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rolling-vegetable posted Feb 25, 2018

"Shift" key bug

@Nimloth @Lexflex

Bug 1:
Text disappeared for a moment until the page is clicked again. The currently edited text will reset when "shift" is pressed.

How to reproduce: simply press shift when typing in the text frame. Example from my experience, happens everytime I tried to insert exclamation mark (!).

Bug 2:
Text does not resize reliably for some text frame.

How to reproduce: Not exactly sure how to reproduce because it happens randomly. However I still have one of the buggy text frame on my comic. Link, text [HAHA!] on the 1st frame of the page has this problem, might worth to see on backend if any error is logged. Console doesn't seems to report any error on my end. Apparently there's a noticeable faint grey highlight behind the text for the text frame with this problem.

Lexflex admin posted Feb 25, 2018

@rolling-vegetable Thanks for reporting this (and your comments from other threads as well). The first bug is known and we're in the process of fixing but the second one is new - and weird! Will investigate.