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May Feature #2: Source Point Press

By KevinFeatured Comics • May 6, 2021 0

It's been a great first week of May, and we're going to keep this train rolling. For today's feature, we're highlighting five fantastic comics by Source Point Press. This list doesn't do the volume of content they've created justice, so be sure to jump over to their comics section and start your reading adventure.

This is also a great time to take advantage of the 75% off GlobalComix Gold promotion, to get your first month for only $1.99. You'll unlock unlimited access to all of the great content from Source Point Press, as well as more than 5,000 other comics.

1. Damned Cursed Children, Source Point Press, (cc/ @TravisM)

In the sudden aftermath of a series of horrifying attacks, a group...

GlobalComix is the New Source for Source Point Press

By KevinPartnerships • May 6, 2021 0

Amazing stories can come from anywhere. They aren’t confined to the writer’s rooms of Hollywood, the publishing houses of New York or the stages of London. Narrative art can thrive wherever the craft and the vision to create them can flourish.

This reality is even more true in comics, where writers, artists, and editors can collaborate from anywhere in the world to bring you stories from every walk of life.

Source Point Press is a prime example of unique and expansive storytelling. The publisher started in the heart of Michigan but their catalog of horror, science fiction and true crime has grown a worldwide audience of adults and children over the years. Their creators span the...

May Feature #1: Crowdfunding Roundup

By KevinFeatured Comics • May 3, 2021 0

It's a new month, so we wanted to kick off May by catching up with the crowdfunding campaigns that are currently active. Some of these are ending soon, but others just got started. We also wanted to give a hearty congratulations to the comics that have already reached their goal. We're looking forward to the new issues releasing!

We've provided links to the campaigns if you want to jump directly to them to show your support. Feel free to share any other comic crowdfunding campaigns in the comments, and if you're a creator, check out this video to add your campaign to GlobalComix.

1. Abyssal Albion, Thomas J. Campbell, (cc/ @DeadboltComics) - KICKSTARTER

Story and Art by Thomas J. Campbell

2. Th...

The 47 Comics of April 2021

By KevinFeatured Comics • May 2, 2021 0

April was a big month for GlobalComix. We welcomed multiple indie publishers onto the platform, shared some great crowdfunding campaigns, and featured 47 total comics across a variety of genres. Join us as we look back at all of the comics that made the list.

Let us know your favorites in the comments, and be on the lookout for more great stories throughout May!

1. Broken Gargoyles, Source Point Press, (cc/ @TravisM)

In this Dieselpunk post-WWI mini-series, two men come home from the war scarred and forgotten. One man is looking for redemption as the other looks for revenge. Both are on a collision course toward each other and nothing can stop them.

Story and Art by Bob Salley and Stan Yak

2. K...

A Tidal Wave of Real World Stories Hits GlobalComix

By gamalhennessyPartnerships • Apr 30, 2021 0

Comics aren’t just about superheroes. There are as many genres of sequential art as can be found in books, movies, or television. Comics also aren’t just about fictional characters. There is a strong tradition of biography, history, and journalism in the comics medium.

One of the more prominent publishers in non-fiction comics recently added their impressive catalog of titles to GlobalComix.

Tidal Wave Productions offers multimedia experience unparalleled in both the graphic fiction and nonfiction marketplace. Their titles include in-depth explorations of prominent figures across the political and entertainment spectrum, with features ranging from Betty White to Stormy Daniels...

April Feature #9: TidalWave Productions

By KevinFeatured Comics • Apr 29, 2021 0

Welcome to the last feature for the month of April. A common theme this month has been highlighting some of the indie publishers that have joined GlobalComix this year. For today's feature, we wanted to shine the spotlight on TidalWave Productions and picked out five series that we thought you'd enjoy. While many of TidalWave's releases are biographical in nature, there are fictional stories as well. We've included a good mix of the two for you to check out below.

1. 10th Muse, TidalWave Productions, (cc/ @ddavis)

Greek mythology has documented the nine Muses, the inspirational daughters of the almighty god Zeus. But history forgot one—the 10th Muse. Emma Sonnet mysteriously...

Learn How to Market Your Comic This Spring!

By gamalhennessyCommunity • Apr 27, 2021 0

One of the things that sets GlobalComix apart from the competition is our commitment to creator development. We strive to educate, inform and support comic book creators at every level through our educational blogs, webinars, and consultation sessions. We plan to continue this service to our community this spring with a special in-depth marketing analysis.

