November Features #1: Otherworldly Adventures

EricTapper Featured Comics • Nov 6, 2020

We thought you'd enjoy something a little different, something otherworldly to match the times. Modern aliens to ancient beasts - stories of masterful creation and utter destruction.

Here are 5 releases we think are out of this world for you to enjoy, and don't forget to spread the love! Share and support your favorite creators.

1. Jamshid, Markosia, (cc/ @Markosia)

Jamshid, ruler of Jamkard in ancient Persia, must fight the evil and supernatural beasts that threaten his kingdom and people. He enlists a faithful army to battle the demons and restore peace to the region however, along the way he finds betrayal within his ranks. An epic battle of Good v. Evil and a man’s sacrifice to save his kingdom!

Writer: Ashkan Rahgozar
Editor Mohammad Charmshir
Design: Faeze Sepehrsadeghian, Shiva Golmohamadi, Davood Diba
Paint: Shiva Golmohamadi
Graphic Design: Zohre Nedaei, Mandana Rashtiani, Mohsen Listi, Malihe Bidaki
Production Manager: Saeed Abbasi, Ali Ghorbani

2. Strangers, Hexagon Comics, (cc/ @jmlofficier)

An wildly epic superhero adventure involving aliens and other dimensions, and the need to save it all. Homicron, is a NASA physicist whose body is inhabited by a powerful alien. Starlock, the former servant of awesome cosmic entities, is now a fugitive. Futura, a mysterious woman from another dimension. Jaleb, the secretive agent of a race of telepaths. Jaydee, the deadliest killing machine in the universe. The STRANGERS, brought together by Tanka, an "invariant" empowered to safeguard our world.

Writer: Claude J. Legrand
Illustrator: J.M. Arden
Writer: Jean-Marc Lofficier
Artist: Luciano Bernasconi
Artist: Mariano De La Torre

3. Naor: Murder of an Island, Art Crumbs, (cc/ @AhkwardKat)

A fantasy-based murder mystery: a small kiwi-like bird named "Koko" sets out to get revenge after his human teacher is murdered. Koko also has to deal with spirits and outsiders causing trouble all over the island.

Story and Art by Art Crumbs

4. Warped!, 215 Ink, (cc/ @215Ink)

These are the adventures of Sandy, a smart-mouthed girl with a lust for cash, and Angus, a robot in cargo shorts with some anger issues, and how they go through the galaxy doing whatever it takes to make rent on their 3-bedroom spaceship, “The Millenium Trollop”. Follow them through their wicked journey through the galaxy.

Story and Art by Fernando Pinto

5.Blood Stained Snow, Genji Otori, (cc/ @GenjiOtori)

A collection of short stories featuring our favorite monsters! This Anthology covers all sorts of horror artists with short stories and plenty of scare to go around. Please be sure to check out all the hard work and varying styles for all these amazing stories.

Story and Art by Genji Otori

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-Team GC