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Nimloth favorited Fangs & Foul Play 4 weeks ago
Fangs & Foul Play

Comic - Horror

Richard Bluth, a deserted colonel who left due to his conscience, stumbles upon an abandoned house, finding himself a new town, Bludville. Weary and tired after his long escape, he doesn’t realize he’s about to trade one evil master for another when Fang, a vampiric cat, enthralls him and forces Richard to find him victims. Follow Richard’s plight as he tries to escape Fang’s thrall.

Nimloth favorited Glamorella's Daughter 1 month ago
Glamorella's Daughter

Comic - Kids

Comet, the daughter of Earth’s greatest defender, yearns for a quiet existence with towers of books and the occasional game night at her friend’s house. Her mom, Glamorella, savors the thrill of adventure, the heat of battle, and the glitzy soirées that come with superheroics.

Nimloth favorited Never Never 2 months ago
Never Never

Comic - Action

Winter is seduced by the boy-sprite, Petros, off to the Never, Never. A place where children never grow up and adults are the enemy. What would such a place look like? Where resources are scarce. Time passes, but age is obsolete. War with adults, starved and insane from constant battle, is the norm. What would age-less boys free of civility and role-models be willing to do to survive. To live Fore

Nimloth favorited Carneyverse:Sunnyhaze 2 months ago

Comic - Action

I undo the mistakes that humanity has made throughout time. I'm SunnyHaze, best Fixer the United States Time Travel Agency (USTTA) has to offer. The USSTTA has been charged with the responsibility of mastering human time/space travel. After being snatched back to home base mid operation, I was tasked with locating and confirming the existence of the Pink Anomaly. This phenomenon was indicated by t

Nimloth favorited Triple Crown 2 months ago
Triple Crown

Comic - Sports

The daughter of the greatest racing driver in history devotes her life to completing her family's legacy, by reaching the pinnacle of racing: The Triple Crown of Motorsport. She must master all of the most difficult racing disciplines, navigate rivalries, politics, and death defying speed in her single minded pursuit. It will require everything she has to succeed. Pedal Down and Power on!

Nimloth favorited Star Boy 2 months ago
Star Boy

Comic - Action

A coming of age story about a young man named Mickey Diamond. A young hero-in-training who wants to strive for the top for fame and validation! His whole life has been leading up to being part of MADL's top hero team! But what if there's more to 'justice' than being a world-saving superhero?

Nimloth favorited Heart Rock Titan 4 months ago
Heart Rock Titan

Comic - Comedy

Stressed at work, broke, overweight, lonely and heartbroken. Here comes Pam! Like most people Pam just wants to have a normal and happy life. Yet, in a world that‘s inhabited by all kinds of different people she still struggles to fit in because she looks like no other person. Having no memory about her origin from an early age doesn‘t help, either. However, everything changes for her once she starts to encounter other extraordinary people and her...

Nimloth favorited Mage: The Society 5 months ago
Mage: The Society

Comic - Fantasy

Mage: The Society is an ongoing fantasy action series following young orphan, Fay Morgan, as she discovers what it truly means to be a mage. Secrets of The Society unravel as she learns more and more about the people around her. #MageUniverse

Nimloth favorited Clockwork 6 months ago

Comic - History

In 1907, the midst of Belle Époque Paris, a mysterious automaton falls into the hands of lonely watch repairman Stuart Lefebvre. It soon becomes clear that there’s more to the famed Dancing Doll than mere gears, and strange events lead him to question just what exactly he’s stumbled upon. Updates every other Sunday, with exceptions here and there! Find me on tumblr @birdy-the-artist and Twitter, @birdytheartist

Nimloth favorited What Makes a Man 6 months ago
What Makes a Man

Comic - Drama

Follow Bo and the gang of outlaws he rides with as Bo begins to wonder what life is like on the other side of the law.

Nimloth replied in Entertainment 9 months ago

re: What are the anime or manga you are following right now?

My favorites right now are:

- Overgeared
- God of Blackfield
- Mercenary Enrollment
- Dungeon Reset
- Nano Machine

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Bilvy Jay Lee

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My name is Bilvy and I'm a 28 year old Australian freelancer (he/they). I love writing morally twisted LGBT+ characters and drawing boys kissing. I studied game design at university, and have gone on to work as a freelance illustrator with a focus on emote art and graphic novels. My Patreon page is updated weekly with art and comics exclusive to my subscribers!

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Art Crumbs

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~ Creator of the Godsbane and Onami ~ Community Staff here on GlobalComix

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@emallia you're very welcome :) Glad to have you on board!
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With a GOLD subscription, you also get a golden frame around your avatar site-wide :) @AppletiniOnFleek
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Nimloth replied in General Discussion 2 years ago

re: Question of the Week - Favorite Genre in Storytelling and Why?

Sci-Fi and time travel -- the reason is because science :) It's so much fun to read stories that have really thought through a lot of the crazier aspects of multi-timeline theory!

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Galactc Potato

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I draw things, idk

Nimloth replied in General Discussion 2 years ago

re: Does a writer “owe” readers a type of character?

I don’t think so. That said it’s not bad to be in tune with what kind of story telling resonates with your audience.

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Crona J.

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Hi! I'm Crona. I'm an artist and writer with a multimedia arts degree. For now, I'm going to let my imagination take me places. __________ ¡Hola! Me llamo Crona. Estoy una artista y escritora con un grado en artes multimedia. Por ahora, permitiré mi imaginación llévame a lugares.

Nimloth started a discussion in The World Of M 2 years ago
Welcome to world of M!
It's cool to be able to discuss with others :)

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The Heretic Locomotive

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I'm not what people think I am, and I'm not going to be what people want me to be.

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Cave Comics and Art

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Webcomic Artist, Illustrator, and Graphic Designer. Creator of the comic Celestial Chronicle Shion and VTuber Starly Blu.

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Kenneth Larsen

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Ranf Payl

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I'm a multi-cellular eukaryote making a thing about the Coronavirus. 'Cause why not.

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Aikonia is an on-going fantasy adventure webcomic filled with magic! Support us on Patreon:

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Merry Fox Comics

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