November Features #4: Feasts and Foods

AhkwardKat Featured Comics • Nov 17, 2020

New Week, new foods! Well, new comics about foods and the variety! From Burgers to sweets to the people that MAKE our food, we have a heaping feast of stories for you today in our 4th feature

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1. Chocolate with Pepper, TSaianda, (cc/ @tsaianda)

In the 1920's of Ventura, Brazil, Ana gets a job in a Chocolate factory. As a poor girl, she's taking her chances for a better life. However romance starts fill the air of the chocolate factory when the town flirt catches her eye. There is more to him than appearances, so be careful Ana! This sweet story is full of food and love, perfect for a night in with a warm drink!

Created by TSaianda

2. Happiness is a Warm Bun, Paul Axel, (cc/ @paulaxel)

How far would you go for a good burger? Would you chase a bus? Take a Taxi? Camp out overnight? What would YOU do for the best burger in the world?

Story by Paul Axel
Art by Stephen Coughlin

3. Preheat, Bilvy Jay Lee, (cc/ @bilvyy)

Brandy and Hazel lose their bakery in a suspicious fire, but the issue doesn't seem to be why... but who. Brandy and Hazel seem ok with the fire, happy for it even! Very strange indeed! The investigators are hot on the trail trying to solve this mystery while Brandy and Hazel are using their food in their schemes. This story of baked goods, crimes and danger doubles as a cat and mouse game. Read on with us to see if they can get away with their misdeeds!

Art and Story by Bilvy Jay Lee

4. The Adventures of Apple, Michel Wild Comics, (cc/ @MichelWild)

Kicked off of his tree, Apple is sent on his journey to find a new home and his way in life, but lots of perils are out there! Finding a job and learning to earn money is not the easiest thing in the world. This adorable morsel named Apple has lots to learn in this cute, funny and relatable story. Read on and enjoy the journey.

5. I'm Inside You, Ranf Payl, (cc/ @RanfPayl)

Once our food enters our bodies... how does it all work? This comic takes it all apart cell by cell and explains the marvelous world of the insides of, well us! Our bodies have entire worlds inside of them, these short strips are full of fun and interesting facts laid out in easy to understand ways. After you've had your food, steel your stomach and sit down and enjoy learn about yourself too! (Just don't get queasy!)

Created by ´╗┐Ranf Payl

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-Team GC

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This is awesome! thanks @AhkwardKat :)