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re: Using Releases correctly?

@Hybridlizard it seems like posting 1 page per release is absolutely fine and works well on this site (: I'm going to be using this method I think, so I can update on GC the same amount I would on other sites.

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Using Releases correctly?
Hello! I'm probably overthinking this, but I've been wondering what's the intended use for GC's "releases", and how to update to them. The biggest question I have is whether subscribers are notified when a new page is added to a pre-existing release, because this seems like the neatest way to update a comic on here....
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re: More genre options

I'm not sure if this thread is asking for more suggestions, but I would love to see a Crime or Crime/Mystery genre! I feel like this is a large and versatile label for a lot of comic types.

As an LGBT reader and creator I also beg that you don't make separate "BL" and "GL" categories, these are usually associated with super...