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November Features #6: Clash and Smash

By AhkwardKatFeatured Comics • Nov 23, 2020 0

Monday is back with a vengeance and we aren't gonna go down without a fight! These comics are gonna light your fire and get you ready to fight on through the week! We've got your back this week, but remember to spread the love to all our comrades by sharing this!

1. Yi Soon Shin, OK Comics, (cc/ @olkompan)

In the face of war, nothing is off the table. Admiral Yi Soon Shin of the Korean Navy stood against the Invading Japanese forces. Leading his smaller team, the Admiral fights to save Korea when the night is the darkest.

Written by Onrie Kompan and David Anthony Kraft
Edited by David Anthony Kraft and Mort Castle and Len Strazewski
Illustrated by Giovanni Paolo and Adriana De Los Santos...

November Features #5: Mischief Makers

By AhkwardKatFeatured Comics • Nov 19, 2020 0

Gearing up for our weekend, we are looking for some fun! Why be good when you can be bad and make a little trouble? This week's feature will spotlight Mischief Makers! Maybe we can get some ideas for fun from these comics, so come read along with us!

(And spread the love by sharing in your corner of the world!)

1. The World of Chub Chub, Tpub, (cc/ @stacitpub)

Chub here is a curious kid. Always looking into his next fun adventure, mixing potions, decorating his home with abstract art and more! He's got all kinds of ideas and surely

Written by Neil Gibson
Illustrated by Ness
Colors by Jan Wijngaard

2. UltraDuck, Arcana Comics, (cc/ @SeanArcana)

Carlos, a regular duck living in the great city of...

Announcing GlobalComix Gold and SuperFan - new ways to monetize your comics

By ChristopherHeadquarters • Nov 18, 2020 3

This season has been full of announcements for GlobalComix, and all of them have had one central theme - supporting the creators and publishers of comics, graphic novels, and manga with as much digital firepower as we can. Diversity not only shines through in the stories and personalities of our creators, but also in the way that they run their business. We proudly announce a new combination to complete the suite of monetization models for every type of creator and publisher: Gold and The SuperFan Program.

GlobalComix Gold

GlobalComix Gold is our answer to the demand for subscriptions, marrying together full access for readers and the empowerment of creators by facilitating direct financial...

November Features #4: Feasts and Foods

By AhkwardKatFeatured Comics • Nov 17, 2020 1

New Week, new foods! Well, new comics about foods and the variety! From Burgers to sweets to the people that MAKE our food, we have a heaping feast of stories for you today in our 4th feature

(And spread the love by sharing in your corner of the world!)

1. Chocolate with Pepper, TSaianda, (cc/ @tsaianda)

In the 1920's of Ventura, Brazil, Ana gets a job in a Chocolate factory. As a poor girl, she's taking her chances for a better life. However romance starts fill the air of the chocolate factory when the town flirt catches her eye. There is more to him than appearances, so be careful Ana! This sweet story is full of food and love, perfect for a night in with a warm drink!

Created by TSaianda


November Features #3: Comic Relief

By ericmtapFeatured Comics • Nov 12, 2020 0

Let's take a breather. It seems the world spins a bit faster every day, and laughter is something we always welcome. This week we're featuring some work that treads on the lighter side of things - funny, fun, quirky, and so on. So sit back and enjoy these lovely stories from even lovelier creators. 

(And spread the love by sharing in your corner of the world!)

1. Twisted Light, TPub, (cc/ @stacitpub)

From the mind behind Twisted Dark comes something a little lighter. Twisted Light is the other side of the coin, each short story designed to leave the reader feeling uplifted. “Gibson’s excellent blend of gripping storytelling, humour, and interesting subject choices is still...

November Features #2: The Many Sides of Sci-Fi

By ericmtapFeatured Comics • Nov 9, 2020 0

This week's feature brings speculative fiction to the forefront. Take a step into the future with these wild storytellers and see what tomorrow's world might bring. While there's a fair amount of dystopian flavor in these five titles, there is a robot dance party as well - glass half full!

And don't forget to spread the love by sharing in your corner of the world!

