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MK-Wizard posted Nov 13, 2018

Does a writer “owe” readers a type of character?

There is nothing touchier in writing than trying to be open minded and trying to be inclusive in representation. The not so fun truth is though that you can’t include everyone. Making a cast that is too big gets confusing and token or poster child characters are boring. A character should contribute to the story not just be the character who is of a said group.

However, we live in an age where fans have come to expect certain things of writers and character designers. It is only human because we like what we like and trends have a huge impact on our culture. Art is not the exception of the exemption. Very often when we writers create a character fans will draw theories about them like crazy. I personally think drawing theories is a good thing because it shows that readers stop and think about things and they appreciate a character’s symbolism. What is not a good thing though is when fans cry foul when a character doesn’t turn out how they hoped and accuse the writer of being spiteful or teasing them.

Let me just put this to rest with the uttermost love and kindness. I can’t speak for other writers, but I can speak my own behalf when I say I never pull fast ones or lead people on. When I create a character, I know exactly what they will be from the get go, so whatever you’re seeing in the story is not something I pulled at random. It was pre-planned. I’m sorry if you don’t agree with it or like it, but I never lead anyone on. Plus, when it comes to symbolism, things can symbolise all kinds of things. Just look at the colour blue. It can symbolise royalty, snow, wisdom, water, sadness and much more. It does not symbolise one thing. The same can be said for many things like rainbows, wings, horns, a cape, a fashion style and much more. They never represent one thing because fiction is very fast and there is no telling where the writer drew inspiration from until you see it.

In short, please don’t feel cheated when you don’t get it all in a story. Writers are only human and to write well, they need it to feel natural not forced. A writer only owes the audience to put their best foot forward and if they’re doing that, everything else is just extra.

yayaoyuyingstudio posted Nov 16, 2018

I share similar sentiments... ;v;

Though I gotta say, to each their own, right? Do what you feel makes you most comfortable! >[]</

MK-Wizard posted Nov 16, 2018

Sometimes, fans forget that the story was a gift and an attempt to be for everyone not just them specifically. We're only human and forget that I find.

Nimloth moderator posted Mar 28, 2020

I don’t think so. That said it’s not bad to be in tune with what kind of story telling resonates with your audience.