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darkness34 replied in General Discussion 5 months ago

re: Question of the Week - Favorite Genre in Storytelling and Why?

Scifi scifi scifi scifi omg omg scifi ... and maybe timetravel becuz soooo good

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BHP Comics

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BHP (Bold Heart Publishing) is an independent publishing house based in Glasgow, Scotland. It publishes graphic novels, comics, and comic art books from established and emerging creators. It is a hybrid of mainstream and indie publishing.

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Dungeon Fun

Comic - Adventure

This is a story of a girl and her sword… Raised by trolls in the moat of a castle, Fun Mudlifter lives a life of boredom until, one day, when adventure finds her and a sword plummets into her village.

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Top Cow

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We Create... Comics. Home of Witchblade, Death Vigil, Aphrodite IX, Think Tank, Eclipse, The Tithe, Postal and more.

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Soft Wood

Comic - Comedy

HEAVY METAL'S HARD-HITTING, FULL-FRONTAL COMEDY SPECIAL! Featuring Shannon Wheeler, Evan Dorkin, Charo Solis, Bob Fingerman, Marc Koprinarov, Scott R. Miller, Voodoo Salad, Jake Thompson, Osmarco Valladao, Manoel M., Carlos Cabrera, Tom Pinchuk, Denis Medri, Troy Peteri, Krent Able, Alex Jenkins, Tony Lee, Dan Boultwood, Adam Wollet, Sean Frost, Rafer Roberts, Jesse Blaze Snider, Steve Kurth, D....

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Source Point Press

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Source Point Press is rapidly becoming a leader in publishing alternative fiction in the form of books, comics, and graphic novels. With a large focus on horror, pulp, and sci-fi, Source Point continues to produce quality content with both legends in the industry as well as new artists and writers on the rise.

The Jonesey and Dr. Long Adventures

Comic - Sci-Fi

“San Francisco, Chinatown, 1947. I was pretty low, but I was clean - no trouble, no enemies. Everything was tidy, square, and legal ... and I hated every second.” The old Sunday-comics heroes have nothing on Jonesey and "Doc." In this loving send-up and tribute, the two pals chase adventure wherever it leads and there's "Enough Dough to Buy More Bullets." A GlobalComix exclusive!

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Narcopolis: Continuum

Comic - Sci-Fi

Part 1 of 4 - In the near distant future, genius inventor Ben creates the ultimate drug. No ordinary narcotic, its effects will take Ben on a trip through time in an attempt to uncover the truth behind his father's disappearance twenty years ago. In searching for answers, the past reveals its secrets that the young scientist won't accept, even if it means risking everything he's worked for. Based...

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Star Runner Chronicles

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An original science fiction digital series for young adult to adult readers, based on the original screenplay 'Aurora: Star Runner Chronicles'. This series follows the adventures of Aurora Palmer, a rebellious teen girl with a mysterious past and unpredictable powers she cannot control. She realizes she must use these powers to uncover her true origin and her destiny in the stars.

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Paul Axel

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I'm a teacher and writer based in Chicago! When I'm not doing either of those, I'm cooking and spending time with my lovely wife and two adorable daughters (hint: please buy my comics - kids are expensive)!

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The New Amsterdam Game

Comic - Action

In British-occupied New York City, a mysterious vigilante strikes back in the name of independence!