1. Butcher Queen, Red 5 Comics, (cc/ @joshuastarnes)

In Black Star City, alien off-worlders are being systematically attacked and removed from society by a clandestine paramilitary group called the Overseers. When fugitive cop-turned-mercenary Syd Kiowa is contacted by a victim who escaped their grip, she is thrust into a horrifying...

November Features #1: Otherworldly Adventures

By ericmtapFeatured Comics • Nov 6, 2020 0

We thought you'd enjoy something a little different, something otherworldly to match the times. Modern aliens to ancient beasts - stories of masterful creation and utter destruction.

Here are 5 releases we think are out of this world for you to enjoy, and don't forget to spread the love! Share and support your favorite creators.

1. Jamshid, Markosia, (cc/ @Markosia)

Jamshid, ruler of Jamkard in ancient Persia, must fight the evil and supernatural beasts that threaten his kingdom and people. He enlists a faithful army to battle the demons and restore peace to the region however, along the way he finds betrayal within his ranks. An epic battle of Good v. Evil and a man’s sacrifice to...

October Features: 40 Comics of Halloween!

By ericmtapFeatured Comics • Oct 30, 2020 1

It’s awfully spooky how quickly Halloween arrived this year. We started our October feature series four weeks ago, and since then we’ve selected and written about 40 comics from a variety of excellently talented and skilled creators and publishers who understand something about the spirit of Halloween.

And what’s more, this list shows off the variety of flavors that Halloween has to offer. We had visits from the truly terrifying, mind-bending, and awe-inspiring. We marveled at the science of it all, the downright strange, the moral and those caught between this world and the next.

We even LOL’d at the hilarious.

The diversity of these stories reflect our...

October Features: Halloween #8 - The Monster Mash!

By AhkwardKatFeatured Comics • Oct 30, 2020 0

Here we are my dear friends, All Hallow's Eve will be upon us soon and so, in celebration we are taking a blast to the past. For Feature #1, we took a look at beasts, ghosts, and monsters. This day, we'll go back to take a look at even more creepsters! From cute, wholesome monster love to vicious and nightmarish beasts, enjoy our conclusion to our Halloween Features, The Monster Mash!

Check out these 5 excellent titles and consider sharing them to spread the love, and support your favorite creators.

1. Gentleman Cthulu, Dark Fire Press, (cc/ @jmdarkfire)

Cthulu, the master of horror and monsters, our Lovecraftian friend returns again in a light hearted collection of short strips. This rather...

Announcing GlobalComix for Teams

By ChristopherHeadquarters • Oct 28, 2020 0

We’ve spoken with many creators and publishers in the past year. Despite each of their unique styles, most of them share a lot of the same needs. This is particularly true when it comes to letting more than one person or account manage published content, marketing, or finances.

Here’s some stories we’ve heard:

  • We are a team of people with different responsibilities for publishing, marketing, and business administration.
  • We are a partnership of 2 (or more) individuals who are creating and publishing together as a collaboration.
  • I am a creator who sometimes has people help me with <x> role of publishing.
  • I am a solo operator who manages everything myself.

Based on this,...

October Features: Halloween #7 - Nightmares and Curses

By AhkwardKatFeatured Comics • Oct 26, 2020 0

The final stretch of Halloween is here! Let's start the week with some dark and scary stuff: Nightmares and Curses are nothing to be messed with! Some people bring these nasty events on themselves, some are truly innocent, lots of tragic and gruesome stories this week, enjoy

Check out these 5 excellent titles and consider sharing them to spread the love for your favorite creators. Don't forget to share the spooky fun too! Horror and thrilling is best enjoyed with a friend!

1. Monkey Paw, Rocket Ink Studios, (cc/ @Rocketinkstudios )

The infamous Monkey's Paw, it'll grant your wishes, but usually at a terrible price. In this twisted tale, a young orphan gets his hands on this paw, but I wonder...

How to Create a Budget for Your Comics (Part II)

By gamalhennessyCommunity • Oct 23, 2020 0

Last month, we started talking about creating a budget for your comic book publishing (See How to Create a Budget for Your Comics). Now that we’ve taken a few weeks to look at the different financing options, I’d like to expand on that discussion a little bit here by highlighting the different types of things an aspiring comic book publisher needs to consider when allocating limited resources.

Publishing comics requires more than just paying for page rates and printing. There are at least seven different categories of expenses, each with smaller subcategories.

