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Crowdfunding Your Comic: Before, During, and After the Campaign

By KevinCommunity • Apr 9, 2021 0

In this panel, star creators and industry pros discuss the ins and outs of crowdfunding a comic.

● Adam Lawson is the writer of The Kill Journal and The Eighth from Failed Superheroes Club. He is also the creator of the TT RPG Asunder, and writer/director of Escape the Night, Sagas of Sundry, & Spell Slingers.

● Honor Vincent is the multitalented writer and creator of Andraste, and writes for a variety of platforms as well.

● Rylend Grant is the Ringo Award-winning creator of comics like Aberrant, Banjax, The Jump, and The Peacekeepers. He’s worked for 15+ years in Hollywood, developing film and television projects - mostly big, poppy action movies -...

How to Finance Your Comic Webinar

By KevinCommunity • Apr 9, 2021 0

Money. In one way or another, you need it to make your comic. And we're here to open up that discussion in more detail with you.

We'll go over the economic realities facing comic makers right now, how to understand the tools and options at your disposal, how you can get others to invest money into your comic, and what the tradeoffs are.

How to Digitally Market Your Comic Webinar #2

By KevinCommunity • Apr 9, 2021 0

GlobalComix presents a Digital Marketing Webinar Part 2, comprehensively covering the basics of what it takes to bring your work to market, specifically geared towards comic and graphic novel creators.

Are you a creator or a publisher? Create your free account on in seconds, and have your uploads ready for your fans in minutes.

Are you a comic enthusiast and reader? Create your free account on to start reading instantly!

April Feature #3: Full Steam Ahead

By KevinFeatured Comics • Apr 8, 2021 0

Happy Thursday! Earlier this week we looked at cyberpunk comics, and this time we turn our attention to five comics that all share another common thread: steampunk. Whether a post-WWII industrial scene dominated by magic, or classic steam-powered contraptions and vehicles, these comics are sure to answer that "What if technology didn't exist in the way it does?" question.

Read on for the comics, and let us know what your favorite steampunk setting is in the comments!

1. Dragon Whisperer, Red 5 Comics, (cc/ @joshuastarnes)

Young Rosalinda Eberhardt has an amazing gift, the ability to talk to any animal and understand them. Her gift becomes the key to a global power struggle when she meets the...

April Feature #2: An Unwritten Future

By KevinFeatured Comics • Apr 5, 2021 0

Welcome to April feature #2! Whether near or far into the future, cyberpunk stories are all about lives being altered -- quite literally -- by technology. But there's always more to that story, because beneath the machine there's always a human still in charge.

We've selected five great comics that fall into that genre for you to check out in today's feature. As science fiction author Bruce Sterling says, the future is unwritten -- but these stories have a lot to say about where the world could be headed.

Let us know what you think in the comments, and be sure to share any cyberpunk comics you enjoy!

1. Broken Frontier, A Wave Blue World, (cc/ @tyler)

The Broken Frontier Anthology unites...

April Feature #1: Fools' Gold

By KevinFeatured Comics • Apr 1, 2021 0

Welcome to the first feature for the month of April! You've come to expect the unexpected, to embrace the randomness and zaniness that transpires on April 1st. Rather than play some elaborate prank, I've decided that for today we're not running with a theme. Instead, I've just picked out five comics for you to check out.

There's no fooling around here: they're all fantastic. Read on to check them out, and let us know your favorite in the comments.

This is also a great time to sign up for GlobalComix Gold, as we just kicked off a 50% off your first month promotion.

1. Broken Gargoyles, Source Point Press, (cc/ @TravisM)

In this Dieselpunk post-WWI mini-series, two men come home from the war...

The 45 Comics of March 2021

By KevinFeatured Comics • Mar 31, 2021 0

March was quite the month here on GlobalComix. We welcomed AWA Studios to the platform, hosted an amazing crowdfunding panel with comics and crowdfunding veterans, and joined forces with Comics Experience to help make it easier for the next generation of comics professionals to publish their work.

We also featured 45 fantastic comics of all types, from a selection of AWA's hits, to aliens, to the apocalyptic. There's sure to be at least a few (or maybe 45) that you'll love, so go ahead and check them all out below! Be sure to add them to your favorites if you want to come back to them later. We know it's a lot to ask to binge read 45 in one sitting.

