October Features: Halloween #3 - The Divine and the Damned

AhkwardKat Featured Comics • Oct 13, 2020

New week, new lists! We’ve got some bloody good features for you today! The forces of good and evil are being featured this week in our first list of the week: The Divine and the Damned. This time of year is more than just Halloween, it is a time for connecting to ancestors, paying tributes to gods for bountiful harvest and asking for an easy winter. The heavenly and the hellish have something to say about that!

Check out these 5 divine titles, and don't forget to follow the creators and share their work out to your corner of the world.

1. Archangel 8 , AWA Studios

While Heaven, the seven Archangels and Hell wage wars to over all the souls of mankind, mysterious Archangel 8 has his own agenda with his own rules. The action packed story with a dark and gritty graphic style will keep you reading; and no waiting required, it’s a completed series!

Written by Michael Moreci
Illustrated by C.P. Smith
Colored by Snakebite Cortez
Lettered by Sal Cipriano
Cover Jeff Dekal 

2. Horseman, Wayward Raven

The Four Horsemen, known for their destruction and devastating abilities star in this one, with a twist. These Horsemen travel between time and space on cybernetic steeds, not merely limited to Earth. A Fun sci-fi twist on an ancient myth in a classic good vs evil!

Written and Illustrated by many wonderful people - read on to find out!

3. Shamurai: The False Ronin, Repair Bay Productions

Why be good when you can be bad? Money doesn’t grow on trees and this team of tricksters pretend to be heroes, saving villagers… For a fee of course! This quirky art style and cheeky humor plays well into the trickster atmosphere, let’s hope they don’t run into any REAL demons. Would they be able to be honorable men (and woman) they pretend to be? Read on and find out!

Story and Art by Frank Ogrodowski

4. The Dark Side of Seoul, Story Trove Comics

Good and evil spirits lurk in every corner of the globe, Korea hosts numerous ghosts, ghouls and other baddies. This comic anthology features stories of evil and the humans who face them, live with them and fear them. A collection of Korean Lore with a twist at the last minute was a mysterious read, indeed!

Written by Shawn Morrissey
Illustrated by Tom Bauer
Edited by Marc Pritchard

5. Turncoat, Tpub

Duke sucks at assassinating superheroes, he struggles even more with his Ex-wife stealing his hits. Now he finds others are sabotaging him and he finally has enough, can he be the ultimate assassin when the biggest hit of all time comes up for grabs? A funny reversal of the good versus evil trope, we think you’ll enjoy this one!

Written by Ryan O’Sullivan
Art by Plaid Klaus
Edited by Neil Gibson

We're keeping tabs on all of our October features in a reading list. Check it out here.

Did you really love one of these titles? Have any suggestions for future features? Let us know with a comment below!

-Team GC 

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