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Creator Tips and Tricks #24: Level up your campaigns with UTMs

By ArtCrumbsCommunity • Dec 7, 2022 0

Hello and welcome to the latest installment of Creator Tips and Tricks! Today we'll be following up on our last article all about identifying your audience, with a way to track the traffic with the links you send out to your prospective audience via UTM links. But what is a UTM?

UTMs are a small section of code that you can add onto the ends of your links and track the performance. Specifically, UTM stands for Urchin Traffic Monitor, which comes from the software Urchin Tracker. This particular software was designed to work as the base for Google Analytics. It’s the perfect tool for tracking how many people click on the links to your comics and finding out how they...

Popular Last Week: Science Fiction

By KevinFeatured Comics • Dec 5, 2022 0

Near or far future, utopian or dystopian, these stories are sure to stoke the fires of imagination. Whether grounded in a 2055 Detroit rife with crime, or delivering packages for the Intergalactic Postal Service, today's Popular Last Week shines the light on the science fiction genre.

1. Space Bastards, 160 pages - Published by Humanoids, (cc/ @BrunoHumanoids)

Acclaimed artist Darick Robertson (The Boys, HAPPY!) joins writers Eric Peterson and Joe Aubrey to bring you the tale of the galaxy's most dangerous employers: The IPS! ONGOING SERIES. In the future, unemployment and job dissatisfaction are sky-high. When you've got nothing left to lose, you join the...

Fresh Friday Features #5

By ArtCrumbsFeatured Comics • Dec 2, 2022 0

Our Fresh Friday Features continue, and these stories run on the clock! Solve the mysteries of mysterious Haxan witches, figure out who is putting hits out on people in a small town, a sumo club asking themselves to save their club before it's too late, and a deadly game of hide and seek! This list of must-reads is hard to put down!

Each week, KeepingitGeekly and ArtCrumbs have picked out four titles that they feel deserve more reads! In our line-up this week, we've got one comic from each category to give you a varied list of must-reads for your weekend!

  • Comic - Haxan: An anthology series about Haxans, magic users, from the world of Lore.
  • Graphic Novel - Now Hiring:...

What's Trending: Wild Anthropomorphic Tales

By ArtCrumbsFeatured Comics • Dec 1, 2022 0

These trending stories find their anthropomorphic characters in wild and crazy situations. Those are big shoes to fill, big dreams to accomplish, and grand evils to defeat, but are they up for the challenge? Find out by reading today's What's Trending, featuring:

Succubane, 541 pages - Published by Fenris Fenn, (cc/ @Fenris)

North’s life sucks. Few friends, a crap job, and a non-existent love life. Until he’s cast into a fantasy world, bonded to a powerful weapon, and saddled with a daunting task: Eradicate a plague of ravenous succubus demons. And this weapon he’s stuck with? The succubus want it, and they’ll tear him apart to get it, body…...

Popular Last Week: Romance

By ArtCrumbsFeatured Comics • Nov 28, 2022 1

Love is in the air again. With the end of year holidays drawing closer, we think of our loved ones and those we hold close. But love isn't straightforward, is it? These love stories have all the delicious turns and twists and made it into today's Popular Last Week!

Second Contact
, 13 pages - Published by serakatto, (cc/ @serakatto)

A super soldier reunites with her long long alien lover turned bounty hunter.

Story and Art by serakatto



No Strings, 144 pages - Published by Novelist Nickie, (cc/ @Novelist-Nickie)

When Sophia Black shows up late for work, her life gets turned upside down as she discovers her boss has been murdered. With a...


serakatto 1 week ago

Thanks for the feature!!

Fresh Friday Features #4

By ArtCrumbsFeatured Comics • Nov 25, 2022 0

Our Fresh Friday Features continue, and these stories keep you on the edge! A crime noir, a mind-shattering discovery, mysterious new powers, and never-ending battles with monsters. It's almost too much angst to handle!

Each week, KeepingitGeekly and ArtCrumbs have picked out four titles that they feel deserve more reads! In our line-up this week, we've got one comic from each category to give you a varied list of must-reads for your weekend!

  • Comic - Espresso Detective Comic: A freshly brewed Crime Nior with hints of urban fantasy.
  • Graphic Novel - Plato's Cave: A classic metaphor in comic form, with strikingly colorful art.
  • Manga - Amara: A girl who...

What's Trending: Family

By ArtCrumbsFeatured Comics • Nov 24, 2022 0

With the holidays drawing closer, and some celebrations already beginning, let's take some time to tell those around us that we appreciate them! These stories about family, both chosen and by blood, will get the wholesome feelings flowing on today's What's Trending.