1. Bad Mother, AWA Studios, (cc/ @WillGrav...

March Feature #9: It's the End of the World as We Know It

By KevinFeatured Comics • Mar 29, 2021 0

Welcome to the last feature article for the month of March. This time around we've got an 'end of the world' theme. No matter the setting or outcome, these five comics are sure to have you feeling fine when you're done reading. Check all of them out below, and let us know your favorite apocalyptic stories in the comments!

1. The Resistance: Reborns, AWA Studios, (cc/ @WillGraves)

Stemming from the pages of the hit series, The Resistance, The Resistance: Reborns explores the origins of the newly superpowered humans after a global disaster leaves hundreds of millions dead in its wake, causing a few thousand to suddenly manifest superhuman powers. This special collection explores the origins of...

GlobalComix and Comics Experience Provide a Professional Platform for the Next Generation of Comics

By gamalhennessyPartnerships • Mar 25, 2021 0


New York, March 25, 2021- GlobalComix announced a partnership with Comics Experience to provide a Pro Access digital marketing and distribution platform for Comics Experience’s creators, publishers, and students.

GlobalComix is a digital platform designed to provide comic publishers with an unparalleled ability to publish and monetize their titles, analyzing data from their reader acquisition campaigns, and actively engaging with their fans and community. Comics Experience has provided educational courses, publishing services, and community support for comic creators for more than ten years. Together, the two companies offer a unique opportunity for emerging...

March Feature #8: Mystics and Mayhem, the Manga Edition

By KevinFeatured Comics • Mar 25, 2021 0

Welcome to March feature #8! Today we're taking a look at five great manga stories that range from the mystical, to sheer mayhem and fighting. Read on to check out all of the featured manga, and let us know in the comments if there are any other manga you'd like to see featured!

1. Chika's Forest, MediBang Inc., (cc/ @MediBang)

Chika Ono spent most of her life in the city, but due to her mother being sent overseas for work, she goes to live in the countryside with her father for a year. After finally returning to the place she spent the first few years of her life, she soon realizes she can see the spirits and mystical creatures of the forest.

Story and Art by SHAOYU

2. Kyrie, WagaComix, (cc/...

March Feature #7: Monster Madness

By KevinFeatured Comics • Mar 22, 2021 0

I hope everyone had a great weekend. We're now in the last full week of March; it's kind of crazy how fast the month is flying by. It's time for our latest Monday feature, and this time we're taking a look at comics themed around monsters. We've got monsters of all types, from zombies to demons. Some of these comics have been featured in the past, but I wanted to include them again because of recent releases -- like Year Zero, which is now in volume 2!

Read on for March feature #7, and let us know in the comments if there are any comics (or even themes) you'd like to see featured!

1. The Ascendant, Wayward Raven, (cc/ @WaywardRaven)

After feeling remorse for his misdeeds, an escaped Duke of...

March Feature #6: Thursday Thrillers

By KevinFeatured Comics • Mar 18, 2021 0

Welcome to March Feature #6! Today we've got a sampling of five comics featuring thrilling stories, ranging from the Sasquatch, to an investigator that saves animals but is losing touch with reality. Read on to check out all of them, and let us know in the comments if there are any comics you'd like to see featured!

1. Sasquatch: Klondike, Tardigrade Press, (cc/ @JohnnyCassidy)

Sasquatch: Klondike is a thriller series: one part historical fiction, one part social analysis, two parts lore and legend, and a splash of adrenaline-soaked mindless panic. At the beginning of the Klondike gold rush, a group of impoverished Canadian families blaze new trails through Northern Alberta. Burdened by...

Unanswered Questions on Comic Book Crowdfunding

By gamalhennessyCommunity • Mar 16, 2021 0

Our recent comic book crowdfunding webinar offered a lot of information, insight, and inspiration. The only downside to the evening was the little time we had to cover all of the insightful questions you asked. I’ve collected ten of the most relevant questions here and answered them as a resource for you. We had 99% of attendees request a follow-up, so we will be announcing one shortly so be on the lookout. In the meantime, happy crowdfunding, and wishing you success. Thanks to all the participants who asked questions.

Before we get into it, next Tuesday, March 23rd @ 8pm, panelist Rylend Grant will be taking you behind the curtain of his newest campaign for THE JUMP 1-2. And...

March Feature #5: Biographies in Comic Form

By KevinFeatured Comics • Mar 15, 2021 0

For March Feature #5, we wanted to highlight a handful of biographies that relate to comic books, or their film and TV adaptations. We also get an opportunity to take a peek inside the life of horror master Vincent Price. Whether the luminaries of the silver age, or stars that brought their characters to life, these stories reflect on real people that left their mark. To quote Stan Lee, "I guess one person can make a difference."

