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June Feature #2: Are You Not Entertained?

Kevin Featured Comics • Jun 8, 2021


June feature #2 is all about action comics. We've picked out a selection of five stories that fall into a wide variety of themes, settings and plots. The action genre is great because it offers a platform for a broad spectrum of storytelling; the one thing constant in all of these comics is the action that will keep you on the edge of your seat as you flip from page to page.

Let us know your favorites in the comments, and share any action comics you're currently reading!



1. Icy Dawn, 268 pages - Published by Erica Mallia, (cc/ @emallia)

UPDATES EVERY FRIDAY - Vee is about to wed, having suddenly a swarm of monsters being sent after her for something that made her the black sheet of her own village, having no other choice but to flee her village... but they are simply always on her tail. How can her life go back to normal now?

Story and Art by Erica Mallia



2. Adobe Kroger: Dame Commander, 93 pages - Published by Mythoverse Comics, (cc/ @MythoverseComics)

The Year is 2012. Magic exists, but its use is strictly regulated by an ancient order of Holy Knights called The Order of the Carolingian Cross. For the past 1200 years they have waged their battle from the shadows. Young Adobe Kroger, one the order's newest recruits, must confront demons both within and without to defend the innocent from evil.

Story and Art by Mythoverse Comics



3. Silver: Legend of the Wolf, 52 pages - Published by Omeg X Comics, (cc/ @rsutton)

A narcissistic alpha werewolf sets out on a path of rage to reconquer those who imprisoned him, a perfidious mate, and his pack. In a world where the supernatural is possible, the werewolf myth reimagined.

Story and Art by Omeg X Comics



4. Alliance of Outcasts, 34 pages - Published by Crystal Pig Productions, (cc/ @CrystalPig)

In 2000 A.D. light and radiation from the Supernova of the star Betelgeuse lit up the sky above the Earth for 13 Hours. The effect on half of the planet caused mutations in many humans in many forms and threw the world into chaos. 15 years later, the result of illegal experiments, Lizard-man, escaped w/other test subjects and Altered and sheltered on an island. They are the Alliance of Outcasts.

Story and Art by Crystal Pig Productions



5. Quiver, 410 pages - Published by Kingdom Comics, (cc/ @brad622)

Once a soldier in the army of Lord Christopher, the human/tiger hybrid archer known as Quiver defected and instead became a soldier for Jesus Christ!

Story and Art by Kingdom Comics


emallia 1 year ago

Thank you so much for the feature!!! ^.^


Nimloth moderator supporter 1 year ago

@emallia you're very welcome :) Glad to have you on board!