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Karumtoo-Rexo replied in General Discussion 5 days ago

re: Personal thoughts on illustrated novels in comic spaces?

I’m not really a novel reader, unless the novels have pictures inside them. I feel like walls of text without any pictures make it hard to process scenes, you’d have to process all the imagery yourself using your brain - maybe if I’ve read it in chunks and drew a few scribbles about any scene, it could work; it [all really]...

Karumtoo-Rexo started a discussion in General Discussion 1 month ago
How do you pronounce your characters' names?
Gonna admit this; I make this thread a tradition whenever I'm new on a webcomic site's forum or whatnot since OCT-16-2019 - the day I posted this on Tapas Forum.
If you saw me and a thread like this on another [webcomic site's] forum, you'd probably know what it's about already based on the title. ((side toothy...
Karumtoo-Rexo replied in General Discussion 2 months ago

re: How are you promoting your comics through GlobalComix?

For any webcomic site including GlobalComix, I do little to no marketing for my projects. I don't mind any amount of readers view my comics/novels as long as I can stay humble working on them.

If I think a project of mine is going to be ambitious, I could advertise a bit through {digital} guerrilla marketing methods if possible - maybe allow a...

Karumtoo-Rexo replied in Learn To Draw 2 months ago

re: What part of comic/manga making do you want to learn about the most?

If I were to want parts of comic making, I would want *cinematography*, proportions of characters' bodies, and writing synopses without being vague or giving too much of the plot away.

Emphasis on the cinematography, because despite me having a simple art style I want to keep, I also want to try different camera angles for scenes that could be...

Karumtoo-Rexo replied in Entertainment 2 months ago

re: Do you have certain shows or games you go to for advice or inspiration?

I guess I'm inspired by any cartoon that comes into mind.
Peanuts, pre-March 2013 SpongeBob, Regular Show, Sitting Ducks, What's with Andy? and so on.

As for video game mechanics and stuff, I could be inspired by...
- The Sly Cooper Games
- Ratchet and Clank
- 3D Mario
- Sonic (marginally)
- (I can't believe I'm typing this in) The Final Fantasy VII...

Karumtoo-Rexo replied in Suggestions 3 months ago

re: Adding option for RSS feeds?

Well, what do ya know? It's right there like you said; didn't notice that. Thanks. ((sweats with smile))

...Maybe there could be an RSS option inside the comics as well?

Karumtoo-Rexo started a discussion in Suggestions 3 months ago
Adding option for RSS feeds?
Other sites such as The Duck Webcomics and ComicFury have provided options for users to subscribe to webcomics through RSS feeds.

Let's say you're signed out of GlobalComix and you want to either still catch up on new pages without signing in, or you want to check out that comic first (so you won't lose that link), and...
Karumtoo-Rexo replied in Help & Support 1 year ago

re: Posting different versions of "comics"?

↑ Thanks [again], Chris. :)

Karumtoo-Rexo started a discussion in Help & Support 1 year ago
Posting different versions of "comics"?
Hello, I would like to know if there are different ways of posting versions of comics.

Do I have to make separate versions of comics and label them differently?

Or is there a dropdown menu I can customize when making different versions of comics?

Here're the doodles I constructed below for example:

´╗┐To a normal reader,...
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