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Angela Della Morte

Comic - Adventure

Angela Della Morte works for Dr. Sibelius, the most brilliant mind of the century. Using a new technology, Sibelius Labs are capable of separate soul from body. Using this tech Angela’s soul can get into other dead host and take control of their bodies in undercover missions. But as the souls travels the void to get into their new receptacles, they must elude a tenebrous lifeform...

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Bilvy Jay Lee

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Australian LGBT writer and artist.

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Art Crumbs

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Printer by Day - Mangaka by Night I LOVE manga! Thank you so much for checking out my profile! Message me if you have any questions about myself or my work!

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Comic - Sci-Fi

A blend of Corporate Espionage and Science Fiction, Torchbearer follows the story of the Torchbearers, a group that has risen up against the corporatocracy of Prometheus Inc, and the actions they take to stop the corporations before it's too late.

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Narcopolis: Continuum

Comic - Sci-Fi

Part 1 of 4 - In the near distant future, genius inventor Ben creates the ultimate drug. No ordinary narcotic, its effects will take Ben on a trip through time in an attempt to uncover the truth behind his father's disappearance twenty years ago. In searching for answers, the past reveals its secrets that the young scientist won't accept, even if it means risking everything he's worked for. Based...

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The New Amsterdam Game

Comic - Action

In British-occupied New York City, a mysterious vigilante strikes back in the name of independence!

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Manga - Slice of Life

Fueled by inner passions and a need to fulfill an extra-curricular activity, a group of secondary schoolers form an event management team painted with their own unique spin. New chapter biweekly on Friday!

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Manga - Slice of Life

Two friends are determined to make a graphic novel and fulfill a dream they had back in high school. Despite being determined, they often find themselves off task and doing an assortment of other things. Will they ever finish their story or is it just a far off dream to move on from? UPDATED EVERY SATURDAY!

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Manga - Sci-Fi

When Seth appears to Natalia, he reveals a part of the universe that is unraveling and threatens what is left of mankind. - Natalia will have to accept the dark realities around her before she can save herself. --- BounD is a twelve chapter graphic novel.---

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Red Border

Comic - Action

A young Mexican couple narrowly escapes the Juarez Cartel by fleeing across the border into Texas, only to be run down in the desert by the Cartel’s most brutal thugs. Rescued by a mysterious local who takes them to the safety of his family’s ranch, the couple soon realize their hosts have more than just skeletons in their closet.

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@emallia you're very welcome :) Glad to have you on board!
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Honor and Curse

Comic - Action

A promising young shinobi, Genshi hopes to marry Lord Haruki's beautiful daughter, Akemi, and lead the Iga clan warriors into battle. His future looked promising, until a training session turned violent and Genshi almost killed Master Nishiro. Genshi is tormented by an evil spirit, known as a Tengu, that haunts his dreams and bends reality around him.

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The Nekros

Comic - Fantasy

Welcome to Awa. A world of fantasy and myth, full of skilled warriors and frightening creatures. Life is peaceful on Awa. The 7 Heralds watch over the land protecting those who inhabit it and ensuring a good life for all. There is, however, one exception. A demon lurking in the forest casting its shadow on all it touches. One beast feared and hunted. That which they call, The Nekros.

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With a GOLD subscription, you also get a golden frame around your avatar site-wide :) @AppletiniOnFleek
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re: Question of the Week - Favorite Genre in Storytelling and Why?

Sci-Fi and time travel -- the reason is because science :) It's so much fun to read stories that have really thought through a lot of the crazier aspects of multi-timeline theory!

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Galactc Potato

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I draw things, idk

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re: Does a writer “owe” readers a type of character?

I don’t think so. That said it’s not bad to be in tune with what kind of story telling resonates with your audience.

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Crona J.

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Hi! I'm Crona. I'm an artist and writer with a multimedia arts degree. For now, I'm going to let my imagination take me places. __________ ¡Hola! Me llamo Crona. Estoy una artista y escritora con un grado en artes multimedia. Por ahora, permitiré mi imaginación llévame a lugares.

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Welcome to world of M!
It's cool to be able to discuss with others :)

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The Heretic Locomotive

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I'm not what people think I am, and I'm not going to be what people want me to be.

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Cave Comics and Art

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Drawing fun manga-style webcomics about aliens, fantasy, and romance.

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Kenneth Larsen

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Ranf Payl

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I'm a multi-cellular eukaryote making a thing about the Coronavirus. 'Cause why not.

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Aikonia is an on-going fantasy adventure webcomic filled with magic! Support us on Patreon:

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Merry Fox Comics

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