Check out all five below, and let us know your favorites in the comments!

1. Orbit, TidalWave Productions, (cc/ @ddavis)

The creators behind the legends of Spider-Man, Superman, Wonder Woman, and more were hardly overnight successes. Read the collected biographies of...

March Feature #4: I'm not saying it was aliens...

By KevinFeatured Comics • Mar 11, 2021 0

It's definitely aliens in March feature #4! Today's selection of comics all include characters that are out of this world; whether cosmic beings, invaders that just want us to like them, or creatures from another planet, these stories have something that'll make you wish they brought a postcard from home.

Check them out below, and let us know if there are any comics you'd like to see featured in the comments!

1. Flying Saucers Vs. the Earth, TidalWave Productions, (cc/ @ddavis)

Check out this special edition which has never before seen images and character designs from the collection. The series was featured in the SONY DVD release of the film. This sequel takes the perspective of the aliens...

March Feature #3: Do the Robot!

By KevinFeatured Comics • Mar 8, 2021 1

Welcome to March feature #3! Today we're taking a look at five great comics that feature robots. We won't dance around the obvious: there's a lot of heavy metal involved in these stories. We have everything ranging from villainous minions, hero bot teams, and a mechanical bouncer. Check them out below, and let us know your favorites in the comments!

1. JETX, Zak!, (cc/ @ccomix)

"The mad roboticist Malicious Fingers is after 6 magical minerals said to have been blasted off the meteorite that wiped out the dinosaurs. Teenage speedster Jet Stream, along with his two friends Katrina McCain and Leon Grey, have fought Malicious to thwart his evil schemes time and again! This is the story of their...

March Feature #2: Ready, Set, Action!

By KevinFeatured Comics • Mar 4, 2021 1

We're only a few days into March, but the action is heating up! For this feature we're focusing on action comics, and we have a selection of five that range from the classic superhero story to a nerve-racking thriller. Check them all out below!

1. INTERTWINED, FairSquare Comics, (cc/ @FairSquareComics)

A murder. A mysterious league of protectors operating in the shadows. A legacy to protect. A city to save from filth, corruption and gangs. A girl who has to pose as a man to protect herself and her heritage. A young Kung Fu student lost in a concrete jungle he never chose to… Welcome to the world of Intertwined. It’s 1971 and for Juan Jin, life is about to become hell!

Story and...

The Crowdfunding Webinar Wrap Up

By gamalhennessyCommunity • Mar 2, 2021 0

This Thursday evening, GlobalComix is hosting a crowdfunding webinar with Kickstarter superstars Adam Lawson, Honor Vincent, Rylend Grant, and Oriana Leckert. You can use this link to register, but if you want to prep for the event, check out these four posts I put together over the past month.

Why Should You Consider Crowdfunding Your Comic?

What Are the Elements of a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign?

How Do You Prepare for a Crowdfunding Campaign?

How Do You Manage Your Comics Crowdfunding Campaign?

Our panel of experts will share their experiences, suggest best practices, and answer your questions. Until then, have fun with your comic.


March Feature #1: AWA Studios on GlobalComix

By KevinFeatured Comics • Mar 2, 2021 0

We're very excited to have AWA Studios join our growing digital library of incredible stories. If you haven't had a chance to check out the announcement yet, head over and take a look. For this feature, we wanted to share some of the great series AWA are bringing to GlobalComix. Check them out below!

1. Bad Mother, AWA Studios, (cc/ @WillGraves)

A nerve-racking thriller from crime writer Christa Faust and blockbuster artist Mike Deodato Jr. (The Resistance, Infinity Wars). April Walters is a hit-and-run victim of life – a middle-aged soccer mom whose inner fire has been snuffed out by her dreary suburban existence. When her teenaged daughter goes missing under mysterious...

AWA Studios + GlobalComix = Better Together

By ChristopherPartnerships • Mar 1, 2021 0

From the beginning, the goal of GlobalComix has been working to make amazing comics accessible to everyone, no matter where they’re made, what language they’re in, or how they’ve been formatted. As comics fans who have a deep appreciation for the craft, we understand that the business of making comics can sometimes feel like feast or famine and that other times it can feel like shooting in the dark.

That’s one of the many reasons we partner with publishers like AWA Studios. They have a creative business owned and operated by creators. Their goal is to build a network of graphic fiction that cooperates with each other to better service their readership, make a...