Initial Costs:  Getting your business off the ground

Company registration
Intellectual property clearance and...

October Features: Halloween #6 - For Science!

By AhkwardKatFeatured Comics • Oct 22, 2020 1

After those mental jitters earlier this week, it's time to have some fun. For Science! is a list of comics all about the tech, the scientists, the science fiction lovers out there! Grab your lab coats and take some notes while reading these comics. Some involve heroes, some spiral out of control, be prepared for a great scientific discovery in these pages!

Check out these 5 excellent titles and consider sharing them to spread the love and support your favorite creators.

1. Project Prince, Settha, (cc/ @Settha)

Dr. Isara is more than meets the eye, don't take her small size and young age for being ignorant. Dr. Isara mixes technology with the occult and magic to fight demons. Be careful though!...

Announcing the new GlobalComix Reader v2

By ChristopherHeadquarters • Oct 21, 2020 6

The reason we read comics is that they satisfy us with their stories, and sometimes with their physical or tactile experiences. Sometimes those things get intermingled, and we have a hard time deciphering one from the other.

With hundreds of thousands of readers having come through our platform over the past year, we’ve been watching and listening to both feedback and reading behavior in general. As a result, today we are very excited to announce that we’re launching the new GlobalComix Reader v2: what we believe to be the simplest and best reading experience in digital comics.

Interactive Reading Improvements

We have carefully improved the reading and transition animations of the...

October Features: Halloween #5 - Mind Benders

By AhkwardKatFeatured Comics • Oct 19, 2020 1

Who is good and who is evil? What is life. Who are you and who am I? We here at Global comics have this Tuesday's feature lined up as a real list of Mind-Benders. We can't have spooky season without some good old-fashioned mind games, can we? These comics will make you think twice and give you some things to consider.

Check out these 5 excellent titles and consider sharing them to spread the love and support your favorite creators.

1. The No Ones, Cave Pictures Publishing, (cc/ @mandi)

Who is good and who is evil, who decides this? Everyone forgot who these heroes are and now they can be anyone they want! What would you do? Whose side are you going to be on! Read on and let us know!

Written by...

How Do You Manage Your Comic Book Business?

By gamalhennessyCommunity • Oct 16, 2020 0

As part of the lead up to our free financing webinar on October 29th, I’d like to explore the fundamentals of creating business management as it pertains to your aspiring comic book company.

What is Business Management?

Management is the organization and coordination of business activities to achieve defined objectives. As an independent publisher, this means finding the best ways to use your time, energy, and resources to achieve the milestones and goals for your comic.

Now as a creative individual, you might consider business management a subject to avoid. If your goal is to make comics, then dealing with budgets, contracts, and schedules might be the last thing you want to do....

October Features: Halloween #4- Brave Heroes and Good Deeds

By AhkwardKatFeatured Comics • Oct 15, 2020 1

Alright! We’ve survived half of the spooky season so far, can you believe it? We’ve got some fantastic feats this Thursday to get us in the good spirit of the coming weekend. Heroes of all shapes and sizes make our worlds better places to live. With all that evil, doom and gloom, out there this month, let's all take a breather from the baddies and enjoy: Brave Heroes and Good Deeds!

Check out these 5 excellent titles to get us relaxed and some good feels goin’ around, and don't forget to follow the creators and share their work out to your corner of the world.

1. UltraDuck, ArcanaComics (@SeanArcana)

Carlos relates to us all, boring jobs, boring life, relationships...

October Features: Halloween #3 - The Divine and the Damned

By AhkwardKatFeatured Comics • Oct 13, 2020 2

New week, new lists! We’ve got some bloody good features for you today! The forces of good and evil are being featured this week in our first list of the week: The Divine and the Damned. This time of year is more than just Halloween, it is a time for connecting to ancestors, paying tributes to gods for bountiful harvest and asking for an easy winter. The heavenly and the hellish have something to say about that!

Check out these 5 divine titles, and don't forget to follow the creators and share their work out to your corner of the world.

1. Archangel 8 , AWA Studios

While Heaven, the seven Archangels and Hell wage wars to over all the souls of mankind, mysterious Archangel 8 has his...

