October Features: Halloween #2 - Not-So-Scary Strange Stories of Strange People

AhkwardKat Featured Comics • Oct 8, 2020

We couldn’t hold off. Today we want to highlight some titles in a group we affectionately call Not-So-Scary Strange Stories of Strange People.Check out these 5 excellent titles to get in the spirit of All-Hallows Eve, and don't forget to follow the creators and share their work out to your corner of the world.

1. Cthulu is Hard to Spell, Wannabe Press

Halloween and Lovecraft go hand in hand. Not your typical Lovecraft series, it alters between humorous stories of monsters’ ordinary lives and more serious & strange tales. A multi-team project, lots of love and hard work was put into it and we think you’ll love this truly great series.

Written and Illustrated by many wonderful people - read on to find out!

2. Dr. Herbert West & Astounding Tales of Medical Malpractice, Arcana Comics

Dr. Herbert West, both a local town doctor is extraordinary and young boy with a habit for experimenting. One experiment goes too far and we get a fun and charming story of mad science, hungry zombies and… sugary cakes? How long before the zombies run out of cakes and start eating them?!

Written by Bruce Brown
Art by Thomas Boatwright
Letters by Erik Hendrix
Edited by Dwight L. Machpherson
Chapter art by Madeline Milden
Chapter colors by Franceso Segala

3. Frank, Broken Icon Comics

Frank is a wicked funny new perspective of the undead, from the undead’s ghost! Frank and his glorious undead self wander around the decaying world around them. While Frank tries to figure out why he can’t pass on, he learns to work with his undead self to find some fun and adventure. A fresh take on zombie-dom.

Written by Eric Watkins
Art by Todd Beistel
Lettering by Justin Birch

4. Nightmare Unknown, Broken Icon Comics

An Anthology series, Nightmare Unknown leads you through various stories of the strange, horrific, science fiction, and bizzare. Our first story follows Lou, a man who has lived for a VERY long time, but only remembers flashbacks of various moments. He’s sought out by some to ask for life’s secrets, while others want to see what makes him tick.

Written by James Maddox
Illustrated by Rob Dumo
Toned by Rob Dumo and Vladimir Popov
Lettered by Justin Birch

5. Howard Lovecraft and the Kingdom of Madness, Arcana Comics

Young Howard Lovecraft seeks to save his father’s life after he’s attacked by aliens. After a shaky flight to a secret base in Antarctica, things get a little wild and frozen as the chase is on for answers! Together, Howard, Spot, and Constable Smith are on the case!

Written by Bruce Brown
Art by Thomas Boatwright
Lettered by E.T. Dollman
Edited by Dwight Macpherson and Erik Hendrix

Want the full uninterrupted list from this post? Check out the reading list here.

Did you really love one of these titles? Have any suggestions for future features? Let us know with a comment below!

-Team GC 

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