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Have ideas for how we can make GlobalComics even better? Let us know!
Guidelines for Posting Suggestions
Ways to designate roles, with granularity.
No feedback, back button after adding frame; text entry lost going to frame edit
Chapter synopsis "max length exceeded" could be more informative
Move image upload interface to top of Edit Release Settings
First/last comic navigation
Release "Status: release is not published" looks like a radio button
Automated frame add suggestions (and a frame help suggestion)
"Blog" entry, comment section location, subscribe & donate icons, forum post preview
Some thoughts on how to best use GlobalComix during the startup phase.
Lots of Various Questions
Hide Scrollbars when you finish reading a comic
More genre options
A suggestion for the creator's tool
A few Suggestions.
Release number
Lanugage choises for non-English publishers
Creator mode - edit frame - edit edge
A Schedule option?
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