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Project Reaper 2 weeks ago:

Sorry about the delay on Chapter 18 - our buffer ran up and we couldn't find the external harddrive where we store the older chapters! Ch 17 was the end of Vol 2 anyways so we'll go ahead and post the Volume 3 stuff, Ch 18 will be up next Monday! <3 Thanks everyone!


PCMLucif3r 3 months ago

Man I completely forgot Uzuki used to look full anime

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Project Reaper 5 months ago:

The first installation in the Project Reaper saga, Time Gate: Reaper will be joining the GlobalComix roster as of Monday, March 30th, at 12:00 PM! (8:00 AM PST). For those of you revisiting the series from its mirroring platforms including Tapas and LINE Webtoons, we've got a surprise for you - a completely revamped and redrawn first chapter!

Though following chapters will return to their original circa 2014/15 art style, it means a huge buffer for you newcomers to enjoy over the coming weeks! And we aren't kidding around when we say 'huge' - binge readers rejoice, because we've got 50+ chapters and counting to bring your way!

We hope you enjoy the adventure with us as we take the first steps of our journey here at GlobalComix :)


Nimloth moderator 5 months ago

This is going to be exciting :)


PCMLucif3r 5 months ago

Yo followed from tapas Fingers crossed for ya