How Can You Get Others to Invest in Your Comic? (Part II)

By gamalhennessyCommunity • Oct 8, 2020 0

Last week, we started talking about finding outside investment for your comic (See How Can You Get Others to Invest in Your Comic?) I’m going to finish off the list of different types of outside investment this week, but keep in mind we’ll go more in-depth in on this list during our free comic book financing webinar on October 29th.

a. Description: A Home Equity Line of Credit Loans (HELOC) is a loan that provides a line of credit using your home as collateral . The amount of money available to you depends on the amount of equity you have in your home and your credit rating.

b. Advantages:
i. HELOCs are similar to credit cards in that you only pay interest on...

October Features: Halloween #2 - Not-So-Scary Strange Stories of Strange People

By AhkwardKatFeatured Comics • Oct 8, 2020 1

We couldn’t hold off. Today we want to highlight some titles in a group we affectionately call Not-So-Scary Strange Stories of Strange People.Check out these 5 excellent titles to get in the spirit of All-Hallows Eve, and don't forget to follow the creators and share their work out to your corner of the world.

1. Cthulu is Hard to Spell, Wannabe Press

Halloween and Lovecraft go hand in hand. Not your typical Lovecraft series, it alters between humorous stories of monsters’ ordinary lives and more serious & strange tales. A multi-team project, lots of love and hard work was put into it and we think you’ll love this truly great series.

Written and Illustrated by many...

October Features: Halloween #1 - Ghosts, Hauntings, Beasties and Magic!

By AhkwardKatFeatured Comics • Oct 6, 2020 1

October may be our favorite month as it contains one of our favorite holidays. And we would be absolutely remiss if we didn't call your attention to the best horror titles from our spectacular community. Today we want to highlight some titles in a group we affectionately call Ghosts, Hauntings, Beasties and Magic!

Check out these 5 excellent titles to get in the spirit of All-Hallows Eve, and don't forget to follow the creators and share their work out to your corner of the world.

1. All Hallows' Eve, 215 Ink

In the mood for revenge stories with occult twists? This collection of truly unique art work and storytelling is the perfect entree into your Halloween reading.

Illustrated by Dave...

How Can You Get Others to Invest in Your Comic?

By gamalhennessyCommunity • Oct 1, 2020 0

After you figure out how much you can invest in your comic (See my earlier posts on self-financing), you may find that you don’t have enough to fully fund your publishing based on your initial budget. That’s when it’s time to go out into the world and find more money.

Before we go into details about getting investors and the different types of investment, we should understand that in many cases, it is very difficult to convince anyone to invest money in an untested comic book idea. The three economic realities of comic publishing we discussed earlier reduce the risk tolerance of most potential investors to the point where your offer isn’t attractive to them. From...

What Factors Should You Consider When Investing Your Money in Your Comic?

By gamalhennessyCommunity • Sep 25, 2020 2

Tony Stark money isn’t the same as Peter Parker money. Different people have access to different levels and sources of personal finances. Each circumstance has unique advantages, disadvantages, and factors to think about in relation to your comic. As you review these self-financing options, keeping mind that these are broad overviews of complex financial instruments and they shouldn’t be used without understanding the risks and rewards. (See What are the Risks and Rewards of Financing Your Own Comic?)

1. Savings
a. Description: This is the money you already have in the bank. It could come from money you save over time, tax refunds, or selling Vibranium on the black...

What Are the Risks and Rewards of Financing Your Own Comic Book Publishing?

By gamalhennessyCommunity • Sep 17, 2020 0

So far this month, we’ve taken a look at the three economic realities of comic book publishing and the basics for creating a comic book budget. Now that you have an idea of how much money your comic needs before the idea can become a reality, the next logical question is “where will the money come from?”

In general, there are two sources of money: your money and someone else’s money. Let’s look at your potential as an investment source first, before we go reaching into someone else’s pocket.

What Are the Advantages of Investing Your Money to Make a Comic?

It is not unusual for an independent publisher to dip into their own pockets to publish their comic....

How Do You Create a Budget for Your Comic?

By gamalhennessyCommunity • Sep 10, 2020 0

Before you sell your house, beg your grandmother for money, or rob a bank to publish your comic, it helps to know how much money you need in the first place. It doesn’t make any sense to spend a lot of time stressing about cash when you don’t have a clear idea of the costs you’re trying to cover. Of course, prices change and unexpected expenses are more common than you think, but if you have a basic idea of your costs, it will help you focus your revenue collection efforts.

