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Bug Reporting

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How to report bugs
using the post option on the main creator page causes a weird glitch
Release manager says page is missing frames, but it has one
List of forums
The update button when you're editing a post sometimes disappears when the post window extends too far downwards.
Free to read always?
"Edit" button label is not black like the other buttons below page thumb
Reading List, Notifications, Conversations buttons not functional on forum post pages
Page Settings page of unsaved release is unformatted, image gets lost
Browsing my comic in a mobile web browser is awkward
Pages not uploaded.
Bryan S Follins
"Browse Comics" lead to nothing.
Comic "release" number does not decrease after deleting a webcomic release
This site doesn't work on Safari
The image is broken in "Editor" Part 2
Missing notifications for new comments on comic releases
Code page when clicking "Post Reply" in forum
"Shift" key bug
Difficulties while uploading pages
Can't upload pages