1. Boygirl, 917 pages - Published by GHOSTMAYA, (cc/ @ghostmaya)

Cris is a poor boy and full of debt. In order to pay it, he works very hard but it is still not enough. So his boss take that advantage and offer him that she will pay all of his debt by spying her daughter. So Cris accept the offer and disguise as a student of a prestigious school. Not to mention, he disguise his self as a girl.

Story and...

Creator Tips and Tricks #23: Finding Your Audience

By ArtCrumbsCommunity • Nov 22, 2022 4

Welcome back to another Creator Tips and Tricks! We are continuing with our Marketing for Creators series with a dive into ways to start identifying your audience, and then figuring out how to find them on various social media platforms that we covered in Part 1.

Keep in mind that the audience that you have planned for, and the audience that actually ends up reading your content might not be the same group! Audiences can also change over time. The process of identifying those people who read and possibly financially support your work, is liable to change. You’ll want to keep an eye on this this as your comic grows over time.

Who is your audience?



jayfab 1 week ago

Here from the town Hall on the 11/30th. Can't wait to get through these articles.


ArtCrumbs admin supporter 6 days ago

@jayfab Sweet! If you need any help or have any questions, please let me know.

Popular Last Week: Magical Worlds

By ArtCrumbsFeatured Comics • Nov 21, 2022 0

The end of year holidays are a magical time of year! Let's get ready with some comics about actual magic. For today's Popular Last Week, we've got a magical snake-woman, a board game with some bizarre rules, 8 powerful gods of a war-torn world, a celestial warrior, battle tournaments for fun, and a healer living a double life. Grab your magic potions, spells, books, and take some notes!

Lost souls, 220 pages - Published by MousyLou, (cc/ @mousylou)

Follow the journey of two Lost Souls, one a lab experiment that has only recently tasted freedom, the other a mysterious girl hiding from the world with only spirits for company. Watch how their fates collide and...

GlobalComix Gold & PDF Holiday 2022 Sale

By KevinPromotions • Nov 21, 2022 0

The holidays are here and we're celebrating with a Black Friday sale all week long. Take advantage of our lowest price of the year to get one year of GlobalComix Gold for only $39.99. Already subscribed? Gift a year to a friend for the same low price.

If PDF downloads are your preferred way to read, we've got you covered with up to 50% off a wide variety of comics, manga, and webcomics.

The Black Friday sale starts today and runs through December 4th, 2022 at 3:59AM EST.

Here are the publishers and creators that are participating in our PDF sale this week.

Active Now:

Fresh Friday Features #3

By ArtCrumbsFeatured Comics • Nov 18, 2022 0

Be prepared and look around every corner of this Fresh Friday Feature by ArtCrumbs very carefully. This week,  ArtCrumbs has picked out four titles that they feel deserve more reads! In our line-up today, we've got one comic from each category to give you a varied list of must-reads for your weekend!

  • Comic - Panopticon City: The last city in a climate-destroyed world, rebellion and revenge seek out a traitor.
  • Graphic Novel - The Nightmare Witch: Young children with powers to make their thoughts become monsters!
  • Manga - Ollie Max: A Private Investigator seeks to find a missing pet, and solve his father's murder.
  • Webcomic - Naikana: A princess and a mysterious...

What's Trending: Steampunk

By ArtCrumbsFeatured Comics • Nov 17, 2022 0

Have you had your gears checked lately? While you're waiting, get cranked up reading these Steampunk comics! A tragic tale of love and apocalypse, a mechanical girl, soldiers made from rain, science experiment turned superhero, and vast wastelands await in today's What's Trending, featuring:

Souls Foreclosed - Unholy Savior, 603 pages - Published by Sev Wildfang, (cc/ @SFE)

Oh ROTTEN WORLD in the pains of DEATH, sing one final song for us. Of the DEMONS of LUCIFER and their fight against the VAMPIRE LORDS in their CATHEDRAL HALLS. Of REAH and TABITHA, those unlikely companions, fated for LOVE and TRAGEDY. Of the twists and turns their ROAD to RUIN took. Of...

Popular Last Week: Adventure

By ArtCrumbsFeatured Comics • Nov 14, 2022 0

Adventure's out there! Deep forests with training grounds, mysterious dungeons, apocalyptic wastelands, jungles and more! There is so much to explore, and you don't even need a bus fare or passport this time. Just watch your step, you never know what's around the corner of this Popular Last Week, featuring.

