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escente posted Mar 12, 2018

A suggestion for the creator's tool

First of all, I really like this website! I'm planning to move my comics here sometime in the future :)

I noticed something though, when reading some comics in interactive mode: the panel frame looks rough on weird-shaped panels. 

I'd like to suggest making the panel focus thing more like a soft vignette. 

It'll solve the rough edges problem and save creators a lot of time! 

It's just a suggestion, though, not sure how feasible it is in application :p

(Also, it would be nice if we can upload images directly into a forum post!)

Christopher admin posted Mar 12, 2018

@escente thanks for the feedback! I'm adding @tore and @Lexflex who work directly with the creator tool for visibility here. I'll let either of them respond to this one :)

As for uploading images directly into the forum -- noted. It's not high on our priority right atm, but sooner or later we're going to need to tackle image uploads outside of comics in general for both forums, comments, private messages, etc.

We'll keep this one on our list for now.

Lexflex admin posted Mar 13, 2018

Thanks for your suggestion @escente - unfortunately adding a vignette like that would drastically reduce performance, especially for mobile devices. I think in the longer run we will introduce some tweaks to the reading experience that will address this issue in other ways. Stay tuned.

escente posted Mar 14, 2018

Thanks for the reply! 
I'm excited to see what new features are introduced in the future :D Kudos for the hard work!