October Features: Halloween #6 - For Science!

AhkwardKat Featured Comics • Oct 22, 2020

After those mental jitters earlier this week, it's time to have some fun. For Science! is a list of comics all about the tech, the scientists, the science fiction lovers out there! Grab your lab coats and take some notes while reading these comics. Some involve heroes, some spiral out of control, be prepared for a great scientific discovery in these pages!

Check out these 5 excellent titles and consider sharing them to spread the love and support your favorite creators.

1. Project Prince, Settha, (cc/ @Settha)

Dr. Isara is more than meets the eye, don't take her small size and young age for being ignorant. Dr. Isara mixes technology with the occult and magic to fight demons. Be careful though! They seem up to something once they get their hands on an angel after a fight goes wrong. Mixing magic and science, this is a great read for both genres!

Story and Art by Settha

2. The World of M, George Vega Art, (cc/ @Georgevegaart)

-Former- Captain Jack Mast and his partner Walter Tank run into a little girl who has escaped from the Silk King. After saving her from a pack of robot guards, the decide to go back and help her save her mother who can weave magic fabrics. The leader of this guard is in their way and seems to have their own agenda, but things go wrong and now everyone's on the run! Where to go and what to do?! Find out in this fun, magical, steampunk adventure!

Written by Juan Pablo Osorio and George Vega
Pencils and Inks by George Vega
Colors by Dennis Lehmann
Letters by Franco Villa

3. Celestial Chronicle Shion, Cave Comics and Art, (cc/ @Cavechan)

Space is near-infinite and dangers abound! The Draconian Orcusians are aiming to take over and Earth, after many years is finally fighting back. The crew of the ship "Shion" is fighting back, but it's not easy saving the Earth. The Orcusians always seem to have the upper hand, what can the Shion do to get the upper hand. Her crew is tough and nails and never gives up, join them in this cosmic mystery to save the Earth (and more) and read on with us!

Story and Art by Caves Comics Art

4. JetX , Zak! , (cc/ @ccomix)

Jet, a superfast superteen, and his best friends Katrina McCain and Leon Grey spend their time fight Malicious Fingers, a no-good scientist always out to cause trouble. Now he's looking for 6 crystals that have the potential to help him take over the world, or worse?! What could be worse? Maybe having a robot with all your abilites! This Malicious might have good ideas after all. Join us rooting for Jet and his friends, read on in JETX!

Story and Art by Zak!

5. Monday's Forecast for Hareyakana Shi, ChopSuey, (cc/ @chopsuey)

Morena shouldn't exist, but she sure does... in her own special alien way. She's a HUGE fan of Earth, wait no, Earth's BIGGEST fan and can't stop imagining her life there. She also loves anime and watches all she can. Her family does their best to keep her safe, but once discovered she has to flee for her life to Earth. Landing in Japan, life is about to get interesting for her and her three new REAL Earthling friends! Enjoy this cute quirkly alien and her adventure to freedom!

Art and Story by ChopSuey

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-Team GC

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