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Space Comic

Comic - Sci-Fi

Two astronauts on their journey for an unknown goal.

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The Light Princess

Comic - Fantasy

A princess cursed with weightlessness finds rescue and redemption in the love and sacrifice of a prince.

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Inspired illustrator and comic book artist that is passionate about creating stories and share them with others.

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re: Comic Prompts (Share your thoughts with Art)

Unfortunately, I don't have time to draw out a response but I don't mind answering in list form like MK-Wizard! ^^;

1. My first comics were probably the newspaper comics. I loved reading those as a kid. Don't do so anymore since I don't get a newspaper anymore. My first manga was probably Sailor Moon. I loved that comic!

2. I'm all about the manga....

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re: Introduce Your Comic and You!

Welcome new people! :D

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True Power: MS2

Manga - Slice of Life

The sequel to True Power! Michel will one day become the King of Erkonia, but first he has to grow up a bit and what better place to do so than on Earth? Awkward moments, fun friends, rivals, and fanservice await!

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Legends of the West

Manga - Adventure

Summer of 1849, Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer reunite after three years for their last greatest adventure; going to California. An incredible journey that would change their lives forever. A story of love, hate, and friendship.

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Galactc Potato

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I draw things, idk

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Trip Across the Multiverse

Comic - Sci-Fi

Young man (cat?) Trip Freeman has always wanted to be part of the rangers, an organization in charge of regulating travel and deals across parallel universes. Will Trip ever see his dreams come true?

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Hello! I'm starknight. Nice to meet you :)

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Graphic Novel - Crime

A young and ambitious baker loses her cafe in a disastrous fire, but sees none of the insurance payout. In a desperate attempt to get her life back on track, she turns to smuggling illegal goods through her cake deliveries for fast, but dangerous cash.

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Crona J.

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Hi! I'm Crona. I'm an artist and writer with a multimedia arts degree. For now, I'm going to let my imagination take me places. __________ ¡Hola! Me llamo Crona. Estoy una artista y escritora con un grado en artes multimedia. Por ahora, permitiré mi imaginación llévame a lugares.

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Manga - Adventure

(READ LEFT TO RIGHT) "Why keep the pigs behind a fence?" "Why do you think, Jae?" Are you the pig, or are you the fence? In a small and ancient kingdom, a new leader arises. But with a new leader, means a new ring of followers-- and not all people wish to follow.

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re: Introduce Your Comic and You!

@yayaoyuyingstudio Just read the first chapter of JingKu and it was so good! I hope you post it here too!

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Celestial Chronicle Shion

Manga - Sci-Fi

The crew of the Shion is fighting against draconic aliens, but what are these symbols they find? These sounds they hear? There's a bigger mystery that needs to be solved before the war can end.

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re: What does "ultimate success" mean to you?

I mentioned this in the discord chat, but for me personally, I would like to quit my day job so I can draw comics 100%. At least I know I will be able to eventually... after I retire, but I would kind of like to start doing it sooner than that. :)

That's just the ultimate success though. Before that there are many small successes for me... such as...

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Blood Stained Snow

Manga - Action

Blood Stained Snow takes place in a world ruled by dragons. Only a few chosen humans are allowed to act as the dragon’s judges and death men. Feared for their madness and brutality – they are called Dragoons.

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re: Lots of Various Questions

For sure! That's why I am adding in the panels as I upload. I actually use desktop almost 100% for comic viewing, so full page is personally better for me. Of course, not everyone is going to have the same preference, so I'm adding them in for those people. Gotta consider how the readers may feel and that trumps how I do.

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re: Introduce Your Comic and You!

@AhkwardKat Wow, thank you! :D I love your style as well. Your artwork is seriously amazing! I just started reading and following it. 

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Naor: Murder of an Island

Manga - Fantasy

A fantasy-based murder mystery: a small kiwi-like bird named "Koko" sets out to get revenge after his human teacher is murdered. Koko also has to deal with spirits and outsiders causing trouble all over the island.

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re: What Language do you speak?

Just English and intermediate Japanese (was able to pass JLPT N3). Not enough to translate my comic. :(

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re: Lots of Various Questions

There should have been a notification on-site for it. I haven't enabled email alerts for that just yet while we figure out if that would be too spammy. We're also, in the longer term, looking at having a frequency setting for email alerts that would choose between "as it happens, daily, weekly, etc". This might be a good thing to...

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Lots of Various Questions
When viewing comics, there's currently zoom out, zoom in, and full screen options. What about options for view actual size and fit to height?

I'm sure this will come up eventually as it always does, what about mature content? Will there be a tag, warning, etc for comics with mature content? What will GC consider as...
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re: Some thoughts on how to best use GlobalComix during the startup phase.

I actually just posted it in the intro thread! But here it is again: Celestial Chronicle Shion

I saw your comic preview there too. Your style looks really cool. :D

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re: Introduce Your Comic and You!

Hi! My name is Cave. I found GC from a Facebook group I follow called Webcomic Underdogs and decided to check it out!

The comic I'm creating is Celestial Chronicle Shion - LINK!

CCShion takes place 340 years in the future during a space war between humans and aliens, but there's an occult twist, a bit of a mystery going on that the...