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Frequently Asked Questions

Publishing Comics

This section is aimed at creators and publishers who are looking to use GlobalComix to publish and distribute their work.

General Information
Can anyone upload and publish comics?
Do I keep the rights to my work when uploading to GlobalComix?
Can I publish any comic I find on the internet?
Do I need a specific image size or file format to publish my comics?
Does GlobalComix require me to publish here exclusively?
My specific language or category type is missing. What do I do?
Is any type of comic allowed? What about nudity?
Interactive Reading Mode
What is the Interactive Reading Mode?
Why should I set up the Interactive Reading Mode?
How can I enable the Interactive Reading Mode on my comic?
My panels are not regular shapes. Will this work for me?
Availability & Access Control
Who can access and read my comics?
I only have the rights to distribute my comic in [geographic_region], what now?
How do I require payment for people to read my comics?
Can I give away free promotional access codes?
What criteria can I set for my promotional codes?
Getting Paid
How do I earn money on my comics?
How big % cut does GlobalComix take from paid access?
How do I get payouts transferred to me?
What is the payout fee?
What is the difference between pending and confirmed income?
Paypal is not available in my country. Can you pay me using [other_service] instead?
Reading Comics

This section is aimed at readers who are looking to read and enjoy comics.

General Information
Do I have to pay to create an account on GlobalComix?
Does GlobalComix create all the comics I can read?
Do I need a specific App to read Comics?
Can I donate money to a specific creator I like?
Alerts and Notifications
Can I get alerted when my favorite creators publish new releases?
Can I control what I get email alerts about?
Do creators get notified when I follow them on GlobalComix?
Payments & Reading Credits
How are the credits used?
What happens if I already paid for a page?
Are all comics paid?
What if I get charged for blank page or something?