In general, there are seven types of costs you need to consider when you decide to publish your first comic:

1. Initial Costs: This is the money to get off the ground. It includes the costs to set...

What Are the Economic Realities of Publishing Your Comic?

By gamalhennessyCommunity • Sep 3, 2020 0

Now that the summer is over, we’re going to shift gears away from marketing and discuss another facet of comic book publishing that doesn’t get much attention. We’re going to spend the next few weeks discussing how you can pay to get your comic out into the world. But any discussion about financing comic book publishing has to begin with a disclaimer:

What you are going to read in the next few weeks isn’t financial advice and or legal advice. These are concepts you can consider when deciding if and how to fund your project, but before you do anything concerning money, consult your financial advisor. You should also speak to anyone in your life who might be relying...

What Marketing Activity Should You Avoid on Social Media?

By gamalhennessyCommunity • Aug 24, 2020 2

There are a lot of things you can do on social media to market your comic (See How Should You Market Your Book on Social Media?). There are also a few things you should not do if you want to give your book the best chance to succeed. This isn’t as easy as it sounds. Every year, dozens of companies and brands stumble on social media in ways that damage their image. While no one is perfect, these six concepts can add to the previous list of tips to help keep you out of trouble.

1.  Avoid Targeting the Non-Market: You have a specific story to tell to a specific group. Everyone outside that group isn’t ready for, or interested in, that message. While you need to reach out to...

How Should You Market Your Book on Social Media? (Advanced Tactics)

By gamalhennessyCommunity • Aug 5, 2020 0

Earlier this week I started listing concepts that can help you market your comics using social media (See How Should You Market Your Comics on Social Media?) This post continues that discussion, with more advanced techniques.

9. Consider the potential backlash your book/team/ marketing could create. In the current social environment, any story can be seen as offensive to one group or another. Because your story will inevitably stand for something, it is likely to stand against something else and the people who support that "something else" can quickly undermine or overwhelm your marketing efforts. While you can't predict every possible attack on your book, think about how things could go...

How Should You Market Your Book on Social Media?

By gamalhennessyCommunity • Aug 3, 2020 0

Last week I introduced some ideas for engaging with your target market for your comic (See What Is an Example of Social Media Engagement?). This post (and the next one) will go into more detail in terms of tips you can use to improve your engagement and connection with your potential readers.

1.  Consider keeping your personal social media separate from your comic book social media: Because your friends and family might not be a part of your target market, they might not be interested in your antagonist character design survey. At the same time, your target market might not want to see your foodie posts or your vacation photos. Social media profiles are free, so it only costs you a...

Didn't catch our Demo and Q&A? Now's your chance!

By ericmtapHeadquarters • Aug 3, 2020 0

Chris recently hosted a demo and Q&A with a group of folks around the GlobalComix community. He spent the first half going step by step through the platform uploads, features, and overall flow as a creator / publisher. The second half was dedicated to a variety of excellent questions by the attendees.

Watch the full video below on YouTube. (For the chronically impatient, like me, I recommend you increase the speed to 1.25-1.5x. Just don't be surprised when world seems a bit slow after you're done!)

What is an Example of Social Media Engagement?

By gamalhennessyCommunity • Jul 30, 2020 0

It is not enough to have a comic that you want people to read. It takes more than understanding your ideal reader and your competition. The process doesn’t end when you find out where your target market gathers together. You have to interact with readers in the right way, or all your marketing efforts could be wasted. We’ve been using my Blood Bond comic example for a few weeks now. Let’s look at the broad concepts of social media engagement and then walk through the steps with our imaginary comic.

The first and most important thing to understand is that social media marketing is not an exercise in aggressive selling. Think about your own time on social media and the way...

How Do You Find Ideal Readers for Your Comic?

By gamalhennessyCommunity • Jul 28, 2020 0

We’re working on the digital marketing plan for the fictional comic Blood Bond.

We know what our story is about (See What is an Example of a Story Synopsis?).

We have a theoretical model of our ideal reader (See What is an Example of an Ideal Reader?).

