Resilience: Creators Against COVID - "The Hike" Now Available

Kevin Featured Comics • Jun 8, 2021

The Hike, Issue #7 of the Resilience: Creators Against COVID anthology is now available to read on GlobalComix. In The Hike, Avery decides to take a hike to prove a point about what she can handle.

This issue was written by Jeremy Holt (After Houdini, Made in Korea), with art/letters by Chris Peterson (Dead Beats), colors by Gab Contreras (Witchblood), color assists by Chefel Peterson, and editing by Janelle Asselin (DC Entertainment, Disney, ComicsAlliance, Rosy Press).

All subscription proceeds from this comic will be donated to Vinyl Fantasy in Brooklyn, NY.

To go along with the release of The Hike, we have a message from Jeremy Holt:


We all have trauma. In some form, in some way, we all suffer from it. But when Janelle Asselin reached out to me about contributing to an anthology exploring the theme of resilience, I wasn’t sure I had anything to say on the topic. Not anything interesting enough to rope somebody in on to illustrate.
To clear my head, I decided to challenge an old narrative I have told myself for years: You don’t like hiking and being out in nature alone is scary. So I set out on a moderate five mile solo hike, but due to my complete lack of experience in reading trailhead markers, accidentally turned it into a fifteen mile one. As my anxiety started to rise at the exact rate that the sun was setting, my mind and body was pushed to limits I wasn’t even aware of.
In the end, I realized that I had gone out into the woods to battle my ego, and emerged with the profound understanding of exactly how resilient I am despite my on-going struggle with PTSD. This was the inspiration for what became the short comic "The Hike", which I'm honored to have collaborated on with artist Chris Peterson and colorist Gab Contreras. -- Jeremy Holt



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