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Christopher admin posted Feb 27, 2018

GlobalComix Discord Live Chat

Hi all,

We'd like to invite everyone to join us in our official discord chat for realtime chat. With this we hope to create a closely knit community, as well as be able to converse and help answer questions in realtime :)

Here's the invitation link:

We're looking forward to seeing you all on the inside :)

NiahMakesStuff posted Feb 28, 2018

Thanks for tagging me, I'm in the group now.

GalacticPotato posted Feb 28, 2018

Oh, thanks!
I don't use discord often, but that may change now

rolling-vegetable posted Feb 28, 2018

Nice!, I never used discord before, finally I have a reason to use it :D

Eric posted Feb 28, 2018

I don't have discord. It is an app for smartphones and tablets, right?

RicardoCabrera posted Feb 28, 2018

Hey, sounds cool. 

GalacticPotato posted Feb 28, 2018

@Eric Yes, you can download discord on your phone, tablet or desktop. There's also a web version

Christopher admin posted Mar 3, 2018

Welcome everyone! Bumping this to the top of trending again for visibility :)

joshuaal posted Mar 4, 2018

Ooh, Discord - never used it, but nice to have a reason to now; thanks for tagging me!

Christopher admin posted Aug 6, 2020