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re: List of forums

Also when the title of a post is longer than one line, the function line (?) is not aligned correctly.

1) Go to

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List of forums
While I was translating, I noticed, that the forum list is not aligned correctly, when selecting a forum in the forum list.

1) Go to
2) Click on 'General Discussion' (or any other forum) under 'Choose Forum'

Random and Fan Fiction are in the same line, instead of underneath each other.
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Comic - Comedy

A monthly comedy/ slice-of-life series following the daily lives of a group of first-years at a high school called Shark Bait Academy, situated on a group of islands. Uploads around the middle of every month, always on a Friday!

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The Last Sheriff

Comic - Action

The Last Sheriff follows John H. Wilson, a former Sheriff who sets about toppling the corrupt Coalition regime and bringing back law and order.

Our Flower Language | 俺たちの花言葉

Comic - Romance

Saffron is a delinquent boy who becomes a florist and ends up falling for a girl named Shion, unbeknownst of the deep secret she hides.

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Manga - Romance

The adventures of Liz, a cute talented tailor and his servant, Bennett, a most advanced android who travel between worlds.

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Tales of Heaven

Manga - Romance

A story of god and his angels.

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Sang Kong

Comic - Fantasy

An ex delinquent forcedly turned into superhero by a rich super genius girl together with her strange assistant for secret superheroes competition, that whoever become the most popular superheroes within time limit will get their wish granted.

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Deck of Fates

Comic - Fantasy

When you are chosen by the fates to become an Arcana you will find yourself thrust into a world ruled by magic and strength. Arcana can harness the will of the Tarot Spirit that chose them to change the world for better or worse... (Update Times every 2 weeks usually the 1st and the 15th.)

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Comic - Fantasy

Dead people deal with being dead in a slowly decaying limbo.

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Comic - Comedy

A jazz musician with a dream to make it big finds out that she's not that great.

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Question about the Credits System

I am glad, that the site took the next step and launched the credit system. I read through the blog entry and the FAQ, but I still have a question about it. 

As it was said in the blog entry, there is a notification, that you need to buy credits, when you get to paid content and you don't have any credits. My...
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Code page when clicking "Post Reply" in forum
I clicked the "Post Reply" Button by accident, while I hadn't entered a reply.

I got moved to a white page with code: (I tried to enter the image, but when I clicked "Save", after entering the URL, I got the message: The entered data is invalid). 

I assume, there is supposed to be an error...
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re: What does "ultimate success" mean to you?

"Ultimate success" in life is, when you can live the way you want to and don't have to worry about money.

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re: What Language do you speak?

I am a German native. My English level is (more or less) native. And (depending on the situation and topic) I am also decently fluent in Japanese . I know a few phrases and words from a few other languages, but sadly don't have much time to increase my level in those.

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Great News. I am glad to see the site growing in features and users. Can't wait for the next steps... :D
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re: Happy New Year 2018 everyone!

All the best for the site this year.
I am looking forward to get started on the website localization. I am interested to see, what the translations marketplace will look like.
A great year to everyone.

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Tales of Midgard

Followers: 5

Tales of Midgard is a collection of fantasy comics with a steampunk twist. see:

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A. D. Birch

Followers: 8

My name is A. D. and I’m an artist at heart. Like many others I am trapped in a day job but have always wanted to be an artist.

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Charles Brubaker

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Freelance cartoonist based in Tennessee.

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Aikonia is an on-going fantasy adventure webcomic filled with magic! Support us on Patreon:

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Ranf Payl

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I'm a multi-cellular eukaryote making a thing about the Coronavirus. 'Cause why not.

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Black Lion Media

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Merry Fox Comics

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re: Followed Creators are not shown

Now it is back to normal. Strange.

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Followed Creators are not shown
When I click on the "Following" tab on my profile, there are none shown, even though I am following someone and there is a 1 next to the "Following".

Here is the link:

And also a screenshot:
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re: Translators

Hi Lexflex,

thanks for the fast reply.

Okay, I am looking forward to the release of it.

Then I will be waiting for your message... :)

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Nimloth Thanks a lot. Looking forward to see what the site develops into.
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Live action
Hi everyone,

with the recent reheating of the trend to make manga/animes into live action movies (e.g. Ghost in the Shell, Attack on Titan, The Last Airbender, Dragonball) or series (e.g. One Piece), what is your opinion about it? Do you prefer, if those productions remain with Japanese companies or do you like the...
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Glad to be finally able to join the site, after waiting for so long.
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Hi there,

I just joined the site today, but I have been following the progress for a long time. 

I was wondering, if there is going to be a possibility to show, that I am a translator and open for helping people to translate their comics/manga from English/Japanese into German. Since I am not a comic artist or...
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