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Bug Reporting

Found a bug or a problem with the website? Report it here!
How to report bugs
People are posting their advertisements under 'seeking' when they're just advertising their work.
The Return of Jake Sunrise
Brand page wrong URL
Subscription help
Editing frames in comic editor while double page is turned on
Malformed URLs in RSS feed
Pages cut off in A House Without Windows (Humanoids)
New Listing Not Showing In Downloads Tab
Editor cannot add frames on apple devices
Attempts to view long term analytics causing 504 errors
Can't message from application screen
Header in immersive mode on mobile
Merging Releases Leaves Old Listings In PDF Sales
yearly subscription
I’ve been trying to add a file to my publish but every time i tap it there’s no option to select photos. I’ve even tried adding another chapter just to add them but the same thing happens.
Can't Upload My Comic
Fletcher Inc.
I cannot access my Publisher page. The owner says NADA located in Mexico.
Line Breaks / Returns Not Processing Correctly in Timeline Posts?
New pages are Loading Wheels of Death instead of pages
I just uploaded my frikkin comic and now it says no comic has been uploaded.
Ensuring double-page spreads properly line up when reading
Boom Shaka link to comic doesn't work
PDF files won't upload for publishing
Trouble with Revenue report