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Re: Does a writer “owe” readers a type of character?

Sometimes, fans forget that the story was a gift and an attempt to be for everyone not just them specifically. We're only human and forget that I find.

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Does a writer “owe” readers a type of character?
There is nothing touchier in writing than trying to be open minded and trying to be inclusive in representation. The not so fun truth is though that you can’t include everyone. Making a cast that is too big gets confusing and token or poster child characters are boring. A character should contribute to the story...
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Re: Animation feedback?

I really like it. The rain combined with the moving character is well done. It's not laggy, broken and it's clean looking. Plus, I like the simplicity of it. Well done.

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Anyone willing to review my webcomic here?
I am always willing to hear feedback from different crowds. This place is new and modern so I value the opinion of fresh new faces. You can find it by clicking the banner below.

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I like food.

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A short comic about two girls who grew horns when they met.

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Eric S.

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Hi~! I'm Ghostmaya Creator of Oh MY Ghost Webtoon and Boygirl Webtoon~! I love to make comics and I'm planning to be a full time comic artist~! ^_^

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Hello there
Hi, I am MK_Wizard though you may call me Mary. I heard about this place through Tapas and decided to join because it's always good to have mirrors and to broaden your audience. So far, this looks like a nice and up and coming place.
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Re: What does "ultimate success" mean to you?

I think it's a combination of things, but it's also first and foremost, subjective. A person can be very successful monetarily with their comic, but never feel they achieved what they set out to do. Then there are people who never become famous, but are extremely happy with just making it to the end of their comic.

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There is just something about Celeste; something charming, something weird, something special. She is a young woman thrust into the world of adulthood. Celeste has a childlike wonder and charm, and her fantastic daydreams overlap into her mundane daily affairs.

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Re: Introduce Your Comic and You!

Hello there.

1- I am MK_Wizard
2- My webcomic is MK's The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
3- You can find it here.
4- It is the classic Jekyll & Hyde tale MY way. It is more lighthearted and comical with fantasy and action. It is based on the book and play combined.
5- My favourite page is when Jekyll & Hyde meet.