res
I've been trying to get comics to load but the loading status just spins and nothing happens. I used Chrome, Firefox and Chrome on Android. I also tried other creator's published comics and the same thing happens. If a page does load, it's really low quality. 

Step 1- Find Published issue 
Step2 - Click on...
BounD favorited BounD 2 months ago

Manga - Sci-Fi

When Seth appears to Natalia, he reveals a part of the universe that is unraveling and threatens what is left of mankind. - Natalia will have to accept the dark realities around her before she can save herself. --- BounD is a twelve chapter graphic novel.---

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Pocket Jacks Comics

Followers: 6

Writer / Creator Preston Poulter publishes comics under the label Pocket Jacks Comics®.

BounD favorited White Lily 4 months ago
White Lily

Graphic Novel - History

The White Lily® trade paperback tells the historical story of the two deadliest female fighter pilots who ever lived.

BounD favorited Theatrics 4 months ago

Graphic Novel - Crime

Theatrics follows the story of fallen-heartthrob Rudy Burns. Set in 1920s New York, it follows Rudy as he goes from the glimmer and glitz of Broadway to the down and dirty gyms of the emerging boxing culture of early 20th century America. But what would cause the world's biggest theater star to give up the star-lit stage for the blood-stained one?

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215 Ink

Followers: 27

Indie comic book publisher, friend to new and experienced writers, artists, creators.

BounD favorited Supernaut 4 months ago

Comic - Sci-Fi

A 21st Century cosmic hero myth, this is SUPERNAUT! Reality-hopping Thieves join the newly ascended consciousness of Astronaut Stephen Haddon - now known as the Supernaut - pulling trans-dimensional capers across the Macroverse! Strange artifacts on the Moon, meeting God and stealing a map to the land of the dead from a secret pyramid beneath the Pentagon.

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Things From The Internet

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This is a profile about random collections of funny things from the internet.

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Art Crumbs

Followers: 46

Printer by Day - Mangaka by Night I LOVE manga! Thank you so much for checking out my profile! Message me if you have any questions about myself or my work!

BounD favorited Ghost Child • 祟り神の子供 4 months ago
Ghost Child • 祟り神の子供

Manga - Fantasy

Aros pays the God of the Dead, to revive the woman who never loved him back! However, the price Aros must pay is to help unleash the apocalypse! Meanwhile, a small bird pursues the accused murderer for justice. Does he have the right monster?

BounD favorited Gravity Matters 4 months ago
Gravity Matters

Comic - Sci-Fi

The Pill sisters, Amy and Victoria, live on the ruined Earth of the future and use their genius intellects to try and save what's left of the world from disasters. The all-ages sci-fi series from jeff Rider and Sean Dillon.

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MediBang Inc.

Followers: 13

We translate, localize, and distribute Japanese manga and games for English-speaking audiences.

BounD favorited Lou Ferrigno 8 months ago
Lou Ferrigno

Graphic Novel - Biographies

A special look behind the scenes of the award-winning film and comic book "LOU FERRIGNO: LIBERATOR" Ferrigo stars the world famous Original Hulk actor returning to superheroics. Col. Ed Migliocetti -- AKA Liberator -- was a former superhero in the employ of the US government. But when a black op went south, Ed kept his mouth shut and took the fall. Now, he's lost everything. Desperate to get his...

BounD favorited Kyrie 8 months ago

Manga - Sci-Fi

The joint forces of Khokhriir and Pelishte have invaded Systemeio, the country said to be the land where the Gods oversee the affairs of the peoples of the world. Pelishte's king, Allaxoun Meyde, has particular interest in the captured Mousaians.

BounD favorited Chika's Forest 8 months ago
Chika's Forest

Manga - Fantasy

Chika Ono spent most of her life in the city, but due to her mother being sent overseas for work, she goes to live in the countryside with her father for a year. After finally returning to the place she spent the first few years of her life, she soon realizes she can see the spirits and mystical creatures of the forest.

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Jin Amber

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Studio V2

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Vethyrae ( writer ) and Vervain ( artist/cowriter ). Creators of comics and well meaning misdemeanors.

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Freefall Comics

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Freefall Comics, LLC owned and operated by John Freeman. Freefall specialized in the horror and thriller genres. The zombie thriller one-shot Crow Creek is the first comic from Freefall.

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GlobalComix Originals

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Hey, it's us! We're in the process of releasing Resilience: A COVID Anthology, a collaboration with world class creators who want to support great organizations affected by COVID. You can support by buying a subscription and reading - 100% of your subscription goes to them! Questions? Contact us at [email protected]