Resilience: Creators Against COVID - "Persian Version of Pop Culture in America" Now Available

Kevin Featured Comics • May 27, 2021

The Persian Version of Pop Culture in America, Issue #4 of the Resilience: Creators Against COVID anthology is now available to read on GlobalComix. The Persian Version of Pop Culture in America is a short story depicting the lessons Sina learned along the way about seeing himself and trying to make room for himself in the pop culture space.

This issue was created by Sina Grace (Iceman) with editing by Janelle Asselin (DC Entertainment, Disney, ComicsAlliance, Rosy Press).

All proceeds from this comic will be donated to Secret Headquarters Comics in Los Angeles, CA.

To go along with the release of The Persian Version of Pop Culture in America, we have a message from Sina Grace:


My story comes from wanting to take a personal experience about dealing with an unmovable wall, and showing readers that real-life “aha” moment where the main character picks himself back up to fight another day. I chose this specific encounter where a corporation was messing with my money because it illustrates how racism can exist as a computer algorithm and do massive amounts to damage to an individual or a community.
Secret Headquarters is my shop of choice, because Dave and Julie over there have been massively encouraging about my exploring slice-of-life material, and have given me strength at times I was running on empty. This one’s for them. -- Sina Grace



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