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bilvyy posted Mar 1, 2018

Using Releases correctly?

Hello! I'm probably overthinking this, but I've been wondering what's the intended use for GC's "releases", and how to update to them. The biggest question I have is whether subscribers are notified when a new page is added to a pre-existing release, because this seems like the neatest way to update a comic on here. Are we supposed to make a new release every time we update a page, or can we edit pre-existing releases and still notify our subscribers and get exposure in the browse section? Should I be skipping update days on GC so I can post a bundle of pages at a time, instead of just one? ;n;

Hybridlizard posted Mar 5, 2018

I was wondering about this myself.
If you don't mind me adding some additional questioning on the same topic; I noticed at least on our creator profiles it states the addition of "chapter x" despite what you name the release title, though this does not appear on the comic page, so if you happened to title one of your releases as "Chapter 1" it displays as "Chapter 1 Chapter 1" on the creator profile.
So between "issues", "releases", and "chapters" I'm pretty confused myself as to how we should be uploading. D:
Personally I prefer doing single page updates but I can do it in bundles, as long as I know what defines said bundles..

Christopher admin posted Mar 6, 2018

Well, one thing is certain -- we're working on fixing this "chapters" text duplication around the site. Stay tuned... I'll give a more detailed post here tomorrow :)

bilvyy posted Mar 6, 2018

@Hybridlizard it seems like posting 1 page per release is absolutely fine and works well on this site (: I'm going to be using this method I think, so I can update on GC the same amount I would on other sites.

Christopher admin posted Mar 7, 2018


´╗┐so if you happened to title one of your releases as "Chapter 1" it displays as "Chapter 1 Chapter 1" on the creator profile.
This is now fixed. We no longer display issue/chapter as text added to the titles :)

dearmascomics posted Apr 3, 2020

hi, I want to upload my comics here. I was trying to upload a 24 pages comic and suddenly it does not letting me upload  more pages on my release. Do we have a page limit per release? please let me know

Christopher admin posted Apr 3, 2020

There should be no page limit.

Can you tell me a bit more about how you're trying to upload? (PDF file, zip file, just lots of PNG/JPG images, etc).

dearmascomics posted Apr 3, 2020

@Nimloth I was just uploading jpg files one by one on the same release. it went fine until number 13. I was able to upload a page, make it interactive and save the progress until last try.

Christopher admin posted Apr 3, 2020

It should just be a matter of continuing. Pro-tip: you can select all the files you want to upload in one go, or drag them all onto that square upload box to get them all done.

Please try that and me know if that doesn’t work :)

dearmascomics posted Apr 3, 2020

@Nimloth thanks! your help fix the issue!

JandHComics-79 posted Apr 16, 2020

Thanks Nimloth for helping me out on the series vs new release. Appreciate the help.

Christopher admin posted Apr 16, 2020

@JandHComics-79 and @dearmascomics -- you're very welcome :)