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Fluhor commented in the blog 1 week ago
Always wondered, I have some sort of public, "seinen", and cyberpunk fans, but I don't know how to correctly marketing it, or where
Fluhor replied in General Discussion 3 weeks ago

re: How do you pronounce your characters' names?

Mine are actually pretty easy (in theory), but besides one (Kaworu, which is Half Japanese/Half Brazilian), they are pretty easy to write or pronounce. Although one must do it the Spanish way, for example:
All of them are mixed, they are Argentinians, hell, myself I have a German first name and surname, and an Italian second name.
If anyone has seen...

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Award winning comics from the mind of John Carpenter and the heart of Sandy King!

Fluhor replied in Learn To Draw 1 month ago

re: Observations on Comic Art

As a guy who studies to be an art teacher (and currently studying for Engraving class, funnily enough), seeing Dührer mentioned warms my heart, but also Foster, because my father and I are fans of his work. Great analysis and breakdown of him and how their works inspire us.