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Eric posted Feb 24, 2018

What Language do you speak?

So this is an informal survey. What language(s) do you speak? I have a page on Tapas for my Non-English translations and I post them on Instagram too. I'm curious if there are a lot of speakers on this site if it would be worthwhile to post here, or not to bother.

Nimloth admin posted Feb 24, 2018

English and Norwegian fluently.

French and German at beginner level, and my fiancée is trying to teach me Japanese!

Eric posted Feb 24, 2018

I got one comic translated in Norwegian, and a few in French and German.

Cavechan posted Feb 24, 2018

Just English and intermediate Japanese (was able to pass JLPT N3). Not enough to translate my comic. :(

GalacticPotato posted Feb 25, 2018

I speak spanish natively, my second language is english, as you can all see. (I know you already know this Eric, i'm sorry but i want to show off)
I would absolutely love to learn either french or japanese but there aren't many good teachers in my town.
I don't speak portuguese but it's very easy to guess when you speak spanish.

Eric posted Feb 25, 2018

@GalacticPotato, is it? I've always heard Portuguese speakers could easily understand Spanish, but Spanish speakers can't always understand Portuguese.

GalacticPotato posted Feb 25, 2018

Well, i don't really know. Languages have always been really easy for me, so that might be just me.

yayaoyuyingstudio posted Mar 1, 2018

Greetings~~! I speak Hmong (white dialect) and English fluently~~. (* ̄∇ ̄*) Although, I have to say my English is much better than my Hmong, that's for sure. (☍﹏⁰) I'm hoping to someday get my works translated into Chinese and French though.

Eric posted Mar 1, 2018

Hmong? Is that like Vietnamese?

yayaoyuyingstudio posted Mar 1, 2018

Unfortunately not. (´;ω;`)

You can listen to how Hmong (white dialect) sounds like HERE. (≧∇≦*) Both Vietnamese and Hmong do share the fact that they are both tonal languages though (like Mandarin and Cantonese.) Of course, Hmong has more tones compared to Vietnamese.

If you'd like a super brief history lesson of what in the world is Hmong, just jump over HERE. (๑>ᴗ<๑)

On another note, I did attempt to learn Japanese at one point in my life though. Let's just say it was not meant to be. (☍﹏⁰)

RicardoCabrera posted Mar 1, 2018

I speak spanish natively. I learned english a few years ago and right now i'm learning Haitian-Creole. 

Eric posted Mar 1, 2018

@yayaoyuyingstudio Thanks for the info. Now, excuse my ignorance, were Hmong the people in Clint Eastwood's 'Gran Turino'?

yayaoyuyingstudio posted Mar 2, 2018

@Eric No worries at all~! (*´・v・)σ)・v・`*) *poke* There's so much knowledge in the world that each of us will probably never even encounter in our daily lives. And I'm always open to throwing information at people~~!

And yes! Although I've never actually watched Gran Tarino in full, the Asian cast featured in there is definitely Hmong. From the random clips I've seen, the main family in the movie are white dialect speakers.

@RicardoCabrera I applaud anyone for being able to learn a new language. Hope your journey in Haitian-Creole goes well~~! ∠(>Д<)

Geshode moderator posted Mar 2, 2018

I am a German native. My English level is (more or less) native. And (depending on the situation and topic) I am also decently fluent in Japanese . I know a few phrases and words from a few other languages, but sadly don't have much time to increase my level in those.