Last fall, we introduced the general concepts of digital comic book marketing theory with two comprehensive webinars (Click here to see the video). Now, we plan to apply those ideas to a specific comic and walk you through each step of the process.

This will help you apply sound marketing principles to your own comics and increase your...

April Feature #8: Monday Funday

By KevinFeatured Comics • Apr 26, 2021 2

Welcome to the last week of April! To close out the month, let's take a look at a handful of comics with humor to help us get through the week ahead. Read on for the selection, and let us know what makes you laugh in the comments!

1. Bottoms Up: Hard Liquor, Joe Cabello, (cc/ @cabellocomics)

Suspense horror where the killer is... a bottle of booze.

An alcoholic party girl on the brink of going sober partakes in one last night of drinking with her friends, but a deadly bottle of booze may truly make it her last drink.

An homage to Street Trash (1987) and the iconic body horror of the 80s, Bottoms Up: Hard Liquor is full of melting bodies, suspense, and a dash of 80s horniness.

Story and Art by...

GlobalComix Exclusive: The Jonesey and Dr. Long Adventures by Unlikely Heroes Studios

By KevinPartnerships • Apr 23, 2021 0

We’re excited to share an amazing new series that you’ll be able to access exclusively through GlobalComix or the publisher’s Patreon. The Jonesey and Dr. Long Adventures, published by Unlikely Heroes Studios, is written by John Pence (The Surgeon, Up from the Skies) and drawn by Maxim Mel (Do Well Camp with Max Bemis, Fractured Scary Tales).

The series is a loving send-up of, and homage to, the two-fisted, gin-soaked, nicotine-stained Sunday comics of the 20th Century with a pretty smooth 1:1 ratio of action and jokes. Comics fans and scholars will see nods to legends like Steve Canyon, The Phantom, or The Spirit, all built in a world of animal characters and dripping...

April Feature #7: Mad Cave and Top Cow

By KevinFeatured Comics • Apr 22, 2021 0

The week is almost over, but before it's done let's get to another set of featured comics. With the official announcement about Mad Cave Studios and Top Cow Productions on GlobalComix, we thought it would be a great time to highlight a selection of their comics to get you started.

You can check all of them out below, and don't forget to take advantage of the 75% off GlobalComix Gold promotion we have running right now. You can get your first month for $1.99 and unlock access to thousands of comics with unlimited reading.

1. Cyberforce: Awakening, Top Cow, (cc/ @vincelongo)

The classic series returns in a reimagining overseen by creator MARC SILVESTRI. In a modern world where humanity is...

Mad Cave and Top Cow Spring into GlobalComix

By gamalhennessyPartnerships • Apr 22, 2021 0
 Spring is traditionally a period of rebirth and change. It’s a chance to make a fresh start, try out new things, and toss out the old to take a chance on something new. After what we’ve all gone through in 2020, the importance of renewal is more important than ever. GlobalComix is embracing the spirit by introducing titles from two new publishers to our growing catalog.

Mad Cave Studios is a comic book and graphic novel publisher specializing in crime, horror, and science fiction. Although it is a relative newcomer to the industry, they have built up a strong catalog over the past six years and their influence continues to grow.

Top Cow has been at the forefront of chance...

April Feature #6: Let's Start A Book Club

By KevinFeatured Comics • Apr 19, 2021 2

It's Monday, but don't let that get you down. While it might be the start of a long work week, we've got you covered with plenty of recommended reading. For today's feature, we're turning the spotlight to five graphic novels and anthologies.

It's apparently National Hanging Out Day, so make sure to add these great series to your laundry list of comics to read!

1. The Cabinet, Source Point Press, (cc/ @TravisM)

On a doomed 1901 mission to the arctic Northwest Passage, a "shadow cabinet" of social outcasts opposing America's government find horror and madness that leads them to the assassination of the President of the United States. This graphic novel is written by Christian Sager with arty by...

April Feature #5: A Wave Blue World

By KevinFeatured Comics • Apr 15, 2021 0

We're always excited to bring talented new creators onto the GlobalComix platform, and as we mentioned earlier this week, A Wave Blue World's stories are now available to read.

There are quite a few series, so we wanted to highlight a handful to get you started. Don't forget to take advantage of the 75% off GlobalComix Gold promotion that is currently active so you can access AWBW's content in full!

1. Adrenaline, A Wave Blue World, (cc/ @tyler)

While trying to leave Africa after an illegal hunting trip, Alex is confronted by Saida. She jumps aboard his helicopter to stop him from taking the lion he has killed, but she is unable to take him down due to his two strong bodyguards,...

