October Features: Halloween #4- Brave Heroes and Good Deeds

AhkwardKat Featured Comics • Oct 15, 2020

Alright! We’ve survived half of the spooky season so far, can you believe it? We’ve got some fantastic feats this Thursday to get us in the good spirit of the coming weekend. Heroes of all shapes and sizes make our worlds better places to live. With all that evil, doom and gloom, out there this month, let's all take a breather from the baddies and enjoy: Brave Heroes and Good Deeds!

Check out these 5 excellent titles to get us relaxed and some good feels goin’ around, and don't forget to follow the creators and share their work out to your corner of the world.

1. UltraDuck, ArcanaComics (@SeanArcana)

Carlos relates to us all, boring jobs, boring life, relationships struggles… Though having mysterious machinery absorbed into your skin and being given super powers, yeah we can’t relate to that. Out on a date, the diner gets attacked by an evil geek-turned-fire-chicken and now he has to save the day! However he better watch his back, that machinery wasn’t meant for him and those who want it are coming to claim it! A thrilling read with heroically well-done art to match! Enjoy Ultraduck!

Written and Colors by Edgar Delgado
Illustrated by Omar Lozano
Additional (1-3) art by Humberto Ramos
Lettered by Grupo Escomic and Graphikslava
Edited by Sean O-Reilly

2. Jingku, DA-POW!

When a new King, or Huatai is selected in the Hmong culture, it’s customary for each clan to send a male as a representative to live forever with the Huatai. In the Taw clan, this falls on Shu to do the family proud and defend their honor, but Shu has other ideas. Now it’s up to “Taw”, a woman, to keep the family honor!

Written and Illustrated by DA-POW! (Yayao Yuying - @yayaoyuyingstudio)

3. Supernaut, 215Ink (@215Ink)

Imagine fighting against the universe, or rather god who represents the universe. Yeah, no easy task! In Supernaut, our heroes fight against “Cosmic Homicide” or “Cosmicide” to save us all! With some helpful friends and magic abilities, we mostly have faith in them. Read on and enjoy these cosmic heroes!

Art and Story by Michael David Nelson

4. William the Last, Brian Shearer (@Kingbanjo)

William climbs his way over a large cliff and immediately gets into some deep trouble with the locals. Darn kids, however William, or known as ‘Jacob’ for his own safety, is no ordinary kid. He’s the LAST… of what? Seems a prophecy can tell us more and the locals seem to know more about him than he does. Wanna know more about this mysterious William? We do too, so read on with us!

Created by Brian Shearer

5. Onami, ArtCrumbs (@AhkwardKat)

Pon, a human made from a clay figure as an offering to the gods, is shunned and cast to the bottom of the ocean floor. Assisted by Ohma, a wandering Oarfish, he finds his way back but it doesn’t go as planned. Now he has to fight for his life and get revenge on the god seemingly out to get him! Follow Pon’s journey from zero to hero in this short story, something all our inner warriors can enjoy!

Art and Story by Art Crumbs

Want the full uninterrupted list of binge-worthy comics from this post? Check it out here.

Do you really love one of these titles? Have any suggestions for future features? Let us know with a comment below and don't forget to tell the creators how amazing their creations are! Spread the love of comics and have a wonderful weekend. See you all next week with some more amazing features!

-Team GC

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