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uzuki posted Mar 31, 2020

Question of the Week - Favorite Genre in Storytelling and Why?

The forum needs a good jump start.

What better way to get it going than with a discussion question of the week? ;) 

These questions will range from comic creating to comic reading, one each week! Discussion is promoted but let's ensure that it doesn't get too off track that it buries new answers! We've got the Official Discord for that! <3 And of course, while discussion is promoted, let's follow the forum rules and not be mean or judgmental of what others take an interest in. You can certainly ask questions that promote discussion, but no harassing, witch hunting, or snooty judging will be tolerated here. We're allowed to like what we like. 


So, to start off simply: 

What's your favorite genre in storytelling and why? Does it depend on who's telling the story? Do you only like specific genres under specific circumstances, or do you tend to favor one or two no matter what?


uzuki posted Mar 31, 2020

I find I tend to prefer dark fantasy on the whole, but I'm always down for a good cheesy romance, no matter the orientation or combination. So long as there are good stakes! 

I tend to stay away from mysteries though. Maybe I just haven't found the right one yet, but the only comic I can safely say I've enjoyed while also being a mystery was (and y'all can call me basic for this) Death Note. But I'm also just a sucker for Takeshi Obata's artwork lmao If it's a 'mystery', I tend to prefer it when it has some psychological thriller mixed in. 

No matter the genre though, if you throw in time travelling, you'll have my attention ;) 

PCMLucif3r posted Apr 1, 2020

Romance, comedy, sometimes action and lice of life

Nimloth moderator supporter posted Apr 1, 2020

Sci-Fi and time travel -- the reason is because science :) It's so much fun to read stories that have really thought through a lot of the crazier aspects of multi-timeline theory!

Jenny-Toons posted Apr 28, 2020

I like to read and write horror. It's the main genre I've indulged since chidhood, and whenever I work with other genres, I almost always combine it with horror. 

Romance? Horror Romance (or at least paranormal romances). 
Comedy? Horror Comedy.
Slice of Life? Let's add some ghosts in there. 
Thrillers? Crime? -- Better add some monsters and demons in there. 

Right now, I'm currently writing for cosmic horror romance. It's not entirely niche (more of a subgenre within monster romance), but there's not much content out there for it. So I'm kinda doing my best to change that. 

Jenny-Toons posted Apr 28, 2020

Thanks! I just really like exploring with horror and seeing how much I can create with it. I've dived a little bit into Gothnic Horror, but never really got a chance to get more depth.