We’ve even figured out how to find our competition for this comic (See What is an Example of Competition Analysis?).

Now we’ve reached the point where we can start to find and connect with ideal readers to create a market for our comic. This post will focus on finding your people using social media. The next one will discuss what you want to say and how you might think about saying it.

What Social Media Platform Should You...

What is an Example of Competition Analysis for Digital Comic Book Marketing?

By gamalhennessyCommunity • Jul 15, 2020 2

Last week, we began an exercise designed to explain the four parts of developing a digital marketing plan. I offered a fictional vampire crime graphic novel called Blood Bond to use as an example. (See What is an example of a digital marketing story synopsis and What is an example of an ideal reader profile?) Today, I’m going to walk through how you can analyze a competing comic that appeals to your ideal reader.

If competition is the effort of two or more parties acting independently to secure the business of a third party (See What is the Competition for Your Comic?) then the competition for Blood Bond is any comic that appeals to the reader who likes supernatural criminal...

What is an Example of an Ideal Reader Profile Analysis?

By gamalhennessyCommunity • Jul 9, 2020 0

Earlier this week, I put together a story synopsis for a story called Blood Bond. The purposes of the exercise was to provide an example in developing a digital marketing case study (See What is an Example of a Digital Marketing Story Synopsis?) The next step in the process (See Our Video on the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing) is to use the synopsis to define the ideal reader.

Form 2 of the Global Comix Digital Marketing Materials is Ideal Reader Profile Analysis Form. This breaks down the ideal reader into four segments: demographic, psychographic, genre and generation. Because the characteristics of an ideal reader can be found in your story (See Who is the Ideal Reader for Your...

What is an Example of a Digital Marketing Story Synopsis for Comics?

By gamalhennessyCommunity • Jul 6, 2020 0

Abstract ideas are useful in understanding digital comic book marketing (See our video on the fundamentals of digital marketing here), but concrete examples can make the concepts more real. For the next couple of weeks, I’m going to walk you through the steps of building an online comic book marketing plan with a hypothetical example. Let’s imagine I’m planning to publish a three-issue limited series called Blood Bond in time for Halloween 2021. The story combines crime noir and supernatural horror, where vampire police attempt to destroy the vampire hunters controlling organized crime. It centers around one detective who stumbles into the secret war.

My first marketing...

Global Comix Digital Marketing Roadmap for the Summer

By gamalhennessyCommunity • Jul 2, 2020 0

Last week’s free webinar on Digital Marketing for Comics was a big success. We got so much positive feedback that we’re planning to offer the webinar again on July 16th (You can RSVP here).

But we’re also planning to take a deeper dive into digital marketing to help our creators and publishers get the most from GlobalComix. That means this blog will focus on two major topics for the month of July.

1. First, I’m going to take a deep dive into a case study on digital marketing, creating a plot synopsis, ideal reader profile, competition list, and an overall marketing plan that you can use to model your own efforts.

2. In the second half of the month, I’ll go...

Your Second Chance to See the GlobalComix Digital Marketing Webinar

By gamalhennessyHeadquarters • Jun 30, 2020 0

Chris, Eric, and I wanted to thank everyone who supported, promoted, and attended our first webinar last week.

One of our main goals at GlobalComix is to provide the skills and information to help comic creators and publishers be successful. We hope to carry the positive feedback we received from this first event into additional events throughout the year.

If you didn’t get a chance to see our presentation, or if you’d like to see it again, please feel free to watch it here.

If you’d like to get a free consultation on the digital marketing for your comics, please let me know and we can get the process started.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Have fun with your...

How Can Hooks and True Fans Help Market Your Comic?

By gamalhennessyCommunity • Jun 22, 2020 0

As we gear up for our webinar on digital comic book marketing (You can get your free ticket here), we need to continue our discussion about giving your target market what they want. Today, we’ll explore the idea of hooks.

What is a Hook?

For our purposes, a hook is an aspect of your story designed to attract and hold the attention of your ideal reader. It is a promise that your story will deliver the desired feeling. It is similar to how a successful trailer can give you the tone and flavor of a two-hour movie in two minutes of video and create enough excitement to inspire you to go buy a ticket.

Because comics combine images and text to deliver their message, a hook can be visual,...

What Does Your Target Market Want?

