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Comic - Comedy

A jazz musician with a dream to make it big finds out that she's not that great.

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This thread is locked for viewing only. It may be updated to accommodate future rule changes, so check back every now and then for updates. A more extensive version of this thread is in the works. 

Hello, and welcome to the official Time Gate: Reaper forum! This is a discussion forum managed by the Project Reaper...
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re: Introduce Your Comic and You!

Sup, I go by Uzuki in conjunction with my longform fantasy series (for fun ARG purposes). The series as a whole is encompassed under the Project Reaper name but the mainline series that we're currently working on, Time Gate, is currently working through its first installment - Time Gate: Reaper. 

We're still new to GC and are impressed with...

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The Drowning

Graphic Novel - Horror

A beauty influencer moves into an unusual apartment complex.

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re: Question of the Week - Favorite Genre in Storytelling and Why?

I find I tend to prefer dark fantasy on the whole, but I'm always down for a good cheesy romance, no matter the orientation or combination. So long as there are good stakes! 

I tend to stay away from mysteries though. Maybe I just haven't found the right one yet, but the only comic I can safely say I've enjoyed while also being a mystery was...

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Question of the Week - Favorite Genre in Storytelling and Why?
The forum needs a good jump start.

What better way to get it going than with a discussion question of the week? ;) 

These questions will range from comic creating to comic reading, one each week! Discussion is promoted but let's ensure that it doesn't get too off track that it buries new answers! We've got the...
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Graphic Novel - Crime

A young and ambitious baker loses her cafe in a disastrous fire, but sees none of the insurance payout. In a desperate attempt to get her life back on track, she turns to smuggling illegal goods through her cake deliveries for fast, but dangerous cash.

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Manga - Adventure

(READ LEFT TO RIGHT) "Why keep the pigs behind a fence?" "Why do you think, Jae?" Are you the pig, or are you the fence? In a small and ancient kingdom, a new leader arises. But with a new leader, means a new ring of followers-- and not all people wish to follow.

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Comic - Comedy

A monthly comedy/ slice-of-life series following the daily lives of a group of first-years at a high school called Shark Bait Academy, situated on a group of islands. Uploads around the middle of every month, always on a Friday!

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The update button when you're editing a post sometimes disappears when the post window extends too far downwards.
OS: Windows 10
Hardware: Cintiq Companion 2
Browser: Google Chrome

Issue: When you edit a post and the pop-up comes up, when adding more text it causes the pop-up window to 'extend' to the point that the Submit/Update button (whatever button you need to press to apply the update essentially) disappears into the bottom of...