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Geshode moderator posted Mar 3, 2018

Question about the Credits System


I am glad, that the site took the next step and launched the credit system. I read through the blog entry and the FAQ, but I still have a question about it. 

As it was said in the blog entry, there is a notification, that you need to buy credits, when you get to paid content and you don't have any credits. My question is, is there also some kind of notification or check, when you get to paid content, but already have some credits? I am asking, because I noticed, that I sometimes didn't notice, if the comics have "free" written on the comic picture or not, when I browse the comics, and then was surprised, when the notification about buying credits popped up. 
Basically I am just wondering, how easy it is to use credits "by mistake" because one isn't aware, that the pages are paid content.

I might have missed the answer, while reading the FAQ, so please excuse me, if there already is an answer to this question.

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Lexflex admin posted Mar 3, 2018

Thanks for your feedback @Geshode,

You raise a fair point. I can see how you might end up using credits without being aware. We are working on some visual changes across the board to make this more clear.