Boy of Escremii, 156 pages - Published by Escremii Verse, (cc/ @Michaelmacc)

Following the tragic slaughtering of his entire family, young Boytashi Maru swears an oath to devote himself to the life of a knight, ensuring that peace is kept in the world. But first, Boy must be able to prove himself worthy by passing the squire selections exam. Throughout his journeys...

Fresh Friday Features #2

By ArtCrumbsFeatured Comics • Nov 11, 2022 0

Our Fresh Friday Features continue, and these titles bite back! Each week, KeepingitGeekly and ArtCrumbs have picked out four titles that they feel deserve more reads! In our line-up this week, we've got one comic from each category to give you a varied list of must-reads for your weekend!

  • Manga - Sleepy Hollow: A new twist on a classic tale
  • Webcomic - Plague Rat: A mysterious school that trains plague doctors
  • Comic - The Firewalker: A Guardian pyro-mancer fighting in a rebellious war
  • Graphic Novel - MADE FLESH: a seriously creepy spider-and-evil-spirit filled house with a haunting past

Now that we've met our four fresh picks, let's dig into each of them! Ke...

What's Trending: Sci-Fi

By ArtCrumbsFeatured Comics • Nov 10, 2022 0

Dysfunctional androids, horror after hypersleep, mecha pilots, escape from radiation, and a girl who didn't know she's an alien?! There's so much to sci-fi underneath all the shiny technology, and we've uncovered some must-read titles on today's What's Trending, featuring:

Hyper/Aware, 26 pages - Published by Source Point Press, (cc/ @TravisM)

After three astronauts are stranded in deep space, they learn that only two of them will be able to enter hypersleep for the long return home. One of the crew members makes the difficult decision to remain awake and live the rest of his life alone with only the spacecraft's onboard A.I. for company. But when...

Creator Tips and Tricks #22 - Social Media for Comic Creators

By ArtCrumbsCommunity • Nov 8, 2022 0

Welcome Creators to our next series of Creator Tips and Tricks, all about Self-Promotion and Marketing your work. In the past, we've covered some tips on marketing, and even made some YouTube Videos to offer suggestions, but we've never gotten down into the nitty-gritty.

In this series, we'll start with tips for managing your social media to look its best. Once we have our accounts looking good and an idea of who/where we can reach an audience, we'll dive into marketing techniques and strategies and how to combine those with your GlobalComix Analytics. Our goal by the end of this series is to give you the tools to start your own marketing campaigns and know how to...

Popular Last Week: Secret Life of Food

By ArtCrumbsFeatured Comics • Nov 7, 2022 1

Ah food, can't live without it and so many ways to enjoy it! Cooking contests, a bakery so good it's criminal, and foodies everywhere! If you aren't full after a meal, we've got second helpings in the form of comics all about cooking and the joys of food on this Popular Last Week, featuring:

Gourmet Glutton, 4874 pages - Published by MediBang Inc., (cc/ @MediBang)

Mantaro Ohara was just an ordinary salaryman with slightly bigger appetite. For him, eating is something to be enjoyed and the idea of food and battle does not appeal to him. But his meeting in the Pork Cutlet store with a professional competitive eater, George Hunter, gradually changes his views...

Fresh Friday Features #1

By ArtCrumbsFeatured Comics • Nov 4, 2022 0

Introducing a new type of weekly features, Fresh Friday Features! Every week @KeepingitGeekly and I will be discussing 4 different comics. We'll go over their plot, their creators, and in general what we thought about the comic and why you should read them too!

With each edition of Fresh Friday Features, we'll cover one of each: Comic, Graphic Novel, Manga, and Webcomic. This ensures there is content for everyone, and we can highlight as much variety as possible! Let's dig into our featured stories today!

Petrichor, 13 pages - Published by motli, (cc/ @motli)

Bioprecipitation has claimed the world. The sun has become a dream and water floods the land. Yet,...

What's Trending: Family and Friends

By ArtCrumbsFeatured Comics • Nov 3, 2022 0

Nothing's more important than family, and family isn't just blood. It's the close bonds and friendships we make through both happy times and trials. Today's What's Trending embodies those concepts, full of struggle, but full of warmth, wholesome moments, and victories.

JUNKIE GENERATION, 33 pages - Published by fabandtherice, (cc/ @fabandtherice)

Cyan, an abonded juvenile tries to avange his brothers drug overdosing death and founds a small collective called “JUNKIE GENERATION”. Due to an excessive drug abuse of the young generation from his area, he makes his way to crash into the drug industry of the so called “Urbans”. A very...

