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Announcing Creator Pro - GlobalComix For Professionals

Christopher Headquarters • Feb 11, 2020

Our mission at GlobalComix is to create the best possible publishing service for comic creators to bring their work to a global audience. At first, our platform brought comics reading to all devices and let creators connect and engage with their fans. We then added tools that made the comic uploading and publishing faster and helped readers discover even more great content. Now, it’s time to take things further.

Today, together with 215 Ink and our professional creators, we’re extremely proud to announce GlobalComix Creator Pro, a service that helps publishers and professionals maximize their digital publishing revenues.

Creator Pro - What’s in the box?

Starting at $19.99/mo GlobalComix Creator Pro brings publishing, marketing, revenue, and translation tools that expand far beyond our basic free publishing features.

Thanks to our browser first approach, publishers can share their catalogue seamlessly in all of their social and digital channels. This lets new fans jump right in wherever they are and become engaged readers. Publishers can track their expanding readership with end-to-end acquisition analytics and learn exactly how their marketing and promotions are working. We also made payouts faster, easier, and with more juicier revenue share.

Let’s dive into the details.

Multi-Language Publishing & Licensing

Creator Pro makes it easy to publish your comics in multiple languages, so you can reach new markets and audiences. Bring your own translations, or work with our partners to get your comics localized to a variety of languages. For each country and market, you can control your monetization, languages, licensing and availability.

End-to-end Marketing & Community Tools

Research shows people downloading fewer apps each month. While other platforms require yet-another app, GlobalComix opens up with a single link—one tap for new readers to enjoy your comics.

With our browser first approach, our Creator Pro Analytics give the same depth of insights you’re used to with Google Adsense and Facebook Ad Campaigns: analyze your readership funnel end-to-end, starting with promotional websites and social channels all the way through readership and content performance.

Creator Pro Marketing tools that let you run your own promotions, giveaways, and contests. Amplify your engagement with fan forums for your comics and dynamic content embeds for your blog, website, and news posts.

Unmatched Revenue Sharing & Payouts

With industry leading revenue share rates of up to 75%, we’re committed to creators getting properly paid by their digital content. We provide instant payouts to most countries through PayPal, and direct bank and debit card transfers in the US.

We provide automatic US Tax Documentation and 1099 generation for businesses and individuals who require it.

Priority Support & Services

We understand it takes a lot to run a publishing business or self publishing. That’s why we’re growing our services to lighten your load.

Between personal email support by dedicated account managers, assistance in importing large content catalogs, and first-to-know about our upcoming features, we’re making a commitment to elevate our Creator Pro community each step of the way.


The doors are now open to our professional services here at GlobalComix. We look forward to seeing all the amazing stories you will bring to the world.

- The GlobalComix Team

Christopher admin supporter 2 years ago

Special thanks to @Cavechan @CronaJ @BobbyjoeX @smbhax for the many bug fix reports, suggestions, and feedback that's gone into making GlobalComix better for everyone!


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