By gamalhennessyCommunity • Jun 18, 2020 0

We’ve been talking about identifying your target market, the obstacles to overcome in growing your fan base, and the tactics you can use to overcome those challenges. At this point, it helps to take a step back and consider what your readers actually want. This will help you understand how to connect with them and satisfy their entertainment needs with your comic.

The most basic thing to understand is that your ideal reader ultimately does not want your comic. They do not want the comics of your competitors or books in your genre. In fact, they don’t want any book at all. This goes for anything they buy or consume from food to clothing to other types of content. This lack of...

What Tactics Can Be Used to Increase the Size of the Target Market?

By gamalhennessyCommunity • Jun 15, 2020 2

Last week we talked about where your potential readers can come from (See: How Can You Grow Your Target Market?) and the challenges to converting them to comic book readers (See What Factors Limit Growth in Comics?). Today I'd like to look at techniques for dealing with each of the obstacles to increasing your target market. 

Tapping into the potential market involves looking at both the way you connect with people and the way you interact with them. Remember, you’re not trying to change the way people consume content. You’re trying to build a satisfying relationship with those people who are interested in what you have to say. If only one percent of your potential market...

How Can You Grow Your Target Market?

By gamalhennessyCommunity • Jun 11, 2020 2

The combination of media competition, comparative value, isolated distribution and negative perception create an environment that suppresses growth in the market (See What Factors Limit Growth in Comic Readers?). In fact, there are economic indicators that suggest the size of the single-issue comic book market is shrinking.

According to a 2018 study, only 4% of Americans read comics on a regular basis. If there are 330 million people in the US, that’s just 13 million people overall. Industry analysis and comic shop owners claim the Big Two are pursuing tactics that attempt to squeeze more and more money from a limited group of devoted fans while their corporate owners only look to...

What Factors Limit the Growth in Comic Readers?

By gamalhennessyCommunity • Jun 8, 2020 0

If you want more people to read your comic, you need to attract more new readers to comics.

This is not a simple challenge. The bad news is that the comic book industry faces several substantial barriers to growth that you’ll have to consider and overcome if you want to avoid fighting for scraps. The good news is that comics has a substantial amount of growth potential, so if you can develop marketing that expands beyond the current comic book market, you can succeed while your competition struggles.

As an entertainment medium, comics have six major factors that make it difficult to expand the market:

1. Barriers to Entry: Comics have inherent cultural roadblocks that discouraging the...

How Do You Measure the Dollar Value of Your Target Market?

By gamalhennessyCommunity • Jun 3, 2020 3

It’s one thing to know how many copies you can sell to your target market (See What Is the Size of Your Market?). It is another thing to understand how much money that market can generate.

Market value is the amount of revenue a market generates over a given period of time. For example, if the average price of a monthly print comic is $3.99, and all the competitors in that market sell 20,000 copies collectively, then the monthly market value of that niche is around $80,000.There are three things you need to remember when looking at market value for independent comics, because like market size, market value isn’t an exact science.

The numbers are going to be gross—not...

What is the Size of Your Target Market?

By gamalhennessyCommunity • Jun 1, 2020 2

Over the past two weeks, I’ve tried to explain the concepts of ideal readers (See Who is Your Ideal Reader?) and competition (See Who is Your Competition?) in terms of digital comic book publishing. The size of your target market defines various aspects of your project. I’d like to continue this marketing orientation by looking at ways you can think about the size of your comic’s target market.

The theoretical number of readers for your book will influence the different marketing, distribution, advertising, and sales strategies you use. Your market size can influence what type of book you create. Depending on your goals and your resources, it might even lead to altering...

Interested in learning about digital marketing?

By ChristopherHeadquarters • Jun 1, 2020 1

If you’re looking for help and support on how to grow your digital comic fanbase, please join us in our new Facebook group for digital marketing. This will be a way for us all to connect with folks in the community, on and off GlobalComix, about engaging more deeply with the tools of digital.

The group has already touched on a handful of key concepts, such as identifying your ideal reader, written by our very own Gamal Hennessy. We’d love for the group to continue growing as a place for people to share experiences with one another as well, so please bring any wisdom you’ve earned!

We’re currently building towards a free digital marketing webinar on Thursday, June 25...

