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Karumtoo-Rexo posted Sep 29, 2022

How do you pronounce your characters' names?

Gonna admit this; I make this thread a tradition whenever I'm new on a webcomic site's forum or whatnot since OCT-16-2019 - the day I posted this on Tapas Forum.
If you saw me and a thread like this on another [webcomic site's] forum, you'd probably know what it's about already based on the title. ((side toothy grin))

But if you're not familiar... people seem to be confused on how my one of my character's name is pronounced. If your characters' first and last names are normal, that's fine; though, what if they're so different, they're hard to pronounce?
My robot sheriff character will teach his pronunciation first.

icrozier posted Oct 14, 2022

Honestly, I've been calling my characters by their function since I created them. I started my concept from a game design, and I didn't need a story when I started. One Kardashev Scale later and I have a superhero story and nowhere to go with it!

aterriza posted Oct 18, 2022

My characters are called Ryo, Matthew, Elizabeth, Noah and Jessica

Harrowing-Tales posted Oct 24, 2022

My main character's name is Noire (french for black) so I've just been pronouncing it "Nwah" in my head, sorry to french people if that's not the correct way

Fluhor posted Nov 11, 2022

Mine are actually pretty easy (in theory), but besides one (Kaworu, which is Half Japanese/Half Brazilian), they are pretty easy to write or pronounce. Although one must do it the Spanish way, for example:
All of them are mixed, they are Argentinians, hell, myself I have a German first name and surname, and an Italian second name.
If anyone has seen Cyberpunk Edgerunners, a lot of people call David "Day-vid" instead of "Dah-Vihd" like we latinos pronounce it.

The protagonist in Aqua Regia (my comic), for example is called: Daniel, pronounced "DAh-Nih-Ehl", not "Day-niel".
Same goes to Anahí, his gf in the flashbacks. "Ah-Nah-Ih", not "Ay-nay-ee".

I've seen a lot of people mispronouncing latin names, that I found it interesting.