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About GlobalComix

GlobalComix is a free digital reading and distribution platform that helps creators and publishers share and sell their comics, license them globally, and understand their readers on a deeper level.

Our Mission

We believe that amazing comics should be accessible, no matter where they’re made, what language they’re in, or how they’ve been formatted. As comics fans who have a deep appreciation for the craft, we understand that the business of making comics can sometimes feel like feast or famine and that other times it can feel like shooting in the dark.

We set out to create a dynamic platform that could help readers understand the value of artistic labor and help creators earn cash in more consistent and flexible ways. Most importantly, we wanted to promote cross-cultural exchange and help comics fans and makers connect with each other in deeper, more insightful ways.

How are we different?


We accommodate full, traditional comics pages and long scroll, and let all creators customize panel to panel—even object to object—interactive reading experiences. There are no hoops to jump through in regards to formatting, and creators have full control over the flow and pace of their story.


We are the only comics reading and publishing platform that gives you marketing insights and analytics. You can see where your readers are coming from, what pages they react to the most, and where they tend to drop off, all to inform any future decisions on where and when you post, share, and advertise, and what kinds of new content to create.


We are also the only comics platform that enables collaboration with other users, so whether you’re a two-person team or a big publisher, you can work together more efficiently and effectively.


And finally, we are the only comics-first platform that helps you monetize in multiple ways. You can earn up to 75% of page credits spent on paid content, and accept one time and recurring donations of any amount above $5.

Our team

Currently, we are a small and mighty team of four, with Chris Carter as CEO, Gamal Hennessy as General Counsel and VP of Content, Eric Tapper as Director of Business Development, and Alessio Deiana as Principal, Dev & Tech Ops. Camilla Zhang is consulting for us in the area of Audience Development.

Christopher Carter

CEO / Founder

Christopher has worked with fan and creator communities for 20 years at companies like, Blizzard Entertainment, Shapeways, and ESC Games. He, Alessio Deiana, and Taylor Matthews built MangaHelpers, turning a forum of fans into a manga translation engine and online reading platform. At Shapeways, he helped pioneer a program that let creators sell 3D printed branded products and automatically pay licensing fees and royalties. Originally from Norway, he cut his teeth on Donald Duck & Duck Tales comics, Asterix, and Tintin, and later expanded to American comics through Spawn. He was introduced to manga through the internet and has been an avid fan of digital comics ever since. Of his favorites are Death Note, Dr Stone, One Piece, and One Punch Man.

Gamal Hennessy

Vice President of Content

Gamal is an experienced entertainment transactions attorney with an expertise in comic book publishing and IP licensing. He began his career as the general counsel for the anime and manga company Central Park Media before moving to Marvel Comics to become their International Publishing Manager. After Marvel, he set up Creative Contract Consulting to help independent creators and publishers protect their rights and maximize their business models. He is currently finishing a book entitled The Business of Independent Comic Book Publishing which is scheduled for release in the fall of 2020.

Eric Tapper

Director of Business Development

Eric is a business development professional by day, and multiple-slash artist (singer-songwriter/composer/guitarist), also by day. An internationally touring artist and composer for the past 10 years, he has collaborated with musicians from Juilliard, and has performed on campus and at iHeart Radio events. He was introduced to community-based digital platforms through ESC Games, where he first connected with Christopher Carter. Together, they launched ESC’s pro sports product GameDay. Prior experience includes work with social justice nonprofits, education, and freelance consulting. All his pursuits are driven by a sense of curiosity, ethical community creation, and a lighthearted approach to the nitty-gritty that keeps the ship cruisin’.

Alessio Deiana

Principal, Dev & Tech Ops

Alessio is a computer science engineer with a degree from EPITA, Paris. His first gig was at an European online gaming startup that eventually moved to San Francisco. Since then he has worked for telecommunication companies and CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) on both server administration and software development with a focus on refactoring big projects. An early adopter of virtualization and container service orchestration, he sees the value of thorough automated testing, code checking and repeatable deployment environments. He is a fan of the animated film “5 Centimeters per Second".

Camilla Zhang

Director of Audience Development

Camilla is a New York City native and a comics and prose writer with an editorial and legal background. She has worked for Marvel Entertainment, DC Comics, and Squarespace. Most recently, she was Kickstarter’s Comics Outreach Lead, serving as an educator, advisor, advocate and curator for the comics community on the platform. Her writing has been published by Top Cow, School Library Journal, The Mary Sue, Crossed Genres, Reading with Pictures and Columbia's RE Magazine. Nearly everything she does is driven by the desire to make the world a more empathetic and compassionate place.