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Resilience: Creators Against COVID - "Surviving Camino Del Diablo" Now Available

Kevin Featured Comics • Jun 1, 2021

Surviving Camino Del Diablo, Issue #5 of the Resilience: Creators Against COVID anthology is now available to read on GlobalComix. Surviving Camino Del Diablo is a short story about a young woman who immigrated to the US as a child and works within the complex immigration system to help others.

This issue was created by Henry Barajas (Helm Greycastle) with art/colors by Nicky Rodriguez (Pulse), letters by  Gabriela Downie (Harleen), and editing by Janelle Asselin (DC Entertainment, Disney, ComicsAlliance, Rosy Press).

All subscription proceeds from this comic will be donated to Palabras Bilingual Bookstore in Phoenix, AZ.

To go along with the release of Surviving Camino Del Diablo, we have a message from Gabriela Downie:


The story I worked on felt relatable in the sense that many of us born in Latinx households are often called to make decisions that aren't suited for our age, experience, or expertise. Evenso, many of us at young ages understand the basic instinct to survive and it pulls us through a lot of uncertain or traumatizing life experiences.
These moments can either help build our character, or are responsible for holding us back from living fulfilling lives. It's important to acknowledge this when interacting with anyone, the possibility that any one of use could have survived unspeakable situations in unfair circumstances.
As long as we remember this, and appreciate the gravity of it, meeting each other with mutual respect and dignity is possible, and should be our ultimate goal. -- Gabriela Downie



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