A Wave Blue World Washes Over GlobalComix

By gamalhennessyPartnerships • Apr 13, 2021 1

Comics are art and all art is political. The most memorable comics embrace this reality. They use narrative sequential art to convey relevant stories that both speak to the social climate of the moment and serve as a beacon for the future.

A Wave Blue World (AWBW)
has been a home for impactful comic book art for over fifteen years. From the New York Times featured books like American Terrorist and All We Ever Wanted to classics like From Hell’s Heart and Phantom of the Opera, AWBW has always focused on socially conscious storytelling and providing a platform for a multitude of creative voices.

GlobalComix is proud to add AWBW to its family of comic book publishers.

You can read all the...

April Feature #4: Crowdfunding Comics

By KevinFeatured Comics • Apr 12, 2021 0

Welcome to the fourth feature for April. It's time to break the rules again slightly like we did on April Fools' Day, but this time it's for a good reason. Right now we have six active crowdfunding campaigns on GlobalComix, so I didn't want to leave anyone out. If you're a creator with an active campaign that's not listed, check out this video to find out how to add your campaign to GlobalComix.

Read on to take a look, and share any comics you've found that have an active crowdfunding campaign in the comments!

1. The Tribulation TaskForce, Grok Comics, (cc/ @GrokComics)

The soon to come world dictator is on a mission to bring forth the last days before the appointed time. Under a platform of...

Crowdfunding Your Comic: Before, During, and After the Campaign

By KevinCommunity • Apr 9, 2021 0

In this panel, star creators and industry pros discuss the ins and outs of crowdfunding a comic.

● Adam Lawson is the writer of The Kill Journal and The Eighth from Failed Superheroes Club. He is also the creator of the TT RPG Asunder, and writer/director of Escape the Night, Sagas of Sundry, & Spell Slingers.

● Honor Vincent is the multitalented writer and creator of Andraste, and writes for a variety of platforms as well.

● Rylend Grant is the Ringo Award-winning creator of comics like Aberrant, Banjax, The Jump, and The Peacekeepers. He’s worked for 15+ years in Hollywood, developing film and television projects - mostly big, poppy action movies -...

How to Finance Your Comic Webinar

By KevinCommunity • Apr 9, 2021 0

Money. In one way or another, you need it to make your comic. And we're here to open up that discussion in more detail with you.

We'll go over the economic realities facing comic makers right now, how to understand the tools and options at your disposal, how you can get others to invest money into your comic, and what the tradeoffs are.

How to Digitally Market Your Comic Webinar #2

By KevinCommunity • Apr 9, 2021 0

GlobalComix presents a Digital Marketing Webinar Part 2, comprehensively covering the basics of what it takes to bring your work to market, specifically geared towards comic and graphic novel creators.

Are you a creator or a publisher? Create your free account on in seconds, and have your uploads ready for your fans in minutes.

Are you a comic enthusiast and reader? Create your free account on to start reading instantly!

April Feature #3: Full Steam Ahead

By KevinFeatured Comics • Apr 8, 2021 0

Happy Thursday! Earlier this week we looked at cyberpunk comics, and this time we turn our attention to five comics that all share another common thread: steampunk. Whether a post-WWII industrial scene dominated by magic, or classic steam-powered contraptions and vehicles, these comics are sure to answer that "What if technology didn't exist in the way it does?" question.

Read on for the comics, and let us know what your favorite steampunk setting is in the comments!

1. Dragon Whisperer, Red 5 Comics, (cc/ @joshuastarnes)

Young Rosalinda Eberhardt has an amazing gift, the ability to talk to any animal and understand them. Her gift becomes the key to a global power struggle when she meets the...

April Feature #2: An Unwritten Future

By KevinFeatured Comics • Apr 5, 2021 0

Welcome to April feature #2! Whether near or far into the future, cyberpunk stories are all about lives being altered -- quite literally -- by technology. But there's always more to that story, because beneath the machine there's always a human still in charge.

We've selected five great comics that fall into that genre for you to check out in today's feature. As science fiction author Bruce Sterling says, the future is unwritten -- but these stories have a lot to say about where the world could be headed.

Let us know what you think in the comments, and be sure to share any cyberpunk comics you enjoy!

1. Broken Frontier, A Wave Blue World, (cc/ @tyler)

The Broken Frontier Anthology unites...