Halloween 2022 Special - Most Popular Horror

By ArtCrumbsFeatured Comics • Oct 31, 2022 0

Classic Halloween monsters, scandalous victorian secrets, spooky campfire stories, raising the dead, weredogs and more! This list has everything your gruesome little hearts could desire! A Top Ten of popular titles for a Halloween binge!

1. Halloween Man, 1797 pages - Published by Halloween Man Comics, (cc/ @dedwards)

Slain by a vampire, but brought back to life by arcane magic, Solomon Hitch is Halloween Man, a flesh-eating zombie with the power of the horror movie sequel! Now, with the help of his glamorous super-scientist girlfriend Lucy, reprobate Necromancer Morlack, and hedonistic demi-god Man-Goat, he defends Solar City, Texas from evil.

Story and Art by Halloween Man...

Popular Last Week: Vertical Scroll Horror

By ArtCrumbsFeatured Comics • Oct 31, 2022 0

Familiar scares, new format! A world full of monsters, a vampire-college student mystery, campfire stories gone rogue, deceitful Victorian businessmen, a bizarre love letter, and a mysterious medium. We've got the scares, now give 'em the reads on today's Popular Last Week, featuring:

Silently, 141 pages - Published by Hugi, (cc/ @Hugi)

Two woman struggle to survive in a strange monster filled world.

Story and Art by Hugi



Those Who Sleep, 23 pages - Published by Yokani, (cc/ @Yokani)

She's a college student. He's a powerful vampire. A bizarre twist of fate has brought these two friends together. Now the pair must begin to...

What's Trending: Freshly-Picked Horror

By ArtCrumbsFeatured Comics • Oct 27, 2022 0

Witches, detectives fueled by espresso, consuming nightmares, the end of the world!? We have a great mix of scary stories for you, freshly picked to give you some real variety! Our What's Trending delivers the spooky you need to get ready for Halloween next week!

If you're looking for more frights, head over to our dedicated Halloween Horror page to find chills and thrills that are sure to terrify and delight!

Hex of the Wicked Witch, 80 pages - Published by Asylum Press, (cc/ @AsylumPress)

Hex Of the Wicked Witch is set in a futuristic, decayed Salem, Massachusetts where witches, vampires, werewolves, and voodoo priests fight an endless battle for control of the city....

Creator Tips and Tricks #21: Getting Started in Comics Podcasting on a Budget!

By ArtCrumbsCommunity • Oct 25, 2022 0

Today's Tips and Tricks is for anyone looking to become a podcaster, or expanding your knowledge on podcasting! Shaun Sunday of Brain Beast Studios and the No Capes! Show has graciously created an article going over everything you need to know about creating and hosting a podcast centered around comics.

From apps to software to equipment and general advice, everything you'll need is here! With that, I'll let Shaun have the floor! Thank you so much Shaun for your time.

So you want to start a Podcast?

Podcasts are fun, entertaining, educational and also a big labor of love.

Comic podcasts especially are great, but can come with their own sets of challenges!...

Popular Last Week: No Good Deeds

By ArtCrumbsFeatured Comics • Oct 24, 2022 0

Zombie dealers, double-crossers, the perfect heist, and lucha libre? There's no rest for the wicked and we've got plenty of wicked on this list! Be sure to check your valuables when you're done with today's Popular Last Week, featuring:

Insidious Tales, 91 pages - Published by Asylum Press, (cc/ @AsylumPress)

Five dark and twisted tales. Intro Gortem by Joe Monks gives us a taste of the terrors this series will bring. Asphinxiation is a tale of Lovecraftian horrors and madness. Blitzkrieg chronicles the journey of a drug-dealing pimp whose addiction leads him to the depths of depravity. Mutilation is the twisted tale of a zombie who wants revenge on...

What's Trending: Horrorific Mysteries

By ArtCrumbsFeatured Comics • Oct 20, 2022 0

We've got some questions and we need answers! People have gone missing, rumors of headless monsters taking lives, and rather questionable practitioners of the occult. Can you solve the mysteries of today's What's Trending?

Hexameron, 98 pages - Published by Kel & Dark Comics, (cc/ @Kelheor)

You thought the campfire legends were not real? Well, you were wrong! -- Story by Darkstrong | Art by Kelheor

Story and Art by Kel & Dark Comics



Silently, 141 pages - Published by Hugi, (cc/ @Hugi)

Two women struggle to survive in a strange monster filled world.

Story and Art by Hugi



Love Letter, 59 pages - Publi...