Comic Publishing Education & HowTos

One of the missions of GlobalComix is to reduce some of the confusion and mystery surrounding the business of comic book publishing.

We try to use educational blogs and webinars to share information creators and publishers at every level can use to improve their business practices.

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This is the most recent list of all of our informational materials, broken down by subject. If there is a topic you’d like us to cover, please let us know in the comments or contact me at


Every step of the process from planning to successfully funding your comic book crowdfunding campaign.


Learn ways to bring on investors, and when it's right to commit your own money to your venture.


Tips and tricks for identifying your ideal reader, target market, factors that can limit growth and more.


Discover the methods to monetize your comics to ensure you have the capital for future creations.


Utilize tools to effectively grow your creative team, manage its members and streamline workflow.


Find out how much it costs to publish a comic and how you can optimize your budget to keep costs down.