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Graphic Novel - Action

In 1945, a World War II Bioweapon almost wiped out humanity, and was forced to relocate to a new planet. In 2020, an average loser by the name of Hanato "Chocoleta" Jonovich gets the chance to achieve her biggest dreams...

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My Pet Succubus

Comic - Slice of Life

A very qualified witch summons a very unqualified succubus. Giselle, a naïve young succubus is summoned by Natasha, a very sexy witch. Join them on their Freudian slips as they awkward their way through relationships and misadventures.

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Airship Enterprise

Comic - Sci-Fi

Brian Denham, the creator of Steam Queens; artist of Ironman: Hypervelocity, the X-Files and Green Hornet comics; and regular mainstay of the Victorian Secret specials, treks into undiscovered steampunk country with Airship Enterprise! Captain Janus Tibbs and her intrepid airship crew are assigned to investigate a distress call from a research vessel. Upon reaching their destination, they...

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Powers Squared

Comic - Fantasy

Marty and Eli Powers are college-aged twins who discover that they've shared super powers since they were young. They find themselves the target of Dr. Atlas, a scientist who wants to use the Viribus compound in their blood to create an army of super soldiers. The twins' only ally is Mocha, the human form of the kitsune who granted them their powers.

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Canada Jack

Comic - Action

Canada Jack! Defender of the Great White North! He wakes up in the morning and pisses excellence! Follow the adventures of this narcissistic maniac as he defends Canada from all threats foreign and domestic!

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Comic - Horror

A tale of mystery / terror with a female protagonist.

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10th Muse

Graphic Novel - Fantasy

Greek mythology has documented the nine Muses, the inspirational daughters of the almighty god Zeus. But history forgot one—the 10th Muse. Emma Sonnet mysteriously disappeared five years ago during a summer trip to Greece celebrating her graduation from law school. Yesterday, she resurfaced just as mysteriously as the newly appointed District Attorney, with a unique take on the law. Battling...

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Nightmare Soul

Comic - Romance

Cho's whole world was dying. He was dying. Gabriel's soul had been missing pieces for eight years, so why is everything bad happening now? Can Cho save him before this nightmare consumes everything she loves?

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Manga - Thriller

Suffering from insomnia, Young, depressed, Dr. Aric Bleak, is a world-famous animal rescuer and investigator living in New York City. Seen by some as an animal-saving superhero but seen by others as a pesky vigilante punishing “alleged” animal abusers. Fed up with a corrupted society that exploits innocent beings and hides it from the public he gradually grows disconnected from reality

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The Surgeon

Comic - Adventure

Set about 15 years after the world fell apart, a nomadic physician struggles to survive in a savage frontier of the poor and powerless, trying to balance her calling as a healer with the necessity of killing for survival. As a consequence, maybe she's become more skilled with her saber than she is with a scalpel, and she's trying to get out from under that reputation.

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re: I can't see where I set my comic to be paid?

We do not have advertisements on GlobalComix at this time, and will not be adding banner ads anytime soon. We fundamentally believe they are way too intrusive for the reader in the default internet form.

If and when we add advertising revenue, it will be native advertising on our platform that does not intrude on the reading experience, expose our...

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re: Who put free in his webcomic not receive nothing anymore?

Ads have never been an option on GlobalComix, ever. I'm confused about this question :(

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re: Missing frames problem


Oh I see - I looked at your comic, it appears to be set as a vertical-scroll layout.

Page frames are not supported on vertical scroll layout comics, so I've fixed the display being incorrectly showing for you. If you want to enable interactive reading, change your comic page layout to traditional in your comic's advanced settings, then there...

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re: Missing frames problem

@hockeywebcomics @je-t

Missing frames mean that interactive reading mode has not been set up for a traditional layout comic and are the frames that lets the user read on a panel-by-panel basis.

Heres an example (make interactive reading on, if it's disabled):

You can set this up...

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re: White screen

@crona is this still a problem?

Christopher replied in Bug Reporting 3 months ago

re: Billing from Stripe?

