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Announcing Monetized Comics Publishing Beta

Christopher Headquarters • Feb 28, 2018

In August last year, we opened our doors to the public for the first time to let creators begin publishing their work and testing out the platform. Since then, we’ve been working with a small group of early adopters to gather feedback. We’ve been rebuilding and constantly improving many of our features in preparation for launching GlobalComix to a bigger audience.

We have a deep respect for artists and their work, and we want to make sure we can create a path to financial success for creators. So today we are introducing the next big feature for our platform; Paid Comics Publishing. Whether you are an independent comic creator, a team, or an established publisher, you can now use GlobalComix to monetize your comics and reach paying readers globally. Hopefully this will lead to even more great comics, graphic novels, and manga.

Introducing Paid Page Credits

Here’s how it works, in four simple steps:

  • You can choose if your comics require payment to read. There are two models: 3 first pages free or 3 first releases free. 
  • Readers discover comics through the free pages.
  • When they reach the end of the free content, they’re prompted to buy page credits. That leads to a page where they can choose between three packages:
    • 100 page credits for $4.99
    • 200 page credits for $9.49
    • 350 page credits for $15.49
  • Page credits are transferable from comic to comic. For each page read, one page credit is deducted from a reader’s pool and the creator/publisher is attributed with their share of that page credit.

Pretty straightforward! We’ll summarize earnings daily, and creators can keep tabs via their income history page. More information can be found in our FAQ.

Why we chose this model

There were three big challenges we wanted to address in the process of creating a solution for paid comics publishing on GlobalComix:

  • Building a monetization structure that works for a range of creators: people who create and upload big batches of pages as chapters/issues on a weekly/monthly schedule, people who create and publish longer graphic novels on a non-recurring schedule, as well as for people who create and upload single pages or strips and publish each page as they go.
  • Making the income/revenue from publishing paid comics predictable and scalable, so it’s possible for creators and publishers to estimate what their revenue would be as they gain a following and more paid readers.
  • Simplifying the payment process for readers so they don’t have to manage and maintain individual payments/subscriptions for everything they read.

We think the pay-per-page model addresses these challenges for both creators and readers. It works for a variety of creators with different types of content and publishing schedules. For readers, the threshold for trying out new comics is low since you can read a few pages because you’re only paying by the page.

We hope this will lead fans and readers to explore new comics, while compensating creators for their work.

What’s next?

With a fully working version of paid publishing in place, we hope to set you up for success. We’ll be focusing on bringing new users to our platform while listening closely to our community and gathering feedback along the way.

The next immediate step is to build a dashboard where creators can get key insights about their comics. We want to answer questions like “How many readers do I have?”, “Which releases are most popular?”, “What pages do people spend the most time on?”, “How much time does the average reader spend on each comic?” and so on...

We’ve also come a long way on our Translations Marketplace, where the goal is to connect people who write and create comics with people who can translate and localize them to a different language/market. We think it will be a game changer. More on this later.

If this sounds exciting to you, don’t hesitate to spread the word and be a part of shaping the future of digital comics publishing. We’re looking forward to your ideas and feedback to help make this platform as great as possible. If you find bugs, make sure to tell us in the Bug Reporting Forum. If you have feature suggestions, please share them in our Suggestions Forum.

Thanks for your support!

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rolling-vegetable 4 years ago

Finally! Opportunity has arrived!


RicardoCabrera 4 years ago

This is so great. ^_^


starknight 4 years ago

Fantastic! This looks great. Thanks for the opportunity!


Christopher admin supporter 4 years ago

It's taken a while to get here, but... oh boy are we excited to have launched this :D


Ayapi admin 4 years ago

Yatta !! That’s amazing !


ArtCrumbs admin supporter 4 years ago

Looking forward to getting going with this! Can't wait to start seeing more faces around here!


rodluper 4 years ago

I just upload my first comic there but, I don't really know if I did right. Please let me know if you guys can see the comic there. The name is Locust Mars Anthology. By the way, congrats for this initiative.


Christopher admin supporter 4 years ago

@rodluper I see your comic in your profile, but you haven't published any releases yet. Visit your comics admin, click into your release, and click "publish release". This makes it available to everyone :)


Geshode moderator 4 years ago

Great News. I am glad to see the site growing in features and users. Can't wait for the next steps... :D


Blackmanga 4 years ago

Great I'm so excited


gunderstorm 4 years ago

I find this model problematic. What is a page in the digital space? Even in print, not all pages are created equal and when you apply a dollar amount to one, you start to run into issues. I don't even like to think about pages in my work anymore in the same way I don't think about albums from music artists. I'll chime in on this a bit more when I have some time, but I'd love to hear others' thoughts.


gunderstorm 4 years ago (moderated 4 years ago)

I brought this comment over to the forum

Nimloth edit: removed previous comment to direct discourse to the forum thread.


Christopher admin supporter 4 years ago

Cool -- going to let some more folks give thoughts and feedback re ^ forum thread. I've solicited feedback from our Discord chat :)


chanYE 4 years ago

sounds cool so this is only for beta testers or for everyone to try if they want?


Christopher admin supporter 4 years ago

@chanYE it’s a beta product available to everyone to use!