What is the Competition for Your Comic?

By gamalhennessyCommunity • May 26, 2020 3

Your comic may be unique and original, but it doesn’t exist in a vacuum. There are probably similar elements in other comics that appeal to your ideal reader profile no matter what your story is about. Understanding what’s already in the market and the characteristics of your competition can provide valuable information in both creating relationships with your reader and producing a better book.

Competition is the effort of two or more parties acting independently to secure the business of a third party. For an independent comic book publisher, competition is defined as all media that can appeal to the ideal reader profile. Because readers do not have unlimited time or money,...

Who is the Ideal Reader for Your Comic?  

By gamalhennessyCommunity • May 19, 2020 12

Marketing is a critical skill for independent comic book publishers and Global Comix wants to make sure you have the tools and information you need to connect with your readers. Today I want to explore the concept of the ideal reader and how it can help you sell more comics.

An ideal reader is the specific type of person who would enjoy buying and reading your comic. Some writers like Stephen King focus on a specific real-world individual, like his wife. Others use a theoretical profile. This post will focus more on the hypothetical idea since all of us aren’t fortunate enough to marry our ideal reader.

Are You the Ideal Reader for Your Comic?

If you are a person who loves comics, and...

Announcement: Gamal Hennessy joins GlobalComix as VP of Content

By ChristopherHeadquarters • May 6, 2020 7

Today we have the pleasure to announce and welcome Gamal Hennessy to the GlobalComix team as Vice President of Content. He is established as a trusted leader both in legal representation and publishing, bringing with him the gravity of two decades of experience in the comics industry.

At a time when the comics industry is changing faster than ever, we are very excited to join forces with a veteran who has worked towards both professional and indie creator and publisher success for decades. We are confident that he will help us make this platform meet the needs of our community with utmost dedication to the art and culture of comics while working to develop our creator and publisher...

Announcing Creator Pro - GlobalComix For Professionals

By ChristopherHeadquarters • Feb 11, 2020 3

Our mission at GlobalComix is to create the best possible publishing service for comic creators to bring their work to a global audience. At first, our platform brought comics reading to all devices and let creators connect and engage with their fans. We then added tools that made the comic uploading and publishing faster and helped readers discover even more great content. Now, it’s time to take things further.

Today, together with 215 Ink and our professional creators, we’re extremely proud to announce GlobalComix Creator Pro, a service that helps publishers and professionals maximize their digital publishing revenues.

Creator Pro - What’s in the box?

Starting at...

Announcing Monetized Comics Publishing Beta

By ChristopherHeadquarters • Feb 28, 2018 15

In August last year, we opened our doors to the public for the first time to let creators begin publishing their work and testing out the platform. Since then, we’ve been working with a small group of early adopters to gather feedback. We’ve been rebuilding and constantly improving many of our features in preparation for launching GlobalComix to a bigger audience.

We have a deep respect for artists and their work, and we want to make sure we can create a path to financial success for creators. So today we are introducing the next big feature for our platform; Paid Comics Publishing. Whether you are an independent comic creator, a team, or an established publisher, you can...

GlobalComix is now in public beta!

By ChristopherHeadquarters • Aug 4, 2017 6

After more than 3 years of hard work and dedication, we are excited to open up the doors to our brand new comics platform, GlobalComix. We believe it represents the first steps in changing the course of digital comics publishing.

Books, music and videos have found ways to leverage the potential of the Internet, while comics remain largely sold and distributed through what are essentially online and proprietary book stores. We are here to change that. By making global digital comics publishing as easy-to-use and accessible as possible, and providing artists and publishers the tools they need to reach out directly to an audience, we hope to usher in a new era of comic publishing online.


Beta signups are now open

By ChristopherHeadquarters • Aug 25, 2015 0
We are proud to announce the opening of GlobalComix beta signups. For the past two years we have been working hard with one goal in mind: to create a platform for people to read and publish comics. But more than anything we’re creating a worldwide community where creators can share, get inspired and connect with fans and contributors around the globe - and where readers can have the best possible comic reading experience.
Here are some of the things you can expect when we launch:

Comic Creator Tools and Interactive Reading Experience
We have created a custom browser-based tool that lets you augment the reading experience of your comics (try reading experience prototype). It will let you...