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AhkwardKat posted Feb 28, 2018

Animation feedback?

I have a long animation I am making for my Naor series. I am a little stuck on a particular short scene that I can't tell if it is too jerky/laggy or if it is ok and smooth. Can I have your opinions?

The animation is only in rough colors, it will be a lot cleaner and less sketchy looking when done, so try to ignore that part. I'm looking for flow of character right now.

If that doesn't work (it is in a gif format), you can view it here:

Nimloth admin posted Feb 28, 2018

Oh wow...  this looks really cool actually! :D

Henscratch posted Mar 1, 2018

Doesn't look jerky or laggy to me at all!

Lexflex admin posted Mar 1, 2018

Looks really great! I like how you added the reflection in the water. You have really put some effort into the details. It's definitely smooth, but I do notice the jerkiness/lag you mention, and it's because the fog position resets in the beginning of each loop. Assuming you want the loop to look seamless (which might not be the case) you can either a) move the fog slowly back towards the beginning position, similar to what you do with the highlights in the water or b) tweak the fog layer and create "new" fog that appears from the right and moves towards the left. The second option is hardest to get right but will probably yield the best results. (upon re-reading your post it doesn't seem like the purpose of this is to have a seamless loop)

One other piece of feedback is that when the green reflection first appears in the water on the left side, it looks cut off/masked for a split second in the beginning. Might be worth fixing.

Either way, character animation looks great to me.

yayaoyuyingstudio posted Jun 28, 2018

OMG!!!! OAO WOWZERS! This looks awesome Ahk! I love that you showed the mud skidding and created such an atmosphere with the wet environment!

Animating take such immense patience. ; v ; Even just making the short three or so second of animation below for JINGKU (and I even referenced Naruto for it lol) almost killed me so I definitely applaud you if this is just a small sample of what you're working on.

MK-Wizard posted Sep 17, 2018

I really like it. The rain combined with the moving character is well done. It's not laggy, broken and it's clean looking. Plus, I like the simplicity of it. Well done.