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Build an international audience

Use our powerful content platform and tools to publish, monetize, and share your digital comics in various languages and formats.

Monetize in multiple ways

Earn up to 75% of what Global Comix readers spend on your paid content. You can also accept one time and monthly donations from fans and get payouts directly to your bank (U.S. only) or PayPal account.

Understand your readers

Get insights on page reads, acquisition sources, end-to-end customer journeys, and more. Our detailed analytics dashboards also integrate seamlessly with Google Analytics, so you’ll be able to understand what resonates most, and make data-driven decisions about where and how you post, share, and advertise.

Build and engage with your communities

Customize promo codes to connect to new readers or reward your most loyal fans. Engage them with dedicated discussion forums, crowdfunding integrations, subscriptions, email notifications, and linked social accounts.

Schedule your posts

Whether you’re going on vacation or giving yourself more runway time, our platform lets you schedule posts so you can release content more consistently. Just set it and forget it.

Upload content quickly and easily

JPG, PNG, PDF, TIFF. Global Comix auto-formats any and all combinations of files in simple batch uploads. You can even upload entire zip files and rest easy knowing that our platform will keep all your pages consistent and clean.

Customize the reading experience

Take visual storytelling a step further with our interactive frames editor, which lets you control exactly how your panels and pages flow together. You can also easily create emphasis on objects within a panel for a richer reading experience.

Expand your audience, country by country

Speak to a global audience with our platform’s multiple language configuration. All you need is your translated content. From there, our interactive editor makes it easy to publish a mobile friendly comic that talks like a babelfish.

215 Ink

“GlobalComix puts the power back in the publisher's hands. I've never seen a more approachable, flexible platform, and we're honored to have our books featured there. It's become our primary digital focus.”

Michael Perkins, Managing Editor of 215 Ink

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