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Announcement: Gamal Hennessy joins GlobalComix as VP of Content

Christopher Headquarters • May 6, 2020

Today we have the pleasure to announce and welcome Gamal Hennessy to the GlobalComix team as Vice President of Content. He is established as a trusted leader both in legal representation and publishing, bringing with him the gravity of two decades of experience in the comics industry.

At a time when the comics industry is changing faster than ever, we are very excited to join forces with a veteran who has worked towards both professional and indie creator and publisher success for decades. We are confident that he will help us make this platform meet the needs of our community with utmost dedication to the art and culture of comics while working to develop our creator and publisher education, success, and growth initiatives.

You can find our full press release announcement here.

Please feel free to ping @gamalhennessy in comments with any questions or congratulations you may have for him, or @nimloth if you have any other questions or thoughts :)


Christopher Carter
Founder / CEO, GlobalComix

Christopher admin supporter 2 years ago

Welcome @gamalhennessy!


EricTapper admin 2 years ago

Welcome Gamal!!!! Yes yes yes!


Henrik admin 2 years ago

Great to have you in the GlobalComix team @gamalhennessy


MK-Wizard 2 years ago



uzuki 2 years ago

Welcome Gamal! It's great to have you here ^_^


gamalhennessy admin 2 years ago

Thanks everyone. It's good to be here.


Schjoay 2 years ago

Welcome Gamal!