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Lexflex replied in Suggestions 4 years ago

re: A suggestion for the creator's tool

Thanks for your suggestion @escente - unfortunately adding a vignette like that would drastically reduce performance, especially for mobile devices. I think in the longer run we will introduce some tweaks to the reading experience that will address this issue in other ways. Stay tuned.

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Freelance artist stationed in the USA!

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Go Borgo

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Lexflex favorited Go Borgo 4 years ago
Go Borgo

Comic - Comedy

Adventures of a pig named Borgo and his duck friend, Tripp

Lexflex favorited Blood Stained Snow 4 years ago
Blood Stained Snow

Manga - Action

Blood Stained Snow takes place in a world ruled by dragons. Only a few chosen humans are allowed to act as the dragon’s judges and death men. Feared for their madness and brutality – they are called Dragoons.

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Genji Otori

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Common Fantasy

Comic - Fantasy

Vya is convinced that love is no longer an option. But magic is real, life is surprising, and nothing can control a heart for long.

Lexflex replied in Suggestions 4 years ago

re: Release number

This is a good piece of feedback. We just published a revision of release number vs. sorting order. Hopefully it makes things a little less complicated. The button to start/resume reading has some edge cases for sure, so we'll be keeping an eye out for ways to making it a better and smarter feature.

Lexflex replied in Help & Support 4 years ago

re: Question about the Credits System

Thanks for your feedback @Geshode,

You raise a fair point. I can see how you might end up using credits without being aware. We are working on some visual changes across the board to make this more clear. 

Lexflex replied in Feedback Wanted 4 years ago

re: Animation feedback?

Looks really great! I like how you added the reflection in the water. You have really put some effort into the details. It's definitely smooth, but I do notice the jerkiness/lag you mention, and it's because the fog position resets in the beginning of each loop. Assuming you want the loop to look seamless (which might not be the case) you can...

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Hi! I'm Niah. I make weird stuff about normal stuff and now I'm posting it here.

Lexflex replied in Bug Reporting 4 years ago

re: "Shift" key bug

@rolling-vegetable Thanks for reporting this (and your comments from other threads as well). The first bug is known and we're in the process of fixing but the second one is new - and weird! Will investigate.

Lexflex replied in Suggestions 4 years ago

re: Hide Scrollbars when you finish reading a comic

@RicardoCabrera we're constantly improving the reading experience. This sounds like an unintended bug. Can you let me know what operating system (Windows/Mac) you're using and what browser (Chrome, Internet Explorer etc.) you're using?

Lexflex favorited Tales of Midgard 4 years ago
Tales of Midgard

Comic - Fantasy

Tales of Midgard: The Age of Magic follows the adventurous life of Anne White, a young mage who is also a knight.

Lexflex favorited Thoughts on the Bus 5 years ago
Thoughts on the Bus

Comic - Romance

Lexflex favorited Found Faith 5 years ago
Found Faith

Graphic Novel - Teen

Teen Sees a ghost.

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Tales of Midgard

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Tales of Midgard is a collection of fantasy comics with a steampunk twist. see:

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The Fuzzy Princess

Comic - Comedy

Cat princess must learn to embrace humanity. Mirror to "The Fuzzy Princess" comic at

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Black Lion Media

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Ranf Payl

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I'm a multi-cellular eukaryote making a thing about the Coronavirus. 'Cause why not.

Lexflex replied in Bug Reporting 5 years ago

re: I'm following myself!

I understand the confusion about having two profiles on the same account. I'm sure there are ways we can make that easier to deal with in the future.

I think we could consider removing the ability to follow your own artist profile, as well as removing the number in parenthesis.

Lexflex replied in Bug Reporting 5 years ago

re: Confused about follow button

Thanks for using the site and for taking time to share your feedback!

As far as the icon go, I'm trying to understand if it's the choice of a + sign that's confusing, or the very fact that you can "follow yourself as an artist"? Or is it the + sign combined with the number in parenthesis? 

My gut feeling is it would help a lot just removing the...

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Merry Fox Comics

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Lexflex replied in Suggestions 5 years ago

re: Translators


Thanks for joining and for being a patient supporter of this project. You are literally one of the first users on this platform and I'm really glad you're participating!

To your point about showing you are a translator: We are just now in the middle of designing and building the tools that will let people translate comics. Our goal is to...