Hi there,

Thanks for reporting that. Please ignore those emails - that appears to be a task that failed and got stuck (on repeat).  I've fixed this email issue - your settings and account are actually perfectly in order - there's nothing you need to do at this time.

I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and confusion - I certainly...

Christopher replied in Bug Reporting 4 months ago

re: White screen

Oh no! Let's try to fix this!

Can you give me a bit more details?

What page/url are you on? What comic?

What is your browser version and device type?



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@PCMLucif3r haha somehow I find your posts strangely mentally soothing =D
Christopher commented in the blog 10 months ago
@chanYE @Mr-Toontastic thanks! we're planning to continue this type of posts moving forward. We're also actually putting together some webinar education around much of this too. Something ya'll be interested in looking at?
Christopher commented in the blog 1 year ago
Special thanks to @Cavechan @CronaJ @BobbyjoeX @smbhax for the many bug fix reports, suggestions, and feedback that's gone into making GlobalComix better for everyone!
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Demo Comic Feedback!
Ok folks, come give us all the feedback you want! :D
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GC Release Notes - 2019-10-09
Hello everyone,

Today we're happy to announce the first set of big changes to GC since we launched. The majority of these are feature requests by the community, so thank you everyone for being super helpful and providing feedback in Discord.

Here's the list of changes:

* Breadcrumb and tab navigation for creators...
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@chanYE it’s a beta product available to everyone to use!
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Cool -- going to let some more folks give thoughts and feedback re ^ forum thread. I've solicited feedback from our Discord chat :)
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Join us for our AMA with Reddit's /r/Comics on Tuesday March 13th
Hey all,

I wanted to give a heads up that we will be fielding an AMA with the /r/Comics subreddit on Tuesday, March 13th, at 11am EST.

Come one, come all, and help spread the word! We'd love to get some great questions, thoughts and feedback from the greater comics community!

Link to AMA Announcement

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@rodluper I see your comic in your profile, but you haven't published any releases yet. Visit your comics admin, click into your release, and click "publish release". This makes it available to everyone :)
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It's taken a while to get here, but... oh boy are we excited to have launched this :D
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GlobalComix Discord Live Chat
Hi all,

We'd like to invite everyone to join us in our official discord chat for realtime chat. With this we hope to create a closely knit community, as well as be able to converse and help answer questions in realtime :)

Here's the invitation link:

We're looking forward to seeing you all...
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Happy New Year 2018 everyone!
Hey all,

I just wanted to pop in quickly and wish everyone a happy new year! We hope everyone has had just as good a 2017 as we have.

Here at GC, 2017 has meant many things.

Most importantly, the first beta launch of our platform, allowing all you guys to come onto the website and test the service out. But we've not...
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Comics, parody, and art at

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Aikonia is an on-going fantasy adventure webcomic filled with magic! Support us on Patreon:

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Ranf Payl

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I'm a multi-cellular eukaryote making a thing about the Coronavirus. 'Cause why not.

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Merry Fox Comics

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Kenneth Larsen

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Welcome to the Official GlobalComix Heldesk
Welcome to the official help-desk forum for GlobalComix.

If you have any questions regarding GlobalComix, Comics Publishing, how to use our service, or even just wondering about how digital comics work, this is the place to ask your questions. Between GlobalComix staff and the wider community we're sure to be able to...
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Guidelines for Posting Suggestions
Hi friends!

In this forum you can feel free to share any changes, features, or updates that you'd like to see with the website or the comic tools. This is the place to help us make the GlobalComix experience more enjoyable.

For issues or bug reports with the existing website, please post in the Bug Reporting Forum.

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How to report bugs
Hello friends!In this forum you can feel free to share any specific issues you're facing with the website, your comics, the editor, or your overall experience. This is the place to help us hunt down bugs so we can squash them together!! If applicable, please provide us with your operating system and browser info such...
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Forum Rules and Guidelines
Welcome! The GlobalComix community is inclusive of everyone, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, creed, ethnicity etc. This is a growing global platform so people may have different views on what constitutes acceptable language. This list should help you get a sense of what we think is an acceptable way to...