October Features: 40 Comics of Halloween!

EricTapper Featured Comics • Oct 30, 2020

It’s awfully spooky how quickly Halloween arrived this year. We started our October feature series four weeks ago, and since then we’ve selected and written about 40 comics from a variety of excellently talented and skilled creators and publishers who understand something about the spirit of Halloween.

And what’s more, this list shows off the variety of flavors that Halloween has to offer. We had visits from the truly terrifying, mind-bending, and awe-inspiring. We marveled at the science of it all, the downright strange, the moral and those caught between this world and the next.

We even LOL’d at the hilarious.

The diversity of these stories reflect our GlobalComix community - fiercely unique, creative, and damned good storytellers. There almost isn’t enough time to read them all. Almost.

So as we head into Halloween proper, we compiled these releases into a list of the ‘40 Comic of Halloween’ to make it as easy as pumpkin pie to check out these wicked tales. You just need to click that link!

So cozy up under a blanket, around the fire, or wherever you might be, and feast upon this beautiful catalogue of work.

(P.S. Who’s bringing the chocolate, marshmallows, and grahams?)

-Team GC