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Comic - Fantasy

A story of magic, monsters, gods, and a girl gifted with the strength of many. Follow the titular character on an adventure that takes her from her little fishing village to the far reaches of the world!

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Graphic Novel - Thriller

Luke works as a mailman in Los Angeles and moonlights as a thief — the empty houses on his postal route are rich, easy pickings for him and his friends. Everything goes as planned until one house turns out to not quite be so empty. The situation spirals out of control, leaving the happy-go-lucky thieves battling for their lives. And all because of Tabatha.

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Thank you team for always looking out for us! This will really help find more awesome stuff to read with as much as we are growing!
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Art Crumbs

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Printer by Day - Mangaka by Night I LOVE manga! Thank you so much for checking out my profile! Message me if you have any questions about myself or my work!

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@Christopher Thank you so much for allowing me to contribute! I really enjoyed these stories and I'm honored I got to add something of my own to such a project!
Jack Irons: The Steel Cowboy

Comic - Sci-Fi

An immortal man with memories of prior reincarnations wanders through Galactic Armageddon seeking Freedom, and Purpose.

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Comic - Romance

Anne is shy, stubborn and unsocial. She lives a quiet life at home, where she works as an illustrator. This kind of life gets complicated after a reunion with school friends where she has an unpleasant encounter with the boy who used to bully her.

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Natalie and Mysterious Takumi

Manga - Romance

A pure love comedy between a French Otaku Girl and a mysterious Ikemen! When she was still in France, Natalie went through a heartbreak that made her wanted to end her life. Surprisingly, the ray of hope that saved her from despair was that "Mysterious Man" from the country of anime and manga! Determined to live her life to the fullest, she went straight to Japan to become closer to her 2D love!

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Manga - Action

A roguish youth named Desmonde finds an unlikely opportunity to fulfill his dreams of becoming a great demon hunter. Accidently appointed to the protection of the naïve prince, Claude, it's through their battles to defend the kingdoms from the forces of Hell he will unlock the truth of his origins, his unnatural abilities and the truth behind the The Apocalypse of Eden.

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Comic - Fantasy

The Glowing ended the world as we know it, leaving the survivors with an Earth painted with dangerous, glowing colors. Now, a girl named Lacey discovers her late mother's journal that foretells another apocalyptic event and sets out with her giant mutant cat to save what’s left of the world.

Ghost Child • 祟り神の子供

Manga - Fantasy

Aros pays the God of the Dead, to revive Fahle, a woman who never loved him back! However, the price Aros must pay is to help unleash the apocalypse! Meanwhile, a small bird pursues the accused murderer of Fahle for justice. Does he have the right monster?

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re: Introduce Your Comic and You!

We've gotten so many awesome replies!! I didn't know this would turn into such a large thread!! I love it!

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Mind Bound

Comic - Thriller

Its a normal school field trip for Antonina but things take a sudden turn

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Space Comic

Comic - Sci-Fi

Two astronauts on their journey for an unknown goal.

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This is definitely going to open the floor to more creators. Initially what attracted me to GlobalComix was the panel by panel integration, which I don't see anywhere else. Since such a huge portion of readers are mobile these days, including the scrolling/vertical format was definitely a wise choice! The interactive page...
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re: Lots of Various Questions

@Cavechan I guess sorta but to a point? Like I can't let my readers control everything I do. I understand making it a readable format, but after a certain point, it makes me uncomfortable to read my own manga and I don't think that's fair to me as a creator.

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re: Concerns about the page credit system from the reader's perspective

@gunderstorm the creator perspective matters. We have to post as pages as that is the option it gives us. It is up the the creator to determine what constitutes a page, though surely put forward your views as a reader. 

As far as I understood, we really have no way of changing how much each page costs other than one credit or free. As creators...

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re: Concerns about the page credit system from the reader's perspective

I have a few points on this, so forgive me:

1. Scrolling format can go both ways. As @CronaJ said, vertical or scrolling comics can make less if they upload all their panels as a single page. So in some ways it can be cheaper. 

2. However on the other side, I disagree with that statement because, learning some things from webtoons and tapas...

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re: Introduce Your Comic and You!

@Nimloth Here is a link to the series above this post. I added 2 new updates today for it if you still want it.

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re: Introduce Your Comic and You!

I posted before but I have a second comic!

I am AhkwardKat, I also create the Naor Series. My second "comic" is a tutorial series for those looking to get into comics or learn something new!

How to Make comics link! CLICK HERE

It is called "How to Make Comics and Manga". It covers everything from barebones to complex topics as we get further along!...

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Looking forward to getting going with this! Can't wait to start seeing more faces around here!
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Animation feedback?
I have a long animation I am making for my Naor series. I am a little stuck on a particular short scene that I can't tell if it is too jerky/laggy or if it is ok and smooth. Can I have your opinions?

The animation is only in rough colors, it will be a lot cleaner and less sketchy looking when done, so try to ignore...
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What does "ultimate success" mean to you?
In the Discord forums with a TON of other awesome people, we were discussing what success meant to each of us personally. So let me ask ALL of you here on GlobalComix

What does it mean to be successful?

Is it fame? Tons of views, likes comments?!
Is it fortune and being rich?
Is it possibly just the good feelings you get...
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re: Introduce Your Comic and You!


Thanks! I really love environments and backgrounds. I love them more than drawing characters honestly. XD

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re: Question about viewcounts & the browse algorithm.


I think if we made like-counts available only to their creators, it would be ok. I am so scared that a lot of the ranking based systems, while needed, will spiral out of control like it did on Webtoons. It got to the point of sabotage and petty people doing their best to undermine other creators as it breeds jealousy and other...

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re: Question about viewcounts & the browse algorithm.

Ok, I spent some time thinking about this, @Nimloth.

The main things I have noticed in terms of needs are this:

1. An active subscriber count per comic. This is basic stuff and will help a lot in my own analysis reports since I keep excel documents of all my websites to keep track of which benefit me more than others.

2. I agree with @rolling-veget...

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re: Introduce Your Comic and You!

@Cavechan AH THANKS! The style is in a bit of a transition period right now. OTL I experimented a LOT with the comic as I made the Prologue and Chapter 1, now I am going back to redo them to make it more consistent. I really love that manga look you have and I wish I could emulate the manga style a lot more. You seem to have it pretty down pat!

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Hello! I'm starknight. Nice to meet you :)

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Arushi Raj

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Professional couch potato who occasionally writes poetry comics, novels and blogs about pop culture.

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Galactc Potato

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I draw things, idk

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Introduce Your Comic and You!
Hey everybody! I haven't found and introductory thread yet, and so I figured I would start it! Introduction threads I found have been helpful in other sites, so I think it could be valuable here as well especially for a new site.


Tell us how you found GlobalComix! Then share the cool stuff.

1. Creator name
2. Comic...
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Aikonia is an on-going fantasy adventure webcomic filled with magic! Support us on Patreon:

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Jin Amber

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Crona J.

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Hi! I'm Crona. I'm an artist and writer with a multimedia arts degree. For now, I'm going to let my imagination take me places. __________ ¡Hola! Me llamo Crona. Estoy una artista y escritora con un grado en artes multimedia. Por ahora, permitiré mi imaginación llévame a lugares.

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