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A chronological series of fantastical stories spanning generations, tied together by shared themes of death, loss, and revenge.

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Comic - Fantasy

A young man bearing the promise of death on his skin, a sinister government made up of the undead, an infamous scythe murderer who's risen once again from the shadows . . . . . . and the fed-up girl with a hefty score to settle with all of them.

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re: Introduce Your Comic and You!

Hello I'm Danita, i found Global Comix through Tapas and i figure to check out the site i really like how this site looks and seeing many creators.
my comics are:

(Maximum Chaos) is a long fantasy adventure story about a newly wed couple that get entangled with an obsessive officer's plot for revenge...

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New to the GlobalComix introduction!
Hello, All I'm Danita I'm new to Global Comix! I am a traditional comic creartor and I have been hearing  so much about this site in the last few days, i came from Tapas and i love that you guys have a forum on here that's simple and easy to navigate so creators and readers can chat!
I'm still working on getting...
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Drawing fun manga-style webcomics about aliens, fantasy, and romance. Helpless weeaboo and science supporter.